Whether you’re seeking elegance with a low heel, the classic allure of a mid-heel, the playful charm of a kitten heel, or the bold statement of a killer heel, Sargasso & Grey’s extensive collection of stylish wide-fit heels caters to every preference. Crafted from the finest leathers and designed with a wider fit, every pair in Sargasso & Grey collection promises uncompromised style without sacrificing comfort. Enhanced with added comfort features, their heels ensure that your experience is all about pleasure, eliminating the pain often associated with wearing high heels. Discover the perfect blend of fashion and function with Sargasso & Grey, where beauty and comfort coexist harmoniously.

Sargasso & Grey

Sargasso & Grey strive to ensure that every customer leaves their store feeling confident and beautiful. By attending to their footwear needs, they enable children to make joyful memories and enjoy life’s joyful moments. Put an end to your shoe search now if you’ve ever wished you could slip into a pair of stunning shoes that not only fit your feet perfectly, but also boost your self-esteem, make your feet feel amazing, and bring a smile to your face.

Because of her broad feet, Katie has always had to make a tough choice: wear pretty shoes all the time and risk foot pain, or… well, it wasn’t really a choice at all. Katie, sick of hurting her feet every time she wore shoes, decided to make a line of stylish shoes with a roomier fit. Since its 2014 launch, Sargasso & Grey has brought joy and hope to the feet of people all around the globe by crafting exquisite footwear.

Given the growing number of individuals requiring shoes with a wider fit, it is not unexpected that many more brands have introduced wide-fitting ranges since Sargasso & Grey inception nearly a decade ago. When compared to other shoes, what sets theirs apart? Well, aside from the fact that their footwear is exclusively available in wide widths, a lot of other brands simply resize their current styles. The result is that the rear of the shoe becomes excessively roomy, which causes most people to lose their footing in the shoes.

Sargasso & Grey shoes need extra width in the toe box to give your feet more room to breathe and move around. However, they don’t simply sell wide-fitting shoes. In addition, they aim to alleviate pressure points and alleviate discomfort in the feet of those who suffer from wide feet or other foot problems.

Clare Wide Fit Platform Courts – Black Suede

  • Crafted using bespoke lasts with a wide EE width toe box to give feet more breathing space
  • Butter soft suede upper that is cut to fully cover toe joint, making them comfortable for people with bunions
  • Hidden Smooth and Soothecushion panel covering the inside of the toe box to offer seamless coverage and comfort for bunions and sensitive toe joints
  • Durable half leather, half TPU sole
  • Soft leather insole incorporated with memory foam padding for superior comfort, enabling day-long wear
  • 7cm heel with rubber incorporated heel tip
  • 2cm platform

The Clare Wide Fit Platform Courts in Black Suede redefine the concept of stylish comfort in footwear. Designed for those who love the elegance of high heels but crave the comfort of everyday shoes, these platforms come with a cleverly integrated 2cm base, effectively elevating your height while sparing you the discomfort typically associated with towering heels. The silhouette, inspired by the timeless Mary Jane style, is refreshed with contemporary crossover straps and a rounded toe box, offering a chic, modern flair. What sets the Clare courts apart is the generous EE wide toe box, ensuring ample space for your feet to spread out comfortably. This is complemented by the innovative Smooth and Soothe technology, which lines the interior of the toe box with hidden, cushioned panels. This ingenious feature promises unparalleled comfort, making these shoes a haven for not only bunions but also sensitive toe joints, allowing for a smooth, pain-free experience with every step.

Lisa Extra-Wide Fit Court Shoe – Cognac Leather

  • Crafted using bespoke lasts with an extra wide EEE width toe box to give feet more breathing space
  • Butter soft leather upper cut to fully cover the toe joint area and Smooth & Soothe bunion panel to cover, conceal, and comfort bunions
  • Durable half leather & TPU sole
  • Soft leather insole incorporated with memory foam padding and breathable arch support for superior comfort, enabling day-long wear
  • 6cm heel with rubber incorporated heel tip

The Lisa Extra-Wide Fit Court Shoe in Cognac Leather stands as a paradigm of elegance and comfort in women’s footwear. Crafted from sumptuous cognac leather, this shoe transcends the ordinary, marrying classic aesthetics with cutting-edge comfort technology. The design showcases a hybrid block heel that provides stability, while the extra-wide fitting toe box and sleek patent leather toe cap offer a blend of style and spaciousness. Internally, the shoe is equipped with PORON® memory foam padding and a Smooth & Soothe hidden bunion panel, ensuring each step is cushioned and comfortable, making it the perfect choice for those who no longer want to compromise on comfort for style.

Krista – Extra-Wide Fit Sandal – Sand Suede

  • Crafted using bespoke lasts with an extra-wide EEE width toe box to give feet more breathing space
  • Butter-soft suede upper crafted to fully cover bunions
  • Leather sole with rubber anti-slip half sole, and rubber incorporated heel tip
  • Soft leather insole incorporating memory foam padding for superior comfort
  • 6.5cm block heel
  • Made in Spain

The Krista Extra-Wide Fit Sandal in Sand Suede harmoniously blends the worlds of comfort and fashion, making it the quintessential choice for those seeking party heels that won’t leave them longing for the comfort of flats. Designed thoughtfully with an EEE fit toe box, Krista sandals offer an abundant space that allows feet to rest comfortably, an essential feature for anyone with bunions or seeking additional room. The elegant crossover design not only adds a touch of sophistication but also gently encompasses the toe joint providing unparalleled comfort. What sets these sandals apart is their incorporation of leather insoles, infused with soft PORON memory foam padding, which delicately cushions the balls of the feet, ensuring every step feels like walking on clouds. Durability is not compromised, as the combination of half leather and half-TPU soles ensures sturdiness and adaptability to slightly wetter conditions. For those who wish to prolong the luxe appearance and feel of their Krista sandals, applying a suede protector spray before venturing outdoors is recommended, adding a waterproof layer to preserve their beauty and longevity.

Lola Extra-Wide Fit Court Shoe – Black Suede

  • Crafted using bespoke lasts with an extra wide EEE width toe box to give feet more breathing space
  • Butter soft leather upper that is crafted to comfortably cover and conceal bunions
  • Durable leather sole
  • Soft leather insole incorporated with memory foam padding and breathable arch support for superior comfort, enabling day-long wear
  • 6cm heel with rubber incorporated heel tip

If you’ve longed for the day when wearing heels doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort for style, the Lola Extra-Wide Fit Court Shoe – Black Suede might just be the dream come true you’ve been waiting for. Aimed at those with wide feet or bunions, these beautiful heels are the epitome of elegant design, combined with thoughtful functionality. The Lola heels stand out because of their cleverly crafted vamp that not only covers but also smooths over the toe joint, offering a seamless look that keeps bunions out of sight and out of mind. This innovative design feature means there’s no irritation at the toe joint – a common pain point for many. What truly sets these shoes apart is the extra-wide EEE fitting toe box, providing ample space for your feet to sit comfortably without feeling cramped. Coupled with the PORON® memory foam padded insoles that cushion the balls of your feet, the Lola heels transform wearing high shoes from a daunting task to a delightful experience, finally making the joy of heels accessible to everyone.

Penelope Extra-Wide Fit Shoes – Sand Suede

  • Crafted using bespoke lasts with an extra wide EEE width toe box to give feet more breathing space
  • Butter soft suede upper that is cut to carefully conceal bunions
  • Soft leather insole incorporated with memory foam padding for superior comfort
  • 6 cm sleek yet sensible heel
  • Premium leather sole for durability

The Penelope Extra-Wide Fit Shoes in Sand Suede are a testament to the perfect blend of style and comfort for those with wider feet. Crafted with utmost attention to detail, Penelope is a stellar addition to their unique collection of wide-fitting occasion shoes. What sets Penelope apart is its elegant design paired with extraordinary comfort features, including an extra-wide EEE toe box and a padded memory foam insole that ensures every step you take feels like walking on air. The shoes are enveloped in super soft suede leather, which not only adds to the luxe feel but ensures longevity. A dainty strap adorned with a subtle buckle not only enhances the shoe’s aesthetic appeal but provides additional support, making it an excellent choice for individuals unaccustomed to heels. The neutral sand suede hue is the icing on the cake, offering versatility to complement both bold and intricately patterned outfits seamlessly.

Step into Comfort and Style with Sargasso & Grey Heels

Put your best foot forward with a pair of Sargasso & Grey heels—the epitome of opulent flair and unparalleled comfort. Sargasso & Grey created these heels with the trendiest styles and the most supporting features for women who demand the best from both worlds.

Step into Sargasso & Grey painstakingly constructed heels and feel the difference. Sargasso & Grey use only the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technologies to provide all-day comfort without compromising on style. Sargasso & Grey heels will elevate your style and confidence for any situation, whether you’re doing errands, going out, or celebrating a special event.

You can no longer put up with the pain of high heels. Discover a realm of ease and self-assurance with Sargasso & Grey by perusing Sargasso & Grey selection today. Sore feet? No problem!

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