Covers & All stands out from the other companies in the market in that it offers long-lasting protective solutions for outdoor products. They have been in the business for several years and have carved a niche for themselves by providing a wide variety of covers which would suit their customers. Whether it is a pool cover or a boat cover, their products are well designed, well made, and built for the job they are intended to do.

Now that you have your necessary equipment for the outdoors, are you ready for some new and stylish accessories? Covers & All, the company specializing in high-quality protective covers for your outdoor assets, is proud to introduce three new products that will surely draw your attention. From the preservation of the pool to protection of the inflatable boat, these new arrivals hold the aspect of durability and fashion. Now let’s see what Covers & All has for you and how these products can change your outdoor area.

Rectangular Pool Covers – Above Ground: Safety Meets Fashion

Rectangular Pool Covers for above ground pools from Covers & All are the best way to maintain your pool’s cleanliness throughout the year. Priced at $225.00, these covers are practical and stylish; made to be weather resistant and to complement the appearance of your pool area.


Made from tough fabrics, Covers & All Rectangular Pool Covers provide the best protection from leaves, debris and other unfavorable weather conditions. Their construction is very strong to enable them withstand the harshness of the weather outside and give you the protection you need for your pool. The cover itself also has reinforced edges and strong hook and loop fasteners that keep the cover in place and do not allow it to blow off with the wind.

The design of these covers is smooth and stylish which not only preserves the pool but also gives it a classy look. They come in different colors; you can select one that will blend with the general outlook of the exterior part of your house. These covers are very useful when one is preparing for winter or even when one wants to maintain their swimming pool clean.

Leaf Net Pool Cover – Rectangle: How to Maintain Your Pool’s Water

The Leaf Net Pool Cover is a perfect product for those who wish to keep their pool clean and free from debris without much effort on their part; it is produced by Covers & All. Priced at $262.50, this cover is made for the purpose of excluding leaves and debris from your pool, thus easing your maintenance process.


The Leaf Net Pool Cover is designed from advanced mesh fabric that lets rainwater to filter through while capturing the falling leaves and other materials on the top part. This ensures that the debris does not settle at the bottom of the pool and this makes cleaning to be a cumbersome process. The cover is well made and can withstand tough weather conditions of the area where the equipment is stored.

Besides the functionality, this cover is easy to install and uninstall, which adds to the comfort that this cover provides without minimizing on the efficiency. It also has reinforced edges and strong attaching mechanisms that will make it to hold its position throughout the season. Through the use of the Leaf Net Pool Cover, one can be able to have a clean and appealing pool all the time without having to spend a lot of time on its maintenance.

Inflatable Boat Cover: Safe Guards for Your Inflatable Craft

Covers & All’s Inflatable Boat Cover is designed for owners of inflatable boats, if you wish to keep your boat as long as possible. Priced at $91.87, this cover provides reliable shield against weather conditions which ensures that your boat is in perfect condition most of the times it is not in use.


The Inflatable Boat Cover developed by Covers & All is specifically made keeping in mind the factors of durability and convenience. Constructed from weatherproof material, it protects your boat from the harsh effects of the sun, rain, and other conditions that can wear out the boat. The cover fits tightly on the unit and has adjustable straps that lock it in place, so that it will not blow away in the wind.

This cover is easy to use and one can easily place it on the machine and remove it as well whenever it is required. It is also small in size which makes it convenient to be put away when not needed. When you purchase this cover, you are not only safeguarding your boat but also increasing its longevity, so you have your water fun as long as you want.

Get Ahead of the Season with Covers & All

Now with Covers & All’s new arrivals, you can increase the level of protection and aesthetics of the exterior of your home. Whether it is for maintaining the cleanliness and style of your Rectangular Pool Covers or fixing the Leaf Net Pool Cover, or for safeguarding your inflatable boat, these are products of the highest quality.

Do not let this be the chance to miss getting better quality items for the outside world. Visit Covers & All today and see the new arrivals they have in their store, and the quality of the items cannot be compared. Keep your investments safe and your leisure time enjoyable in the external territories—because with Covers & All, you are never left uncovered.

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