The Story of Appleyard: Luxury Florals with a Modern British Flair

The Boutique Florist Experience

Appleyard London, a boutique florist based in London, is renowned for its expertly designed flowers and meticulous care in shipping fresh, gorgeous flowers online. With a focus on unique seasonal blooms, the florists at Appleyard create hand-tied luxury bouquets that embody modern British style. The company takes pride in the knowledge, craftsmanship, and attention to detail of its florists, ensuring that every bouquet represents the pinnacle of boutique flower design.

Each bouquet from Appleyard is hand-tied by skilled florists and elegantly wrapped in the brand’s distinctive packaging. This careful presentation enhances the impact of the floral gift, making it truly special. Additionally, every bouquet includes a complimentary written inscription, adding a personal touch to each gift. Appleyard’s 100% Happiness Guarantee ensures that both the giver and the recipient are delighted with the entire process, from selection to delivery.

Commitment to Freshness and Quality

Appleyard’s commitment to quality begins with hand-conditioning each stem to ensure the highest display quality. The company sources the freshest flowers from reliable British suppliers, guaranteeing that their seasonal blooms remain fresh for at least five days following delivery. This commitment to freshness is part of the Appleyard Promise, which assures customers of the great floral quality and long-lasting beauty of their bouquets.

The selection of flowers is carefully curated to offer something unique for every season, event, and special occasion. Appleyard takes as much pleasure in arranging their bouquets as customers do in sending and receiving them. Whether for a birthday, new baby, romance, or other occasions, Appleyard has the perfect floral arrangement to mark the moment.

Convenient and Innovative Floral Solutions

Appleyard also offers a range of letterbox flowers, allowing customers to surprise loved ones without worrying about their availability at home. This innovative delivery method ensures that flowers arrive safely and can be enjoyed immediately.

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

Appleyard’s perspective on sustainability is integral to its operations. The company sources flowers from both British and Kenyan farms and reinvests in the community. Talented florists at Appleyard select, arrange, and package the finest stems, hand-tying each bouquet with a black satin ribbon. The packaging uses recyclable materials, minimizing waste without compromising the quality of the flowers. Appleyard is actively seeking further solutions to ensure future packaging is as sustainable as possible.

The Appleyard Foundation

When sourcing stems internationally, Appleyard chooses responsibly grown flowers. A portion of the payment goes back to the local communities, helping to build new schools and support other initiatives. The company collaborates with Fairtrade farms that provide above-average wages, good working conditions, healthcare, nursery facilities, and education for their staff.

The Appleyard Approach

Custom Floral Design

Appleyard creates new ranges for every season and calendar event, including collections for birthdays, festivities, romance, and more. These collections are curated to provide the finest service customers deserve.


Every bouquet from Appleyard is beautifully arranged and well-wrapped, embodying the luxury and elegance that the brand stands for.


Appleyard’s florists use their extensive knowledge and experience to select the freshest in-season stems, creating distinctive and stylish bouquets that are unmatched.

Attention to Detail

With a 100% Happiness Guarantee, Appleyard pays attention to every detail of the gifting experience, ensuring both the giver and recipient are delighted.

Their Flowers

Appleyard specializes in hand-tied bouquets that exude luxury and sophistication. Their commitment to modern floral design ensures that each bouquet is not just a gift but also a beautiful accent for any home. Appleyard strives to source flowers from British farmers whenever possible, respecting natural surroundings and maintaining the highest quality standards for their unique floral designs.


Sending a bouquet of unique flowers to show thanks is the ideal approach to honor the inspirational role teachers play in the lives of children. To create the most beautiful thank-you present for teachers, Appleyard’s spectacular flowers for teachers are hand-tied, meticulously sourced, and carefully arranged. Orders submitted before 4 pm on any weekday enable next-day floral delivery, ensuring they arrive in time for the end of the term, complete with a customized message.

Appleyard includes a variety of unique gifts such as chocolates, excellent wines, and champagne to accompany the delivery of selected flowers for teachers, providing an additional personal touch. These thoughtful additions enhance the overall gifting experience, making it even more special and memorable.

Appleyard’s commitment to quality is evident in how they tend to their flowers at every point of the cycle. The flowers receive a lengthy drink as soon as they are cut, which extends the lifetime of the bouquet. Confident in their quality, Appleyard covers all of their bouquets with the Appleyard guarantee for floral delivery, ensuring customers receive the best possible product.

Simply Pink Rose & Lily

The Simply Pink Rose & Lily bouquet is a delightful arrangement featuring a charming blend of delicate pink roses and elegant white lilies, interspersed with vibrant eucalyptus and green bell. This bouquet is meticulously crafted by skilled florists, ensuring that each bloom is perfectly positioned to create a harmonious and visually stunning display. The soft pink hues of the roses and the pristine white lilies exude an air of elegance and sophistication, making this bouquet an ideal gift to express gratitude and appreciation to a deserving teacher.

Wrapped in Appleyard’s signature packaging, the Simply Pink Rose & Lily bouquet is not only a feast for the eyes but also a thoughtful gesture that shows how much you value the recipient’s hard work and dedication. To enhance the gifting experience, customers have the option to add luxurious extras such as Prosecco Rosé, mixed truffles, and a personalized thank-you teacher card. This ensures that the gift is both memorable and meaningful, leaving a lasting impression on the recipient and brightening their day.


Lilac Rose & Peony Lux

The Lilac Rose & Peony Lux bouquet is a luxurious and sophisticated arrangement that combines the timeless beauty of pink peonies with the delicate charm of lilac memory lane roses and white lisianthus. Accentuated with blue veronica, this bouquet offers a rich tapestry of colors and textures that are both elegant and captivating. Each bloom is carefully selected and hand-tied by Appleyard’s expert florists, ensuring a fresh and vibrant display that will bring joy to any teacher’s heart.

This exquisite bouquet is perfect for expressing deep appreciation and admiration. The lush peonies and roses symbolize gratitude and respect, making it an ideal gift for end-of-term celebrations or any special occasion. Customers can further personalize their gift with premium add-ons such as fine chocolates or a bottle of champagne, ensuring that the gesture is both heartfelt and luxurious. The Lilac Rose & Peony Lux bouquet, with its opulent design and thoughtful extras, is sure to make any teacher feel cherished and valued.

Pomegranate Rose & Peony Grande

The Pomegranate Rose & Peony Grande bouquet is a grand and opulent arrangement that features a striking combination of fluffy pink peonies, cerise roses, and scented lavender. This bouquet is designed to make a bold statement, with each flower carefully chosen for its vibrant color and exquisite fragrance. The rich, deep hues of the cerise roses complement the soft pink peonies, creating a visually stunning and aromatic display that is sure to impress any recipient.

Perfectly hand-tied by Appleyard’s skilled florists, this bouquet is a celebration of luxury and elegance. It is an ideal gift for expressing profound gratitude and admiration to a teacher who has made a significant impact. The Pomegranate Rose & Peony Grande bouquet can be enhanced with additional treats such as luxury truffles or a bottle of premium wine, adding an extra layer of thoughtfulness and sophistication to the gift. This grand bouquet, with its stunning beauty and delightful extras, ensures that your appreciation is conveyed in the most elegant and memorable way.

Midsummer Melody Lux

The Midsummer Melody Lux bouquet is a vibrant and joyful celebration of summer, featuring an enchanting mix of pink peonies, roses, calla lilies, lilac alstroemeria, and purple veronica. Each bloom is carefully selected for its freshness and visual appeal, creating a bouquet that bursts with color and life. The lively pink and purple hues of the flowers are arranged in a harmonious display that is both eye-catching and elegant, making it a perfect gift to brighten any teacher’s day.

This bouquet is hand-tied by Appleyard’s expert florists, who ensure that each flower is positioned to create a balanced and stunning arrangement. The Midsummer Melody Lux bouquet is ideal for expressing gratitude and appreciation at the end of the school term or for any special occasion. Customers can personalize their gift with additional touches such as fine chocolates or a bottle of sparkling wine, ensuring that the gesture is both thoughtful and luxurious. With its vibrant colors and exquisite design, the Midsummer Melody Lux bouquet is sure to bring joy and delight to any recipient.


The Chantilly bouquet is a sophisticated and elegant arrangement that features a mix of luxurious blooms such as roses, lilies, and seasonal foliage. This bouquet is designed to exude timeless beauty and charm, making it an ideal gift for expressing gratitude and admiration. Each flower is carefully selected and hand-tied by Appleyard’s skilled florists, ensuring a fresh and stunning display that will leave a lasting impression.

Wrapped in Appleyard’s distinctive packaging, the Chantilly bouquet is perfect for any special occasion, including end-of-term celebrations. Customers can enhance their gift with luxurious extras such as Moët & Chandon champagne, mixed truffles, and a personalized thank-you card. This ensures that the gift is not only beautiful but also deeply meaningful and memorable. The Chantilly bouquet, with its elegant design and thoughtful additions, is sure to make any teacher feel appreciated and valued.

Show Your Appreciation with Stunning Floral Arrangements from Appleyard

Teachers play an invaluable role in shaping young minds and guiding their children. What better way to honor their dedication than with a beautiful bouquet from Appleyard’s collection of flowers for teachers? These exquisite arrangements are meticulously crafted with fresh, seasonal blooms, ensuring that your gift not only looks stunning but also lasts long.

Each bouquet is hand-tied by expert florists and can be personalized with delightful extras such as chocolates, fine wines, or champagne. Wrapped in Appleyard’s signature packaging and accompanied by a heartfelt message, these flowers are the perfect way to say thank you!

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