Gift and gadget store Menkind is all about making clients feel good about themselves and celebrating their geeky nature. At our shop, you’ll find a wide range of products, from licenced goods to personalised gifts to cutting-edge gadgets. For those times when a pre-existing product is unavailable, we design one ourselves.

Menkind began as a gift business in 2001 when customers said, “I’d really like that for myself.” Our goal is to ensure that each and every customer is satisfied. Contrarily, since our beginning, we’ve seen remarkable growth in our consumer base and even added tech brand RED5 to our roster of partners. The short of it is that we have more retail establishments than a squirrel in the wintertime.

At addition to our usual locations, we have shops in places like Hamley and Selfridges where you may find many of our concessions. My husband and I enjoy posing as eccentric aunts and in-laws throughout the holiday season. We set up an additional 30 or so pop-up shops over the holiday season to make sure we were everywhere. Visit our Find a Store page to find out where we are.

Star Wars Darth Vader Elite Toaster

The design of this toaster was inspired by the villain Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise. Items with the Star Wars trademarked emblem can be seen on a wide range of different shelves and shelves. This is a must-have for any lover of the Star Wars or Mandalorian universes, and it comes highly recommended. The box measures around 25cm by 18cm by 15cm in size. Darth Vader’s chest plate appears on the front of the shirt, which has a dark blue background with bright colours. The toast with Darth Vader’s head emblazoned on it has just come out of the oven and is still warm. The dial’s adjustability allows you to enjoy your toast on both the Light and the Dark Sides.

This is a straightforward question to ask in order to get the conversation moving in the proper direction. Someone who appreciates Darth Vader or the Star Wars universe will appreciate receiving a service or product that has been approved by the government on an official basis. All of the plastic components, including the casing and chest plate, are made of polypropylene plastic, with the internal structure being made of pressed aluminium alloy.

Thanks to this sleek and vibrant toaster, the ominous presence of the Dark Lord looms large over your kitchen counter. After the bread has been toasted on both sides, it looks that the helmet of Darth Vader has emerged from within it. Going out to eat should be like taking a trip to an other country.There are several ways to achieve the desired colour of bread, even if you want it white and pliable. You’ve found it: a Darth Vader-themed toaster!A picture of Darth Vader’s helmet is burned directly onto the toast in this Star Wars toaster, which is an officially licenced product. Furthermore, it may be powered by just plugging it into the electrical grid, without the need for any reactors or special fuel cells. For toasting both Rebels and bread, this is the greatest option you’ve got. Now you can get your hands on this Darth Vader Toaster!

Here is a preview of the toaster by MENKIND:

Pancake And Crepe Maker

A simple pancake and crepe maker! It’s a nonstick plate. It has a temperature dial. Non-slip shoes The plate is 30 cm in diameter. Avoid using singers’ voices. A smoother surface is preferred. Pancakes, on the other hand, belong to the former. This method produces light and thin pancakes. This Pancake and Crepe Maker is a winner!

This Pancake Maker has a 30cm non-stick pan. It’s also perfect for pancakes, crepes, and other flatbreads. The heating plate’s temperature can also be changed to tailor the results. Finally, non-slip feet keep the base stable.
Make fluffy, light pancakes that don’t taste like they came from a Hugh Grant flick with this Pancake and Crepe Maker.

With this pancake maker, you can make pancakes and crepes in minutes. It’s a kitchen necessity. This pancake and crepe maker’s 12″ nonstick hot plate keeps your sweet treats from sticking to the bottom. After the pancakes cool, the pan is easy to clean. The electric pancake maker’s hot plate rim is elevated to reduce batter waste. A 220°C hot plate with a temperature gauge lets you make the perfect pancakes. Hot plates like this one are perfect for crepes, omelettes, chapatis, and rotis. The kit includes a wooden spreader and spatula for the tastiest pancakes. Quest is a renowned maker of kitchen equipment. From omelette makers to waffle irons to teppanyaki grills and air fryers, Quest has it all.

Here is a preview of the pancake and crepe maker by MENKIND:

Single Burger Press

With this burger press, you can create your own burgers at home. Burger connoisseurs will appreciate the nonstick, easy-to-clean, and adjustable-thickness burger maker that is a must-have in their kitchen! This burger press allows you to create the perfect burger right in your own kitchen, which is ideal for busy families.

If you want to make precisely formed burgers, this nonstick burger press is the finest solution for you. It has a nonstick surface and is easy to clean. Produce burgers with an average thickness of 14 pounds (113 grammes) and a weight of between 34 pounds (235 grammes) (340 g). With this must-have burger maker, you can make your own beef or vegetarian patties at home in minutes. If you or someone you know is in the market for a burger press, you can purchase one right now from this website.

Here is a preview of the burger press by MENKIND:

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