View Boston welcomes you with an awe-inspiring panorama of the city’s skyline. Situated atop the world-famous Prudential Tower, this unparalleled 360-degree observation deck offers a unique blend of breathtaking panoramas and hands-on exploration. Together, we can explore the wonders of Boston.

Raise Your Viewpoint

Reach the 52nd floor and enter a realm where the cityscape appears endless. Take in the splendour of Boston’s historic sites and architectural wonders from the indoor observation deck. The city’s rich tapestry unfolds before your eyes at every turn, revealing new angles and perspectives.

At the Lookout, Where Aspirations Meet the Sky

Go on an adventure to The Lookout, the vantage point where the cityscape meets the sky. Perched on lofty observation decks, you can feel the refreshing wind on your face as you take in the breathtaking panorama of the city below. Use the Virtual Viewers provided to learn more about the fascinating history of Boston and its famous landmarks.

Enjoy Your Drinks at Stratus

Descend to the 51st level and enter the energetically charged Cloud Terrace. At Stratus, you can relax with a drink on the rooftop deck while taking in the fresh air. As the Boston skyline serves as a backdrop, feel the city’s pulse and capture memories that will last a lifetime.

An Annual View of Boston: A Seasonal Tapestry

Look at Boston 365 and be amazed at the details of the city’s constantly evolving scenery. Using projection-mapping technology, you can see a fascinating 3D model of the city come to life. Witness the changing of the seasons, the throbbing of activity on its streets, and the perpetual joy that characterises Boston at any time of year.

Discover Boston: Unveil Its Unearthed Treasures

Join Explore Boston on an individualised exploration of the city. Explore Boston’s many diverse neighbourhoods on an interactive map and find the hidden gems hiding there. Uncover the essence of each district by letting your curiosity lead you to its renowned attractions and local haunts.

Embark on Exciting Journeys

Take in all the Boston has to offer with Open Doors. Step into a 270-degree immersive theatre experience and witness the lively neighbourhoods of the city unfold before your very eyes. Feel the pulse of Boston as you wander its lively streets and see famous sites like Fenway Park.

Create Your Own Bostonian Adventure: View Print

Take View Print with you on your Boston adventure to remember it all by. You won’t want to miss a thing to see or do when you make and save your own customised itinerary. Take a personalised tour based on your interests by scanning your ticket and exploring the exhibits.

Finally, as an observation deck, View Boston isn’t nearly as meaningful as it is a portal to the authentic Boston experience. Experience the breathtaking panoramas and lively alleys that make up this extraordinary city’s rich tapestry of culture, history, and beauty. With View Boston as your guide, come and explore the beauty of Boston.

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