What is Dinnerly?

Who said that cooking at home is boring and uninteresting? Check out Dinnerly, a meal kit delivery service that will make your dinner savory and healthy. Dinnerly is ideal for families and busy persons because it focuses on simple meals that use a number of ingredients and the preparation process is well explained. The food is tasty and well-proportioned, and it is not a secret that most of them are quite healthy even though they are not very complicated.

Dinnerly saves time on meal preparation while still providing tasty and healthy dishes, unlike some other meal kits which may include long lists of ingredients and complex recipes. These recipes are ideal if you want to eat healthy home cooked meals but you do not have the time or energy to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals. All the recipes included in the preparation of these meals do not take more than half an hour to prepare. This means that the components are pre-meased, fresh and of good quality and thus, you would not have to worry of the food going to waste.

Why Choose Dinnerly?

  • Affordability : If you are in the market for an affordable meal kit service, you should try Dinnerly. You can enjoy tasty and nutritious meals and do not have to drain your wallet for that since the plans start at $4. 49 per meal. You can save even more money through the offers that they have on sale and on promotion.
  • Convenience :Put an end to the days of meal preparation and grocery shopping. Everything you need for a delicious dinner may be delivered to your house with Dinnerly. Saving you time and effort, each box comes with pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes.
  • Variety : There will never be a dull moment with Dinnerly. New and repeat options of your favorite dishes are offered to you daily and weekly. Dinnerly is your go-to meal delivery service whether you want to stick to some comfort food or branch out.
  • Flexibility : Dinnerly has the option of choosing your plan depending on your needs. You have an option to select the plan depending on the number of people you are cooking for, it can be for two or a big family. Also, there is no issue with missing the weeks or terminating the subscription at any time.

Their Menu

Chimichurri Steak

Homer and Simpson. Ernie and Bert. Steak with chimichurri sauce. There is a good reason why both pairings are well-known, but their take on the second is particularly memorable due to how simple they made it. Prepare the steak and fries in the oven, and then top with the zesty chimichurri sauce. That’s it! Don’t worry, they have got this!

Low-Carb Grilled Chicken Fajitas

Dispelling the myth about low fat meals being tasteless, here is a recipe for the grilled chicken fajitas that are low in calories and fat. The same as in the previous years: grilled chicken, onions, sweet bell peppers, and rich cheese; but rice and tortillas, which are so rich in calories, are no longer on the menu! Oh don’t worry, they have all this sorted out!

Creamy Tomato-Basil Tortelloni

There is no such thing as a bad tomato-basil combination. In a little twenty minutes, you can have dinner on the table with the addition of some cheesy tortelloni and sweet green peas. Don’t worry, they have got this!

Reuben Turkey Burger

A reuben or a turkey burger will never go unappreciated by us. What did they do to escape this horrible predicament? Before adding melted fontina and pungent sauerkraut, they seasoned the ground turkey with pastrami spice and pounded the patties on a hot skillet to get crispy edges. Problem solved! Don’t worry, they have got this!

Special Offer: Save Big on Your First Order

Interested in trying Dinnerly? You can redeem this coupon code at the checkout point and get a massive amount of discount on your initial order. Please do not hesitate to choose any plan from the website. Then, when you are ready for the check out, simply enter the coupon code. It’s really simple!

As a Dinnerly customer, you will be able to savor delicious, affordable, and convenient meals delivered right to your doorstep. Just imagine how many hours you will free up not having to make meal plans for the week or going grocery shopping as frequently. Instead, you will receive a box with fresh products that are measured and easy recipes to follow so that cooking becomes enjoyable.


Using Dinnerly, you can cook healthy, tasty, and hassle-free meals at home in no time. Choosing a Dinnerly plan is a great way to avoid the hassle, expense, and wasted time that comes with meal planning. Dinnerly is a great alternative for anyone trying to streamline their evening routine because of the range of delicious options and the flexibility of the plans.

Transform your dinner routine with Dinnerly! Get started today and enjoy delicious, affordable meals delivered right to your doorstep. Choose your plan, enter the promo code, and start saving big. Don’t wait – make dinnertime easy and enjoyable with Dinnerly now!

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