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Bill, who was 21 years old at the time, found himself in possession of a promising job but an automobile that was in poor condition. In the end, he made the decision to lease a new vehicle after making multiple trips to the mechanic. However, when he went to the dealership, he encountered a huge roadblock in the form of his inadequate credit score. Even a used car lot was out of the question, and he was unable to obtain a loan for repair that was priced at 1,500 pounds. It was necessary for him to seek aid from his father once more because he was left feeling ashamed and frustrated as a result of this encounter.With the intention of bringing about a change in his circumstances, Bill immersed himself in the complexities of credit and eventually became an expert on the topic. In order to help others who were going through something similar, he even wrote a book. The development of a trustworthy system that assists individuals and organisations in regaining control of their life and establishing credit was one of his accomplishments. In his capacity as the founder of DND Finance, Bill developed the Score MasterCard, a solution that makes it possible for those who have low credit, restricted credit, or no credit at all to improve their credit score in a methodical manner without experiencing undue stress or difficulty.

Ever since its inception in the year 2000, DND Finance has successfully established itself as a multi-national finance organisation that provides assistance to the underserved corporate and consumer finance sectors in both the United Kingdom and Canada. Bill Dost established the company for the purpose of providing business financing solutions in the loan, automobile, equipment finance, and leasing markets in the United Kingdom. The company is a division of D&D Leasing of the United Kingdom. With the recent launch of its Score Mastercard in the United Kingdom, the company is now offering a credit building credit solution to consumers as well as businesses who are trying to generate a positive trade history. Through its activities in the United Kingdom and Canada, the company has assisted thousands of consumers in gaining access to affordably priced credit solutions, so enabling them to make progress in their lives.

Score Mastercard® by DND

The Score Mastercard® by DND is your gateway to building the life you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re looking to establish or rebuild your credit, this card offers both personal and business secured credit options to help you achieve your financial goals. With a focus on breaking through bad credit, the Score Mastercard empowers you to take control of your financial future. Keep in mind that the APR stands at 29.99%, ensuring that you have the flexibility you need to manage your finances responsibly. Start your journey toward a brighter financial outlook with the Score Mastercard by DND.

Personal Card

Embrace a brighter financial future with the Personal Score Mastercard. Don’t let a bad credit score or the absence of credit history hold you back – it’s not the end of the world. Whether you’re starting from scratch or rebuilding a struggling score, the Score Mastercard empowers you to regain control and pursue the life you’ve dreamed of. Choose your credit limit, pre-fund it upon approval, and use your Score Mastercard for everyday purchases just like a regular credit card. They report your payment activity to credit agencies, ensuring that your responsible use gradually leads to an improved credit score each month. Take charge of your financial destiny with the Score Mastercard and pave the way to a winning credit future.


  • Establish credit for the first time or repair damage to your existing credit
  • 0% APR on all purchases and balances
  • The UK’s answer to the high-interest credit card
  • Steer clear of unfair lenders
  • Make it to your financial objectives

Business Card

Empower your business with the Business Score Mastercard – the card available to every business owner, regardless of credit history. Break free from the constraints of a bad credit score or the absence of credit history, and get the lowest APR card in the UK to fuel the growth of your business. Your business shouldn’t face setbacks due to credit challenges. Whether you’re starting from scratch or rebuilding a low score, the Score Mastercard is designed to enhance the financial reputation of your business and open doors for growth.

Once approved, start using your Score Mastercard for everyday business expenses. They report your payment activity to the credit bureaus, ensuring that each month of responsible card use brings you one step closer to a winning credit score. Elevate your business’s financial standing and set the stage for future success with the Business Score Mastercard.


  • Build your company’s credit profile
  • Employee card program to manage company spending and expenses
  • Control who spends what and when

How the Score Mastercard Works?

It’s not much of a challenge at all. Credit is established when a person establishes a track record of paying their obligations on time. This includes paying off loans, credit cards, and lines of credit. At the same time that you pre-fund your approved credit limit to DND with the Score Mastercard, you are able to determine what credit limit is most suitable for you. All you need to do is begin using your card for ordinary transactions in the same way that you would use a conventional credit card, and never miss a payment on your invoices. Your credit history is established, and at the same time, your payment history is reported to the credit agencies in the United Kingdom. A voila!

Why the Score Mastercard?

The Score Mastercard by DND is the ideal solution for individuals with less than perfect credit, newcomers, and entrepreneurs, offering the fastest route to getting your credit back on track. Whether you’ve faced credit challenges, are new to credit, or are an ambitious entrepreneur looking to build credit for your business, the Score Mastercard provides a tailored and efficient path to credit improvement. With flexible options, including personal and business cards, and a commitment to reporting your responsible credit usage to bureaus, the Score Mastercard is your partner in navigating the journey toward a healthier credit profile and unlocking new financial opportunities. Choose the Score Mastercard to accelerate the process of rebuilding and strengthening your credit.


How Can I Create My Credit?

Make affordable, daily purchases with the Score Mastercard®. All three of the main credit reporting agencies in the United Kingdom will see that you are responsible with your card and pay back at least the minimum amount due each month. Assuming you have a track record of on-time minimum payments, this will demonstrate to potential lenders that you are a responsible borrower.

How much of a score is required to be considered eligible?

The fact that the DND Score Mastercard does not demand a minimum credit score to be opened is what sets it apart from other credit cards in the United Kingdom.

Is it possible to use my Score Mastercard in countries other than the UK?

You can use your card anywhere that accepts Mastercard® credit cards; however, a foreign exchange fee of 2.99% will be applied to any transactions that involve foreign currency.

Within what locations can I use the Score Mastercard?

Any merchant that accepts Mastercard or shows the Mastercard® logo is eligible to accept the Score Mastercard as payment. You are not permitted to use your card to obtain cashback or foreign money, take part in gambling activities, or acquire products or services that are illegal.

When I withdraw cash, may I use my card to do so?

In a retail establishment or at an automated teller machine, you are able to withdraw cash with your Personal Score Mastercard. There is no provision for cash withdrawals on the Business Score Mastercard application.

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