The unlikely friendship between Albus, the feisty son of Harry Potter, and Draco Malfoy, the son of his archrival, sets in motion a fantastical new adventure for the whole family, one that might alter the course of history irrevocably. Get ready for the most stunning display of theatrical magic you’ve ever seen onstage as you go on an incredible journey through time, complete with incredible spells and a titanic conflict. The words “how’d they do that?” will linger in your mind for quite a while (People Magazine).

Step into a magical realm unlike any other the instant you step foot here. Every single area of the theater now has a secret surprise waiting to be found. “As enchanted as a spell or potion, it’s a work of imagination” (The New York Times).



At this time, what is the booking period?

You have until September 2, 2024, to purchase your tickets.

In a single purchase, what is the maximum number of tickets I can get?

With each purchase, you may get tickets for a maximum of nine people. If you have a group of 10 or more, please contact 1-800-BROADWAY x2 or visit their page.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

 You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express® using their official ticketing system. Access to Amex Reserved TicketsTM is available to eligible American Express® Card Members. Rules are in effect.

Is the official ticketing partner the only place I can purchase tickets?

If you want to get the finest seats and avoid fraud, you should buy your tickets through their official ticketing system or their partner, Buying tickets from any other vendor greatly increases the likelihood of getting fake tickets. Another option is to go to 214 W. 43rd St., where the Lyric Theatre box office is located. Sunday: 10 am to 6 pm
Daily from 10 am till 7 pm. Time: 10 am to 6 pm on Sundays.

Are there any deals that schools and groups may take advantage of?

If you have a group of 10 or more, please contact 1-800-BROADWAY x2 or visit their page.

Is there a way to secure my tickets?

If for any reason you are unable to attend your performance—for example, because of a disruption in transportation, an accident, an illness, a death, a strike, a riot, civil unrest, a flood, a fire, bad weather (such as snow, fog, frost, or storm), etc.—their ticket reimbursement cover with will allow you to get your money back in full. Click here to view the complete terms and conditions or to submit a claim.

Can I examine the seat’s view before buying tickets?

Get a feel for the theater from every angle with this interactive tour.


Tell me who I should speak with regarding my seating needs if I have physical impairments?

When you buy your tickets, you’ll have the opportunity to choose accessible seating. Once you make a purchase for accessible tickets, a member of the Lyric Theatre Team will contact you by phone to go over the specifics of your reservation. Feel free to contact them at 855-551-9777 with any inquiries you may have about accessible seating.

How accessible is the Lyric Theatre?

They have two entrances that are accessible to wheelchairs: 42nd Street and 43rd Street. You may reach the  areas via the elevators on both the Orchestra and Dress Circle levels. Getting to the balcony level is not possible via elevator. In the lobby of the Dress Circle you can find accessible restrooms. An infrared listening device system is installed in the theater.

Is there a schedule of performances that accommodates clients with disabilities?

Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese versions of GalaPro are now accessible to Cursed Child members. You may use GalaPro, a free program for personal smartphone devices, to get audio description and captioning on demand. Theatergoers with visual or hearing impairments, or those who just do not want to miss a moment, may now enjoy a show with the help of GalaPro. Those who are hard of hearing can access the audio with closed captioning.

Is the Lyric Theatre accessible for people with disabilities?

The Lyric Theatre has KultureCity certification, that is correct. The location has sensory bags, noise-cancelling headphones (made by Puro Sound Labs), fidget spinners, verbal cue cards, weighted lap cushions, and more. To find out what kinds of sensory experiences are on offer and how to get to them, download the free KultureCity app before you go.


Cursed Child Hoody

Take a wonderful journey into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with their unique Harry Potter and the Cursed Child products, including this charming hoodie that fans of all sizes will love. This sweatshirt is the ideal choice for any witch or wizard due to its blend of use and design. Its high-quality construction guarantees years of use and the warm welcome it promises on winter escapades at Hogwarts and beyond.

This sweatshirt is available in sizes S–2XL and has a chest width ranging from 20–27 inches, so it will suit every body shape comfortably and stylishly. Coverage from shoulder to hem is generous because to its length, which ranges from 28 to 32 inches. The sizes are approximate and may vary slightly so that every user may experience the enchantment of this hoodie in their own unique way.

Cursed Child Backpack

Their  is an absolute necessity for any Harry Potter fan. Designed with both aesthetic appeal and practicality in mind, this backpack simplifies the process of transporting your essential items. Its robust construction and generous volume render it an ideal container for safeguarding literature, remedies, and other essential items while embarking on routine escapades. Incorporating renowned emblems from the Cursed Child, it is an understated yet conspicuous homage to the enchanted realm of J.K. Rowling. This knapsack is a dependable companion, seamlessly blending functionality and an element of mystique, whether you are embarking on an academic journey or embarking on an exploration of the wizarding universe.

Cursed Child Mug

The Cursed Child Mug holds a special place among Harry Potter enthusiasts, cherished for its enchanting design and connection to the beloved wizarding world. Here they present the Cursed Child Mug, a morning ritual that will enchant you. This mug will add a magical touch to your morning brew thanks to its dazzling gold foil painting, which is based on the fantastical world of Harry Potter. This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, but the delicate gold foil detailing makes it unsuitable for such uses. Take care not to damage its lovely pattern so that it lasts for many more years.

Cursed Child Drink Bottle

The strong structure of the Cursed Child Drink Bottle is made of high-quality stainless steel, guaranteeing longevity and durability. Approximately 500 ml (17 oz) in volume, it offers enough of room to keep you hydrated all day long. In addition to being resistant to corrosion and damage, the stainless steel construction of this tumbler will keep your beverage at the perfect temperature for a long time. This water bottle is perfect for Harry Potter fans who want a stylish and practical item, whether they’re at a show or going on an outdoor adventure. It’s made to fit both wizarding and Muggle lives.

Cursed Child Tote Bag

A new item that combines form and function in perfect harmony is the Cursed Child Tote Bag. Built to last and embroidered with beloved Harry Potter artwork, this tote bag is ideal for storing your necessities and proudly displays your devotion to the enchanted realm of the Cursed Child. This tote bag will be at your side all the way—to class, on adventures in the wizarding realm, or even just around Muggle England for some errands. Its roomy interior and strong build make it perfect for transporting everything from books and groceries to magical treasures. Bring a little magic on your daily escapades with the Cursed Child Tote Bag.

Enter the enchanted world of  Harry Potter And The Cursed Child! See the enchantment live on stage by purchasing your tickets now, and bring a little bit of the show home with you by perusing their special retail selection. An enchanting journey filled with mesmerizing performances and enchanting mementos!

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