As parents, we want to encourage our children’s independence while also keeping them safe. Providing a mobile phone is one way to teach responsible technology usage from an early age. However, the unfiltered access and lack of controls on a standard mobile plan can be a cause for concern. That’s where ParentShield comes in – offering child-safe SIM only deals designed specifically for kids aged 6-12 years old.


The beauty of ParentShield is that it isn’t just another parental control app loaded onto a child’s phone. Instead, it is a specialised mobile network tailored for young users from the ground up. This allows for unprecedented oversight and customisation to create a truly child-safe mobile experience that you can have full confidence in.

Maximising Network Coverage

One of the standout features is ParentShield’s multi-network capability. Their SIM cards and eSIMs automatically latch onto the strongest available signal by combining coverage across all the major UK networks. So whether you live in an urban center or remote rural area, your child will always have the best possible connectivity to stay in touch.

Iron-Clad Safety Precautions

From the moment you activate a ParentShield SIM, a whole suite of protective measures kick in that simply aren’t possible on a conventional mobile plan:

Anonymous Call Blocking: Only approved numbers can make calls to and from your child’s phone for their safety.

Call/Text Monitoring: You have the ability to review a log of all your child’s call and text conversations, with recordings archived securely for 6 months.

Time Restrictions: Set allowed timeframes for when the phone can make calls, send texts or use mobile data – after hours it is restricted to just your pre-approved “Home Numbers.”

Word Filtering: Any concerning language used in texts immediately triggers an alert sent straight to your phone.

Web Restrictions: You control what web content and apps are accessible to filter out anything inappropriate.

The Parent Portal puts you in complete command over all these safeguards and more through one intuitive interface. Make changes instantly at any time without taking the phone away.

Budgeting Tools & No Surprise Fees

The last thing you want is your child racking up a massive unexpected mobile bill. ParentShield’s controlled data packages and spending limits ensure there’s no risk of overspending – you only pay the flat monthly rate for their chosen plan. Even better, handy budgeting features like data allowance tracking helps teach healthy device habits.

Their four simple, commitment-free price plans cover every need from basic calling/texting to robust data:

Safe Stage 1 (£9.99/month): 250 texts, 250 mins, pay-as-you-go data

Safe Stage 2 (£14.99/month): 500 texts, 500 mins, 500MB data

Safe Stage 3 (£19.99/month): Unlimited texts/mins, 1GB data

Safe Stage 4 (£29.99/month): Unlimited texts/mins, 4GB data

All options include ParentShield’s full range of monitoring capabilities and multilayered protection. You can freely change plans each month as needs evolve.

The Only Mobile Network Built for Kids

Ultimately, no off-the-shelf parental controls can provide the same scope and depth of safeguarding as ParentShield’s purpose-built children’s mobile network. Its fully customisable settings and multi-faceted approach ensure age-appropriate mobile access tailored just for your family’s needs.

Best of all, these robust protective measures aren’t restrictive to your child’s mobile experience. Since ParentShield works by controlling the network itself rather than weighing a device down with apps, kids can use any standard unlocked phone they desire. No more “baby” phones to arouse embarrassment – just smart boundaries adapted to their maturity level.

If you want to grant your children more independence while still prioritising online safety, ParentShield’s child-safe SIM deals could be the ideal solution. Take advantage of their risk-free rolling contracts to allow incremental freedoms at your own pace. With this specialised service, staying connected doesn’t have to come at the cost of security.

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