They are a gadget and gift store that also enjoys having fun, embracing the geek within, being yourself and being as weird as the concept of broccoli ice cream. Their stock comprises a plethora of licensed merchandise, customized items, and gadgets that are ideal for a person who is hard to buy for. Also, where they cannot find the products they want to sell, they produce them theirselves.

When they started Menkind in 2001, their goal was and remains to offer customers quality gifts that they would not find elsewhere. Every time you decide to shop with them, it is always their pleasure to see you enjoy yourself. But things are not the same anymore; for instance, the target market, expansion and integration of the tech brand, RED5.

They have more inventory than a squirrel in winter, and it is definitely not a brag. They have a broad range of stores across the UK, from Scotland and Wales to concessions at Selfridges and Hamleys, to name but a few. They also like to show up for the holiday season, just like that eccentric family member everyone loves to see! For example, during the Christmas period, they open thirty extra pop-up stores to ensure that they are as ubiquitous as the man in the red suit.

Gaming Desks

Take your working level to the next notch with Menkind’s great collection of desktops. It is important to select the right gaming desk because it is now common knowledge that the position of the gamer also has a significant impact on the outcome of a game, especially the position of the screen in relation to the gamer. Some of the brands that they have include X Rocker and Outshine Gaming workstations to ensure that they are in a position to meet the needs of the different classes of gamers. We also have other types of workstations, like the tiny desks, the corner gaming desks, etc. Once you are done here, do check out their gaming chairs page to get the complete setup for your dream gaming PC.

If you require a desk for one monitor, or for many monitors, they have various types of desks that are available for sale. Want to enhance the look of your gaming den? Consider the right desk. The most common reason for being a loser in Mario Kart is if you’re sitting in an uncomfortable chair at your gaming table. Well, when you are gaming for hours, you need the best of comfort for those hours of gaming and there is nothing better than comfort that provides excellent support. Well, I suppose that is something that everyone should know, isn’t it? Well, at least that tells me the reason why I don’t win, at least not frequently. I say we play.

These gaming desks are the foundation that every successful gamer needs. Get the best workstation to complement your gaming setup and take your gaming to the next level. On top of that, they provide free shipping on all of their X Rocker gaming desks!

X Rocker Gaming Desks

Regarding the X Rocker gaming desks, they have a wide range of these products that will be perfect for gamers. If you are in the process of looking for an ideal gaming station for your room, you should consider their X Rocker series and they come in big and small.

X Rocker Electra Bedside Desk With Wireless Charging And Led Lights

At last, a bedside desk that combines form and function like never before: For instance, there is the X Rocker Electra. The Neo MotionTM Sync LED technology, built into this sleek wooden desk, brings a fascinating RGB lighting with over 200 color options and helps to set the proper mood for work in your office space.

This desk has a vast 110 cm wide top and a convenient height adjuster for monitors, which allows you to place many monitors and conquer virtual space. It has an integrated 10W wireless charger to ensure that your devices are charged during the gaming sessions, and the storage compartment for the PC CPU is provided to protect the device from dust.

This desk is incredibly simple and adjustable to the user’s preference and can be managed via the mains and an application. For the modern gamer or a technophile, the X Rocker Electra Bedside Desk is perfect for those all-nighters or gaming marathons. This revolutionary desk will change the way you think about your gaming station by bringing style and functionality together in one piece.

  • It’s the X Rocker Electra Bedside Desk With Wireless Charging And Led Lights!
  • Mains operated and app-controlled for convenience
  • Over 200 captivating RGB colour modes
  • A great gift for gamers
  • Measures approx. 95cm x 55cm x 110cm

X Rocker Panther XL Ambi Reversible L-Shape Corner Gaming Desk

At last, a bedside desk that combines form and function like never before: One such product is the X Rocker Electra. The Neo MotionTM Sync LED included into this splendid wooden desk provides an RGB lighting with the possibility of choosing among 200+ colors to create an interesting working environment.

The X Rocker Panther XL is the ultimate in gaming chairs and the perfect piece of furniture for any gamer’s home office. Get ready for the virtual world domination with the slimmest and the most high-tech gadgets you could only dream of. The tabletop of the Panther XL is large and made of carbon fibre melamine which makes it possible to accommodate several monitors. Whether you are a strategy maker or a reckless gambler, you have the chance to be a games champion.

Expect a gaming area that is encased in wires. Eliminate the wires’ frustration by utilizing two conveniently placed port holes for the cables. Ensure that the workplace is clean and well-organized, and the items and equipment to be used should be well-arranged in a manner that would allow the best use of space.

However, the appearance is not the only thing to take into account; making your gaming space more beautiful is equally important. This new Panther XL has a grey carbon fibre finish that will give your gaming desk a more classy look. You can direct your attention where it is needed most – towards eradicating virtual realities, as the sleek, non-porous surface will make the process a breeze, not a horror.

Made from heavy-duty aluminium alloy that is light and strong, the Panther XL will securely hold all your gaming peripherals. It was seen that protection of gears ensures that one can concentrate on the game play during the most challenging of games.

This gaming desk comes with an added advantage of being able to be placed on the left side of the wall or the right side of the wall. This means that you have the opportunity to set up your gaming system to be in a way that you like it most thus making your gaming experience even more exciting.

This is a gaming workstation that will help you to unleash the gaming potential and it is known as X Rocker Panther XL. Get your games to the next level, maintain cleanliness in your desk space and watch your rivals turn green with envy. Now it is high time for you to upgrade to a new and powerful workstation that will not bow down to a gamer.

  • X Rocker is in your corner with this gaming desk!
  • It’s a reversible L-shaped desk for gaming and office use
  • Has 2 cable management port holes for a tidy desktop
  • Includes a giant, easy-glide mousepad for precision gaming
  • Has sturdy steel legs with a carbon fibre effect melamine top
  • Measures approx. 158 cm (W) x 110 cm (D) x 77 cm (H)

X Rocker Cougar XL Gaming Desk

It is a huge gaming desk for streamers and gamers who have several monitors and accessories. This gaming desk has a strong steel frame, and a height control system that lets you establish the height that you prefer. It has a large area which can comfortably fit three monitors and a mouse pad which is as big as a desk. A high-gloss glaze is therefore applied all over the surface. Also, it has rear routing mounts which help in managing cables that may be inconspicuous or could spoil the looks of the bike.

Remote employees and those who prefer to work from home will benefit from the additional space and order the table offers, while gamers and streamers will enjoy the expanded table area for monitors and peripherals.

  • It’s a specially-designed gaming desk for multiple monitors!
  • Ultra-large surface for all your gear
  • Includes a full-scale mouse pad with an easy-glide surface
  • Rear cable routing for tidiness
  • Hardy steel frame with manually adjustable height
  • Perfect for serious gamers, streamers, and even home workers
  • Gaming chair and equipment not included
  • Measures approx. 65 cm (H) x 160 cm (L) x 70 cm (W)

X Rocker Lynx Gaming Desk Version 2

Which platform is the best for gaming? You can rely on it to hold all your gear, plus it will make you look amazing! Here they are discussing the X Rocker Lynx, the pinnacle of gaming workstations! This desk features Neo Motion color-changing LED inlays in the legs and edges, along with a black and silver colour scheme, giving it the appearance of a high-tech gaming table. But its visual appeal isn’t the only thing that will impress you. This desk provides a sturdy base for your gaming consoles and personal computer thanks to its carbon fiber-finished wood top and sturdy metal legs. In addition to having the ideal edge to attach your gaming wheel to, it offers sturdy lips on the corners to prevent your gear from falling off in an intense moment.

Additionally, this gaming desk has two cable tidies to conceal any unsightly bits, making it ideal for those rare occasions when you let the hoover near your sacred gaming location. So you can stay ring-free (except from the rings you run around your online competitors), it comes with a cup holder and a hook for your headset. Therefore, boast to your friends that you own the X Rocker Lynx gaming desk—the only platform that counts—if you wish to win the age-old argument of the platforms! Get yours now!

  • The X Rocker Lynx is the ultimate in gaming desks!
  • Has Neo Motion RGB lighting in the legs and lips
  • Features aluminium legs in a Z-frame
  • Cool carbon fibre finish with raised lips on its corners
  • Features a cup holder and headset hook
  • Has 2 cable tidies for avoiding messy cables
  • Includes a free gaming mouse mat with RGB effect
  • Measures approx. 117 cm x 61 cm x 76 cm

X Rocker Carbon-Tek LED Gaming Desk with Wireless Charging – Black

This X Rocker Carbon-Tek LED Gaming Desk with Wireless Charging will allow you to play games in a stylish manner! The desk features a lively Neo Fibre LED lighting system and a style that is reminiscent of carbon fibre. Changing the colours is as easy as pressing a button in addition to connecting the USB type-A to a wall adapter or power bank, both of which are not included in the package.

In addition to a big shelf that can accommodate your mid-tower personal computer or console (even the next generation), it features a drawer that may be used to store controllers and other electronic devices. Additionally, the desk is equipped with a wireless charger that is integrated in, allowing you to keep your phone or any other device that is compatible with it charged at all times.

You should place an order for this X Rocker Carbon-Tek LED Gaming Desk with Wireless Charging right away if you are someone who needs a substantial increase in their gaming experience, or if you are that person.

At Menkind, you can find the best gaming desks

The best gaming desks, that are designed to enhance your gaming, can be purchased from Menkind stores. Every single desk is created with the needs of gamers in mind, enough space for your equipment, ideas on how to organize cables and ergonomically friendly attributes to ensure you do not have to stand up after hours of playing your favorite game. The variety in the product offering of Menkind is a combination of style and features which can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs and desires to enhance the game playing experience regardless of the level of engagement in gaming. Whether you are looking for a way to take your gaming to the next level you may want to consider enhancing your gaming by getting a gaming desk from Menkind that is of high quality.

Upgrade Your Setup: Discover the Best Gaming Desks at Menkind

Get the best gaming rig on the market now! Take a look at the high-quality gaming desks offered by Menkind and pick one that suits your demands. Get the most out of your gaming experience by shopping now!


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