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A storied Irish retail brand and firm, Eason has been around for almost 135 years. More than 60 stores around Ireland are operated by the company under the Eason and Dubray names, and over 600 people are employed by it. Revenue exceeds €100 million. With the purpose of “To Inspire and Engage Minds of All Ages,” Eason has grown into a well-known name in Ireland.

To achieve sustainable company success, meet developing consumer expectations, and create an engaging and captivating in-store and online shopping experience, Eason has been actively transforming its retail presence and business strategy in the past few years. They have made a name for themselves as the go-to spot for books, stationery, news, and periodicals in Ireland.

Among Eason’s many treasured enterprises is Dubray, an iconic and long-running speciality bookstore in Ireland that first opened its doors to the public in 1973. A company’s private owners are known as shareholders. On Easons.com, With humble beginnings as an online storefront for Eason’s high-quality products, Easons.com has grown into Ireland’s go-to destination for books and eBooks since its launch in 1998.

With a wide variety of titles and free delivery to any place in the UK or Ireland for orders over €10, Easons.com continues to provide the exceptional value and service that are hallmarks of the Eason brand.

The Eason website is a great resource for anyone seeking to purchase Irish books that may not be easily found in their local area. According to Retail Excellence Ireland, Easons.com was named the best national website in 2012. Eason now has over 60 locations throughout Ireland.
For the best news and magazines in the nation, as well as an outstanding assortment of books, stationery, greeting cards, presents, and more, together with Easons friendly and knowledgeable staff, Eason stores have become island favourites.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

For a Valentine’s Day present that is both meaningful and important to the recipient, Easons is the ideal spot to honour your love. In preparation for this year’s Valentine’s Day, They have collected a list of romantic Valentine’s Day gifts that are tailored just for you. Whether you are searching for a Valentine’s Day present for her or for him, Easons have you covered.

Love The Mug All You Need Is Love

Use this exquisite china mug that reads “All You Need Is Love” to show your affection. Anyone would be lucky to get this charming mug as a present. Made from premium fine china and meticulously handcrafted in Ireland, it has a glossy white finish. The mug can hold 375 millilitres of liquid and has the following dimensions: H91 mm x W84 mm. Handcrafted and baked in kilns, each cup is long-lasting. Because it can be used in the dishwasher and microwave, cleaning it is a breeze. Use this lovely and thoughtful mug to hold a hot beverage and express your warmest feelings.

Galway Crystal Cinnamon Scented Bell Jar Candle

Add a touch of holiday cheer and warmth to any room with the help of the Galway Crystal Cinnamon Scented Bell Jar Candle. A heady blend of spicy clove, zesty citrus, and the evocative aroma of cinnamon will envelop you. An ideal scent for the winter, this aroma makes any room feel more inviting. This candle would be perfect as a present or as a decorative accent in your house due to its attractive packaging in a bell jar. Scented with the alluring and spicy cinnamon aroma, this candle from Galway Crystal is sure to captivate.

Galway Crystal Elegance Champagne/Prosecco pair

Elegance and refinement are personified by the Galway Crystal Elegance Champagne and Prosecco Pair. The people who love to celebrate and enjoy life’s finer things will love these gorgeous champagne flutes. An aesthetically pleasing glass that elevates the drinking experience, this has a tall, slim body and a medium to long stem that radiate sophistication. With its fluted form, this glass will bring out the most fizz from your prosecco or champagne. These elegant champagne flutes from Galway Crystal will be the perfect finishing touch to any party or toast. To the ideal combination of elegance and style!

Kloche Love you

Thank you for visiting Tiny Town. A place where the celebration of good times becomes an everyday occurrence and a town whose characters are no larger than a matchstick are both examples of such a place. A very hopeless romantic is encased within this glass dome ornament, which is embellished with a large red love heart and a beautiful little love note. You will be able to create a wonderful show in your home with this ornamental Kloche that is in the traditional vintage style. Glass with a wooden foundation is the material utilised. Packaged in a one-of-a-kind giftbox that has the company’s name.

Willow tree With Love

The Willow Tree figurine titled “With Love,” skillfully crafted by artist Susan Lordi, encapsulates a profound message of affection and tenderness. The figure, captured in a dance-like pose, exudes a sense of joy and love through the fluid movements of her dress, hair, and hands. The accompanying gift tag further emphasizes the sentiment with the simple yet powerful words, “You are loved.” This exquisite piece serves as a heartfelt expression, making it an ideal choice for significant moments such as weddings, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day. Susan Lordi’s intention to convey the essence of love and care is beautifully manifested in this figurine, turning it into a timeless and meaningful gift that speaks volumes without uttering a single word.

Newbridge Silver Solid Heart Keyring

The Newbridge Silver Solid Heart Keyring is an elegant accessory designed for practicality and sentiment. Crafted with silver plating and featuring a protective anti-tarnish layer, this keyring not only ensures durability but also maintains its lustrous appearance over time. The heart-shaped design offers a timeless and classic aesthetic, providing an ideal canvas for engraving. Packaged in a tasteful Newbridge Silverware gift box, it is ready to be presented on various occasions. Measuring at 35mm x 30mm x 3mm, the keyring is compact yet substantial enough to make a statement. Its dual purpose of functionality and sentimental value makes it an ideal gift, and the option for personalization adds a thoughtful touch, transforming it into a perfect accessory for keys or bags. With this heart keyring, you not only add a stylish element to your essentials but also carry a personalized reminder wherever you go.


Elevate your Valentine’s Day celebration with Easons‘ curated gifts, because when it comes to expressing love, every detail matters. Make this day extraordinary.

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