Long Tall Sally is a global company that sells clothing for tall ladies in sizes ranging from 8 to 32, as well as shoes in sizes 7 to 13.
Long Tall Sally exists solely for the aim of assisting tall women all around the world to feel and look their very best. Quality, style, and fit are the most important things to us. They are well-known for their high-quality apparel, which distinguishes them from the competitors.
Having a strong feeling of self-confidence, letting go of social conventions, and expressing yourself in your own unique way are all vital characteristics. Tall apparel can be found on this page in a variety of styles, from the most recent trends to tried-and-true classics. Fashionable basics such as jeans, tee shirts, shirts, skirts, and jackets from the latest season are an excellent approach to begin a new chapter in your life.
Are you on the lookout for a new pair of jeans that you can call your own? It’s never been easier to find the right partner for yourself. Longer leg lengths are available in a number of styles for tall women, ranging from 32 to 38 inches in length. Please have a look at our extensive selection of tall women’s footwear, which includes sizes 7 to 13. There’s something for everyone in our shoe collection, whether you’re looking for heels, flats, or boots. Browse through our selection today. Alternatively, you can select your shoe size from the drop-down menu to view our most recent footwear offers.
A new era of carefree shopping has begun, and it heralds the end of the days of scrounging around in uncomfortable clothes while out shopping. LTS has everything you need to Love Your Difference now, whether you’re seeking for everyday essentials or formal evening clothing.

LTS Black Dogtooth Midi Dress

One of the most popular trends in casual clothing for this season can be described as one that is both traditional and modern at the same time, and it is as follows: To set this dogtooth pattern midi dress apart from the rest, it includes long sleeves and a V-neckline, which add to its appeal. A lightweight jersey fabric is used to create this piece, which is really pleasant to wear. With the addition of boots and a shoulder bag to your costume, it is possible to make a stunning appearance even more comfortable.

The V-neckline, long sleeves, midi length, and side split hem of this design, which is also available in a range of different colour variations in addition to black, are all defining features of the piece. It is constructed of a stretchy, jersey-like material that is both lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it a great choice for any occasion or activity (95 percent polyester, 5 percent elastane).

Here’s a preview of the midi dress by LONG TALL SALLY:

LTS Rust Dogtooth Cardigan

This LTS cardigan will breathe new life into the print collections you already have in your closet, while also bringing new vitality to the ones you don’t have yet. In addition to being composed of ribbed knit fabric, this garment has ribbed knit fabric on its long sleeves, the bottom of the hem and sleeves, and the collar as an added feature. Dogtooth motifs may be found all over this clothing, including the hem, sleeves, and collar, among other places .

Being able to put together a professional-looking, weekend-appropriate ensemble in minutes by layering a jacket over pants and a shirt is critical for success in today’s climate, especially for women. This sweater features an all-over dogtooth pattern, long sleeves, and ribbed cuffs and neckline, making it a standout addition to your collection this season. Size: small This item can be laundered in the washing machine because it is totally comprised of acrylic yarn and will not lose its shape. Made of a soft knitted cloth that has been stitched together in a circular design after being knitted together, the product serves a practical and aesthetically attractive purpose while also being visually appealing (100 percent acrylic)

Here’s a preview of the cardigan by LONG TALL SALLY:

LTS Black Ribbed Lounge Tunic

Additionally, this tool is incredibly effective despite the fact that it is simple to use. The cuffed sleeves, tie waist, and V-neckline of this LTS sweater all contribute to the sweater’s status as a standout piece. Made of a soft knit fabric that is made to be comfortable to wear, this top is a stylish addition to your wardrobe. When you’re out and about, wearing leggings or wide-leg pants will elevate your sense of style while also increasing your level of comfort and convenience.

Long sleeves with ribbed cuffs, as well as a V-neckline, are all potential additions to this design that are really stunning. The side split hem and the tie waist with belt loops, both of which are really appealing, both contribute to the overall appeal of these trousers, which is a great combination. The object has been knitted together from a soft knitted material that has been stitched together in a circle (97 percent polyester, 3 percent elastane)

Here is a preview of tunic by LONG TALL SALLY:

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