Hi! Greetings! They are Menkind, electronics and gift store. Here, they think that there is no time in life to be boring, nerdy or insane. From licenced products to personalised things to electronics, they have special gifts for special someone. Furthermore, they make their own products every time they cannot find one that they want.

They still love what they did when they first opened Menkind in 2001: buying those gifts that are “I’d really like that for myself” sort of gifts. Their aim is to make every shopping experience a completely delightful one for every customer who walks into their store. But a lot has changed since they started, for instance the target group, growth and incorporation of the tech brand RED5.

Gaming Tech

Thinking about spring cleaning your PC? Prepare yourself for the ultimate gaming experience with their collection of gifts and gadgets that are perfect for the gamers. Menkind has a number of gifts for the gamers.

I assumed that every gamer should have a good equipment in order to fully enjoy the game, correct? Menkind has all the equipment you require to conquer the esports world, including chairs, desks, headphones, mics, and so much more. Do you need gift ideas for a gamer friend? They assure you that their gaming gift sets will indeed be the dreams of any gamer. It is impossible to play like a pro with subpar equipment; therefore, go ahead and purchase all the great gaming accessories you can get your hands on.

Gaming Bedroom Accessories

With the correct illumination and gaming essentials, your bedroom can become a haven for top-tier gaming sessions. Why not invest in a set of gaming lights for your room? It’s quite distracting when the lights are too bright and you’re attempting to concentrate. Their Xbox Icon light—or, apologies, their Playstation light—would be the perfect accessory for the inside of your gaming apparel. Take a break from Grand Theft Auto with this cool controller stand that also serves as a charging cable. Another useful accessory is a headset stand, which will keep your headset off the floor or desk when it’s not in use. Their selection of gaming gadgets is both functional and stylish, perfect for adding a touch of flair to your bedroom!

Gaming Chairs, Beds and Desks

The best setup is really a game-changer, so complete your setup with their gaming room accessories. Besides, what is a gaming rig without its bed, desk, and chair necessities? When you are starting at level 1, it is recommended to buy a gaming chair to make the most comfortable Call of Duty experience in waiting for your partner to revive you. Select a gaming bed from the available list of beds such as the X Rocker beds if you are ready to elevate your gaming experience. It is impossible to have a gaming setup without a desk to place the screens and peripherals on. Increase the efficiency of your working space by choosing the right size of the desk in relation to the number of monitors and accessories you use. Their gaming furniture collection also features modern day cabinets with ventilation to ensure all your game consoles, and other related gadgets are well kept.

Gaming Gadgets

Find the best gaming gifts for yourself or a friend with their cool gaming items. If you want to enhance your gaming experience you can buy a light-up keyboard or a headset which has a microphone and surround speakers. Moreover, there is a wide range of the old consoles and arcade equipment for those who like such kind of games.

1. Oracle TV Gaming Bed – Black/Single

The Oracle TV Gaming Bed, which can now be had in a contemporary black color, is a dream for any gaming aficionado. This advanced bed has the Neo Fibre LED edge lighting that will give a dynamic glow in any environment you place it. Enhance your gaming or relaxing time with the freedom of choice in single colors and light modes.

The Oracle has a VESA mount that can swivel up to 180 degrees and works with screens from 32 to 55 inches. While in bed, one can tilt the screen in the most comfortable position to watch his or her favorite games, movies, or music. This gaming bed is constructed with wooden frame and comes with a fabric headboard. It has an integrated media shelf, so all the game consoles and the peripherals can be stored in one place.

The Neo Fibre LED lighting system can easily be adjusted and is operated by a USB cable and an in-line controller. Watch the colourful lighting effects by plugging the USB connection to a power source such as a power bank or wall adapter. In addition, the Oracle has a mesh media storage tray where all of your gaming peripherals can be neatly arranged and remain cool during the most intense gaming sessions. This bed is designed in black fake leather and has debossed patterning, and is sure to become the center of attention in any bedroom and take inspiration from the arena of eSports. The Oracle TV Gaming Bed will revolutionize your gaming experience.

  • It’s the Oracle TV Gaming Bed – Black/Single
  • Accommodates 32-55 inch screens
  • Integrated media storage shelf
  • A great gift for gamers
  • Measures approx. 210cm x 99cm x 108cm

2. Twin Pack Sound Reactive Light Bars by RED5 Gaming

The atmosphere in your game room or chill room is beginning to feel as gloomy and black as the world that Edgar Allan Poe imagined it to be. These Sound Reactive Light Bars from RED5 Gaming are exactly what you need for your gaming setup!

Two LED light bars that move in response to the sounds of your music or game are included in this package. With several light modes, you have the ability to select the pattern kinds or the manner in which they are displayed.

You can easily position these lights anywhere you need them to be because they are powered by USB and come with a wire that is 1.5 metres long. Additionally, the fact that you receive a pair of them means that you can add some delicious symmetry to your collection.

Now is the time to place an order for these Sound Reactive Light Bars if you are searching for a fantastic present for a gamer or if you are ready to introduce some wonderful ambiance to your setup.

  • It’s a set of two sound reactive light bars!
  • They pulse to your music or game sounds
  • With multiple lighting modes
  • Powered by USB with a 1.5-metre cable
  • Measures approx. 18 cm x 2 cm x 2 cm

3. Agility EsportsNeo Motion™ Office PC Gaming Chair

The Agility Esports Neo MotionTM Office PC Gaming Chair will help you to level up your game. This chair takes the personalisation of your gaming setup to a whole new level by allowing you to change the lighting effects via an app. As for fashionable and comfortable gaming shoes, X Rocker Agility Sport is one of the best. It offers comfort and output that can only be described as tournament standard.

The Agility Sport has customizable armrests, seat height, and backrest tilt to find the most comfortable and effective position for gaming for hours. To ensure maximum comfort especially when playing games for several hours, you can adjust the backrest in terms of rocking tilt to a maximum of 135 degrees of recline.

Introducing the Agility eSport RGB Gaming Office Chair, sit in style and comfort like never before. Take your gaming experience to the next level by adding light control through an app, customisation of comfort, and many others.

  • It’s the Agility EsportsNeo Motion™ Office PC Gaming Chair!
  • Tournament-level performance and support
  • Adjustable armrests, height, and backrest
  • A great gift for gamers
  • Measures approx. 34cm x 86cm x 70cm

4. Numskull USB Colour Changing Gaming Microphone

Plug in the Numskull USB Colour Changing Gaming Microphone and step up your game. Take this microphone seriously if you’re a dedicated gamer. This microphone has an RGB LED color-changing setup with a modern black appearance that will look great with any gaming setup. All of your talk will be transmitted just as you desire it to be due to this microphone’s fantastic capabilities, which are often seen on more costly models. These features include a single button mute, variable gain control, and a sensitivity range of around 40 dB.

This microphone is so simple to set up that you may start recording immediately because of its plug-and-play feature. The microphone’s flexible stand lets you effortlessly modify its position, guaranteeing the ideal angle for clear recording. Does your device lack a headphone jack? Of course! The signal is transmitted to your device via the provided 1.8 m USB cable, and your headphones can be plugged directly into the microphone.

You can be sure to always be streaming in style with to the RGB LED lights, which rotate through a variety of hues. This mic would be at home with YouTubers seeking to add some flair to their setup, and it’s ideal for gamers on PC and consoles alike. Why not get the Numskull USB Colour Changing Gaming Microphone right now if this sounds like something you’d like or if you’re searching for a present for someone you know?

  • It’s a RGB LED colour changing gaming microphone
  • Boasts a touch mute function and headphone jack
  • Adjustable angle tripod stand for maximum control
  • Perfect gift for gamers
  • Measures approx. 12.5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm

5. Red5 Gaming Soundbar

Incorporating the Red5 Gaming Soundbar into your gaming experience is a step up from the previous level. This soundbar is designed to play music, films, and games, no matter if you are at home or on the go.

This small size soundbar is 17 inches in dimension, and it is powerful enough to produce loud sound anywhere. You can even pair it with your TV through Bluetooth or Aux in and use it to play music at any one time, or you can connect it to your TV for better gaming and movie experiences. This soundbar has its dynamic colour changing LED light effects and convenient rotary volume control thus ensuring that every time you listen to one of your favorite songs, you are going to have a great experience.

It is high time to level up your audio experience!

  • It’s the Red5 Gaming Soundbar!
  • Compact 17″ design for on-the-go use.
  • Connect via Bluetooth or Aux in.
  • The perfect gift for mobile gamers!
  • Measures approx. 9 cm x 7 cm x 44 cm


Indeed, for the best hardware, the latest in technological advancements, and novelty items, there is no better place to go than Menkind. Whether it is a high performance accessory or an immersive device, Menkind has all that a casual gamer or a fanatic would need to enhance their gaming. If you are in search of a new gaming computer or are looking to buy a gift for a friend who is a gamer, Menkind has everything one needs to make gaming a fulfilling activity.

Discover the latest in gaming technology at Menkind and level up your gaming experience today

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