Beauty Works award-winning clip-in hair extensions are a quick and easy way to get longer, thicker hair. To get a whole new style without leaving your house, try clip-in hair extensions. They’re simple to put in and take out. You may get hair extensions at Beauty Works that work with your hair type. Produced from only the finest Remy human hair, this hairpiece will fit in well with your existing style. Featuring ultra-thin wefts that won’t yank or harm your hair’s natural texture. Learn the secret to the reputation of Beauty Works clip-ins—their ethical sourcing and eco-friendly production.


The 18″ Half-Up Hair Set Clip-In Extensions revolutionize the way you style your hair, offering an instant transformation without the need for a salon visit. This 200g set, designed for a breathtaking half-up hairstyle and a chic mini ponytail, ensures your hair looks voluminous and lengthy in minutes. Crafted from 100% Remy human hair, these extensions seamlessly blend with your natural locks, providing a natural and glamorous appearance. Whether you’re aiming for a casual day look or an elegant evening style, these versatile extensions cater to all your styling needs, promising durability and comfort.


To apply Beauty Works extensions at home, style clean, dry hair to match the wave pattern. Then, divide your hair from temples to crown and insert each weft from the nape of the neck up. Snap each clip close to the base of your hair to secure each weft flat to the head. Allow your hair to fall over each weft and continue until all clip-in pieces are attached, ending at ear level for the ponytail.

Start by putting your hair in a tiny bun or ponytail. Cover your hair with the ponytail. Wrap velcro around the base and clip in. Attach over your pony and fasten the 100% human hair wraparound strap at the base. Pull firmly over the hairpiece. Secure with a hair hold or bobby pin.


The 22″ DOUBLE HAIR SET CLIP-IN EXTENSIONS in Amber are the ultimate of hair extension style and ease. Each box contains 220g of high-quality Remy human hair in six cleverly crafted wefts for easy application and unmatched volume and length. Custom-made for fine, medium, or thick hair, these extensions instantly add volume and fullness. Beauty Works’ award-winning Double Hair Set is durable and easy to apply without glue or additional equipment. The innovative structure reduces shedding, supporting everyday usage and thorough brushing. These extensions, suggested by famous hairdresser Andrew Fitzsimons and praised in Vogue Magazine, won ‘Best Hair Extensions’ at the Hair Awards and have won over celebrities and influencers. Made from 100% Remy cuticle-retained human hair, they keep natural lustre and smoothness, allowing for heating and washing like your actual hair. These clip-in hair extensions may improve your Hairdrobe® for up to a year with appropriate care, making them a necessity for anybody wishing to simply upgrade their hair.


To apply Beauty Works extensions at home, all you need to do is arrange your clean, dry hair in a way that mimics the extensions’ wave pattern.

Next, divide your hair lengthwise from the nape of your neck to the nape of your head. Insert the wefts where they will be most useful, and clip them firmly to the hair’s root to keep them in place. Repeat all the way down the hairline, letting your hair drop over each weft, until you’re happy with the lengths.


Enhance your hair’s volume and length effortlessly with Beauty Works 18″ DELUXE REMY INSTANT CLIP-IN HAIR EXTENSIONS in the stunning CINNAMON MELT shade. Each 140g pack is specially designed to provide a full head of extensions, making it ideal for individuals with medium to fine hair looking for an extra boost. These extensions are compacted into three easy-to-apply clip-in wefts, perfect for transforming your look for a big night out or adding everyday glamour. The set includes one large piece with two 11″ wefts and a nape piece measuring 8″. Their award-winning Deluxe clip-in hair extensions offer a quick and easy way to change up your hairstyle without the need for glue or special tools, all from the comfort of your home. Made from 100% Remy cuticle retained human hair, these extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair for a look that’s both beautiful and natural. The unique three-piece system, featuring a lace weft structure, allows for lightweight and discreet wear, while the protective silicon layer on each clip helps to prevent breakage. Whether you’re looking to try new hairstyles or simply enjoy the superior quality and durability of Remy human hair, their Deluxe clip-ins are an investment in your beauty routine. For more information about how to get the most out of your clip-in hair extensions,


If you want to apply Beauty Works extensions in the convenience of your own home, all you need to do is style your hair so that it is clean and dry so that it blends in with the wave pattern of the extensions.

The next step is to divide off your own hair from your temples to your crown, insert each weft wherever it is required, and then lock them in place by snapping each clip tightly to the root of your own hair. You should let your hair down over each weft and continue doing this across the whole hairline until you are completely satisfied with the new lengths you have achieved.


The 18″ Beach Wave Double Hair Set Clip-In Extensions in California Blonde is a game-changer for anyone looking to effortlessly enhance their hair game. This essential ‘hairdrobe’ addition offers not just an increase in thickness, volume, and length but also allows for creative freedom with color or highlights without commitment to permanent change. The selection encompasses balayage, rooted, or multi-tonal hair blends, empowering you to amplify your natural color beautifully. Crafted with innovative technology, these extensions are designed for durability, capable of being washed up to 30 times while still maintaining their signature beachy waves upon drying. The S wave pattern of the extensions, also celebrated as mermaid locks, infuses your look with the coveted LA-vibe, invoking hair envy in onlookers. Beauty Works’ cutting-edge approach extends to the ultra-thin PU design of the clip-ins, rendering the extension weft virtually invisible and flat against the scalp for unparalleled comfort. Each pack comprises ten easily applied clip-in pieces, constituting a full set of wefts that weigh a substantial 180g. Made from 100% human, ethically sourced Remy hair, these extensions not only mimic the look and feel of natural hair but also align with ethical beauty standards. The cuticles remain intact, preserving the hair’s authenticity and ensuring it acts as naturally as your own. The California Blonde shade, in particular, promises to be a stunning blend that breathes life and radiance into your hair, perfect for those desiring to invoke sun-kissed finesse with minimal effort.


If you want to apply Beauty Works extensions in the convenience of your own home, all you need to do is style your hair so that it is clean and dry so that it blends in with the wave pattern of the extensions.

The next step is to divide off your own hair from your temples to your crown, insert each weft where it is required, and then lock them in place by snapping each clip tightly to the root of your own hair. Allow your hair to fall over each weft, and continue doing this along the whole hairline until you are completely content with the new lengths you have achieved.


Indulge in the luxury of dreamy, long hair with the 18″ DOUBLE HAIR SET WEFT CLIP-IN EXTENSIONS in Barley Blonde, a stunning addition to your style repertoire. Crafted using their revolutionary Flat Track® weft system, these extensions not only offer superior comfort but also lay remarkably flat against the head, offering seamless blending for a variety of hairstyles, from volumizing your locks to enhancing elegant updos. Each 50g Clip-in Weft extension is meticulously made with Remy hair, where the finest human hair is carefully selected to ensure the cuticle remains intact. This guarantees that the extensions behave just like your own hair – remaining tangle-free and soft throughout their life span. These 100% real and natural extensions are soft to the touch, providing an effortlessly luxurious feel. They can be clipped in quickly at home, offering instant length and are versatile enough to be heated, styled, and washed as if they were your own locks. An essential addition to your hair wardrobe, these clip-in hair extensions are not only reusable but, with proper care, can last for many months or even up to a year. Each set comes beautifully packaged in a recyclable storage box, emphasizing not only the premium quality of the product but also a commitment to environmental sustainability. The pack includes one 50g clip-in weft, designed for volume enhancement and not as a full set, ensuring your transformation to Barley Blonde beauty is as seamless as it is stunning.


To keep product buildup to a minimum, use the Beauty Works Clarifying Shampoo on your clip-ins and weft hair extensions. For everyday cleaning, lather up with Beauty Works Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Shampoo.

Kindly be informed that their recommendation is just for Beauty Works aftercare products. Beauty Works are unable to honour their return and guarantee policy if you choose a different brand of hair extensions since they cannot guarantee their quality or longevity.

Elevate Your Hair Game: Try Beauty Works Clip-In Hair Extensions Now!

When you use the finest clip-in hair extensions offered by Beauty Works Online, you can quickly transform your desired hairdo. Whether you want to add length, volume, or a touch of elegance to your hair, their extensions are the ideal answer for you. Do not delay any longer in order to acquire the hair of your dreams; purchase today and have the opportunity to experience the beauty of clip-in extensions from Beauty Works Online!


How do you use and style hair extensions that are clipped in?

You may style Beauty Works clip-in extensions into any hairdo you can imagine since they are created from 100% Remy Human Hair. Curls, straight locks, beach waves, or a voluminous blowout are all possible styles for clip-ins.

What is the average lifespan of clip-in hair extensions?

It is possible to extend the life of clip-in extensions by up to a year with proper care and maintenance. Your clip-ins’ level of wear and tear will also play a role in this. The natural sheen and tangle-free performance of Beauty Works Clip-in Extensions are guaranteed by their construction from 100% Remy human hair.

How damaging are clip-in hair extensions to natural hair?

No, properly put clip-in extensions will not harm your hair. Lightweight and featuring clips that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, Beauty Works clip-ins will keep your natural hair safe from damage.

How are our full-head clip-in sets different from Beauty Works one-piece sets?

With Beauty Works full head Double Hair Set clip-ins, your hair will be transformed with super-thick volume and length, while our one-piece Half Weft clip-ins are perfect for a subtle and natural boost.

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