AirCraft is a company that specializes in cleaning and air circulation products that are unique and of high quality. AirCraft has a variety of products that are used in cleaning the house; from floor cleaners to air circulators, they make cleaning easy. In this article, five products from AirCraft are selected and introduced with their features and advantages to assist you in choosing the right home cleaning products.

 PowerGlide Hard Floor Cleaner

The PowerGlide Hard Floor Cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner that is used to clean and polish hard floor surfaces. It is a lightweight cleaner that only weighs 3kg and is almost noiseless, which is suitable for cleaning throughout the day without interrupting the family. The PowerGlide is a cordless cleaner that uses a lithium-ion battery that can deliver 30-40 minutes of cleaning time per charge. The rotating cleaning heads and microfiber pads make sure that the dirt is picked up and locked in, leaving the floor clean and shiny. Also, the adjustable telescopic handle and fold-flat design enable easy cleaning under furniture​​.

PowerGlide City

The PowerGlide City is a small, cordless hard floor cleaner that is both powerful and easy to use. It has a removable battery pack that provides over 30 minutes of operation and takes only 2 hours to charge. 5 hours. This model is suitable for different types of hard floorings such as wooden, tiled, laminated, and natural stone. Its twin pads turn at the rate of 200 times per minute and can easily clean the surface of dirt and stains. The PowerGlide City also has cleaning pads that are machine-washable and has an ultra-portable design that is stylish.

LUME Air Circulator Fan

The LUME Air Circulator Fan is a high velocity but very quiet fan that also serves as a table top and pedestal fan. It has an LED backlight that can be adjusted to three different levels of brightness, making it suitable for any part of the home. The LUME fan has a remote control where you can control the speed of the fan, oscillation, and the backlight. It has 12 speeds and 3 modes to offer more than 2,800 options to meet your cooling preferences. Praised for its low noise level, the LUME fan is perfect for bedrooms and other areas where noise is not desirable​.

PowerScrub Multi-Surface Cleaner

The PowerScrub Multi-Surface Cleaner is a cordless cleaning machine that is suitable for cleaning different surfaces in the home and in the garden. It has a strong brush head that rotates at 250 RPM and is suitable for cleaning tiled walls and floors, grout, bathtubs, and garden furniture. The PowerScrub is fitted with a lithium-ion battery that offers more than 45 minutes of operation on a single charge and recharges in 2 hours. The package comes with several brush heads and a microfiber pad to guarantee that you have the right attachment for each cleaning job​​.


PowerGlide Accessories

AirCraft also has accessories for the PowerGlide and PowerGlide City models. These are replacement scrubbing pads, battery packs, chargers, and telescopic handles. These accessories help to maintain your cleaning machines in the best condition and perform their functions effectively. The fact that these parts can be obtained directly from AirCraft means that you can easily maintain and even prolong the life of your cleaning devices.

Elevate Your Cleaning Routine with AirCraft

AirCraft offers a variety of high quality and effective cleaning products that are aimed at simplifying the process of cleaning homes. Starting from the PowerGlide floor cleaners to the LUME Air Circulator Fan, every product is designed with quality and user-friendliness in mind. Whether you require a strong cleaner for your hard floors or a silent, powerful fan for your living room, AirCraft has the answer. Discover the variety and improve your home cleaning with AirCraft using the latest technologies and ergonomic solutions.

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