Appleyard Flowers

An opulent floral and gifting label known for its unique boutique designs that feature contemporary British elements. Originating from a deep love for innovative flower design and exquisite craftsmanship, their mission is to elevate every purchase to an unparalleled level of luxury.

It is their goal to ensure that all of their products are as environmentally friendly as possible as they expand. Appleyard Flowers support local farmers in Kenya and the United Kingdom by purchasing flowers from them. Appleyard Flowers skilled florists hand-tie each bouquet with a black satin ribbon after meticulously selecting, arranging, and packaging only the finest stems. Appleyard Flowers are always prepared to surprise and amaze their customers with their exquisite arrangements.

Using recyclable cardboard and paper in their packaging is just one way Appleyard Flowers are trying to reduce waste without sacrificing the quality of your flowers. For their future packaging, they are actively exploring ways to make this a reality. If they must import stems for their bouquets, they make sure to select those that are harvested in a sustainable manner. Appleyard Flowers reinvest a portion of their profits back into the neighbourhood, which has helped fund the construction of new schools.

Appleyard Flowers only partner with Fairtrade farms who pay their workers more than the industry norm because they are concerned about the origins of their flowers. All of these farms offer safe workplaces, medical treatment, nursery and educational opportunities for their employees.

Appleyard Flowers speciality is creative, modern floral design. Each and every one of their bouquets exudes an air of refined elegance, making them both a lovely addition to any house and a thoughtful present. In everything that they do, they aim to minimise their impact on the environment. Their flowers are deserving of it, after all. They try to support British flower growers whenever they can. Appleyard Flowers take pride in offering only the highest quality flowers, including unique types that are hard to acquire elsewhere.


Express your heartfelt wishes with a luxurious birthday bouquet, meticulously designed to brighten up your loved one’s special day. These exquisite arrangements, hand-delivered with care and finesse, stand as a timeless gesture of affection and celebration. To elevate the joy and make the occasion even more memorable, select bouquets are thoughtfully accompanied by complementary gifts – a heartfelt birthday card for your personalized message, artisanal chocolates for a sweet toast to their year ahead, or a bottle of refreshing Prosecco to add a sparkle to the celebration. With the convenience of next-day delivery, planning the perfect birthday surprise has never been easier. Show how much you care by sending a breathtaking array of flowers that encapsulates your warmest wishes for their year ahead.


Celebrate the arrival of March birthdays in the most vibrant way with Appleyard Flowers carefully curated March Birthday Bouquet. This exquisite arrangement is thoughtfully designed to embody the spirit of renewal and vitality that March heralds. Featuring the bright and cheerful daffodils, synonymous with new beginnings and regarded as March’s birth flower, alongside the sunny optimism of yellow tulips, the purity of white germini, and the delicate allure of white genista, this bouquet is a testament to the joy and freshness of spring. Please note, the vase is not included with the bouquet, allowing the recipient the pleasure of arranging these beautiful blooms in their personal favorite vase. Additionally, some of their flowers may arrive in bud form, ensuring they will bloom in the presence of your loved ones, ready to blossom just like the new season.


The Chantilly & Birthday Card bouquet makes every celebration memorable with its exquisite selection of scented lilies that infuse the air with a delicate fragrance. Accompanied by sweet sorbet roses and alluring lilac roses, the arrangement exudes elegance and grace, while the addition of fresh green hypericum berries adds a touch of vibrancy. Completing this beautiful ensemble is a Happy Birthday gift card, making it the perfect gesture to convey heartfelt birthday wishes. It’s worth noting that some flowers may arrive in bud form, promising the joy of watching them bloom and extend the beauty of your gesture.


Surprise your loved ones with the GLAZE bouquet, a stunning arrangement that epitomizes sophistication and vibrant colors. This handpicked selection features fragrant white oriental lilies that emit a captivating perfume, brightening any room with their elegance. The bouquet is further enriched with the cheerfulness of vibrant yellow roses and the enchanting appeal of alluring lilac roses, creating a harmonious blend of colors and fragrances. Accents of berries and daisy-like chrysanthemums add a playful touch, enhancing the bouquet’s overall allure. Please note, the vase is not included with the bouquet. Additionally, some of their flowers may arrive in bud form, ensuring they will bloom in your care and can be enjoyed for as long as possible.


The SIMPLY PINK ROSE & LILY bouquet is accompanied by luxuriously scented NEOM candles, nurturing Hand Balm, and a heartfelt Birthday Card, creating a thoughtful and sophisticated gift set. Each element of this set complements the others, providing not just a visual feast with the bouquet’s vibrant hues and textures, but also a sensory experience with the aromatic candle and the soothing balm. This combination ensures that the recipient not only enjoys the beauty of the flowers but also indulges in a moment of self-care and reflection, making their birthday memorable and unique.

Why choose Appleyard London for birthday flowers?

Appleyard Flowers ensure that their bouquets will amaze and impress the recipient on their special day, whether it’s a 21st or 60th birthday. Exclusive fresh flowers, such as rare varieties of roses, carnations, freesias, alstroemeria, and more, are featured in their innovative designs. Sending a birthday bouquet with their guarantee will be the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Whether it’s a 30th, 18th, or any other significant birthday, Appleyard Flowers online birthday flower selection features stunning flowers cultivated specifically for them, adding an extra touch of surprise to that birthday gift. The finest examples of British floral design are showcased in each exquisite bouquet that their skilled florists hand-tie. Sending a stunning bouquet is the most thoughtful way to celebrate a birthday.

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