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After two friends went on a groundbreaking trip to California in 2019, Orange County CBD was founded. Their Directors scoured the verdant fields in quest of the highest quality hemp, which would allow them to dominate the European CBD industry. Orange County CBD company has grown into a global force, dominating the CBD industry, following the creation, testing, and introduction of their brand.

Orange County CBD two co-founders scoured the United States in quest of hemp’s holy grail and found it in California: field after field of the best organically cultivated plants imaginable. They had a hunch back then that the Orange County CBD brand would eventually become a global powerhouse, shaking up the European CBD industry and winning over millions of customers.

Orange County CBD are committed to uniting their staff, customers, ambassadors, and partners as a cohesive community of impact-makers. They believe that in order to achieve greater heights, they must journey side by side. Orange County CBD set out from the beginning to make it Orange County CBD mission to improve the world by ensuring that future generations inherit a better place than they found it. They are empowering individuals to have their greatest days ever with OC Community, the first-ever corporate social responsibility project in the CBD industry. Orange County CBD are pushing good change.

For millions of people throughout the world, using CBD products on a daily basis has always been Orange County CBD’s goal. Integrity, ingredients, and production methods must be of the utmost quality to achieve such an ambitious objective. For this reason, Orange County CBD are able to track the origin of every single ingredient in their products—from batches to suppliers to internal inputs—as part of their stringent Quality Management System. In other words, they can follow their actions from seed to shelf.

500mg CBD Oil (10ml)

At Orange County CBD dedication to quality and effectiveness shines through with their 500mg CBD Oil. This 10ml bottle encapsulates the essence of their commitment to providing an exceptional CBD experience. Ideal for those who have pinpointed their perfect dosage, this concentration offers a robust introduction to their award-winning CBD. Meticulously crafted to ensure only trace amounts of THC are present, their 500mg CBD oil delivers the full-spectrum benefits without compromising on legal standards or quality. The inclusion of natural terpene extracts not only guarantees a genuine flavor and aroma but also elevates the overall efficacy and appeal of the product. It’s a testament to their ethos of creating CBD solutions that are not just powerful, but also pure and pleasurable to use.

Mint CBD Oil (30ml)

Orange County CBD Mint CBD Oil (30ml) stands as a premier selection in their broad-spectrum lineup, skillfully blending the remarkable benefits of CBD with the invigorating taste of mint. This product is available in various concentrations, including 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg, allowing users to tailor their dosage precisely to their wellness needs. Ideal for both seasoned CBD aficionados and those new to the CBD sphere, this mint-flavored oil ensures an enjoyable and effective introduction to the myriad advantages of broad-spectrum CBD. Crafted with premium-quality CBD and a spectrum of other naturally occurring cannabinoids, it offers a comprehensive entourage effect without any THC*, ensuring an unadulterated CBD experience. The addition of carefully extracted terpenes enhances the base flavor and aroma, making the mint profile even more refreshing and pleasant to ingest.

Apple CBD Oil (30ml)

Orange County CBD Apple CBD Oil (30ml) is a standout offering in their broad-spectrum lineup, meticulously designed to deliver the multi-award-winning effects of CBD combined with the invigorating taste of fresh apples. Ideal for newcomers and seasoned CBD users alike, this product makes integrating CBD into your daily routine both easy and enjoyable. By choosing their broad-spectrum formula, you’re benefiting from a comprehensive blend of naturally occurring cannabinoids and the finest CBD, designed to amplify your experience through the entourage effect without unnecessary additives. For those in pursuit of a potent and swift CBD experience that doesn’t compromise on flavor, their apple-flavored CBD oil represents the pinnacle of taste and efficacy.

Cherry CBD Oil 500mg (10ml)

Orange County CBD Cherry CBD Oil 500mg (10ml) stands out as a premium choice within their broad-spectrum CBD range, marrying the profound benefits of CBD with the delightful, familiar taste of cherry. This oil is an ideal selection for both newcomers venturing into the world of CBD and seasoned users alike, offering a seamless way to incorporate the wellness benefits of broad-spectrum CBD into your daily routine. Crafted from the highest quality CBD, alongside a spectrum of other naturally occurring cannabinoids, their Cherry CBD Oil allows users to experience the full scope of the entourage effect. This ensures a comprehensive CBD experience with minimal interference, thanks to its 0% THC* content. Additionally, the inclusion of naturally extracted terpenes lays a foundation of flavor and aroma, enhancing the cherry profile for a smoother, more enjoyable taste with every dose.

1000mg CBD Oil (30ml)

Orange County CBD 1000mg CBD oil, presented in just under 30ml of carrier oil, is expertly crafted for both individuals familiar with CBD and those new to its benefits. This potent formulation provides a substantive amount of full-spectrum CBD, ensuring a comprehensive experience that includes all the hemp plant’s beneficial compounds. Meticulously sourced from certified farms across the United States, their commitment to quality is reflected in their selection of premium organic, GMO-free CBD, extracted through industry-leading methods that eschew unnecessary solvents and chemicals. Aside from its potency, what sets their product apart is its carefully considered composition; though unflavored, it features terpenes that lend a subtly smooth taste and aroma, making every dose as enjoyable as it is effective. Designed with a focus on both texture and palatability, their 1000mg CBD oil stands out as a top-tier choice for those seeking a straightforward and pleasant way to incorporate CBD into their wellness routine.


When would you recommend CBD oil?

Among CBD oil’s many benefits are the enhancement of your sleep-wake cycle, the induction of feelings of calm and relaxation, and the alleviation of pain. Numerous studies have shown promising results for the potential anxiolytic and antidepressant effects of CBD.

Can you tell me how to properly administer CBD oil?

There is a wide variety of ways to take CBD because it comes in various shapes and sizes. Oral administration is the preferred method of ingesting CBD oils; one can use a pipette to drop the oil beneath the tongue or incorporate it into tasty CBD dishes.

Does the onset of CBD oil’s effects take any time at all?

The typical time it takes for CBD oil to start working is 30 minutes to 2 hours. As your body’s CBD levels rise, you may feel a stronger impact over time. For a faster hit, try vaping CBD or another alternative approach.

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