The vision of their founder, the honest idealist and naturopath Stanley Lief, appeared in 1925. No other health spa existed in the country when it was opened to the public.

Stanley, a young man in 1890, tried other osteopathic therapies and a strict diet for an unknown cardiac condition. Having completely recovered at the age of sixteen, he founded what is now known as Champneys and studied naturopathy at the Tring estate he had bought from the Rothschilds. The resort became famous due to Lief’s groundbreaking activities in naturopathy and holistic medicine. Because patients came here from every part, its impact was immediate and lasting. All that has been said about the harmful effects of stress on health, the significance of a healthy diet, and the holistic approach that is encouraged by modern medical and health practices, remains valuable.

Champneys, named after its former owner, Ralph de Champneys, has changed hands several times since its founder, Lief, sold it in the 1950s; the Purdue family bought it in 2002. Henlow Grange (1981), Springs Health Farm (1990) and Forest Mere (1996) are all acquisitions. All these resorts are associated with the Champneys brand.

The business was then carried on by the Purdew family, the mother and son, Mr. and Mrs. Dorothy and Stephen. Following the thorough renovation of the greenfield sites, Champneys has four resorts, three city spas and a wide range of high quality products that are distributed globally. In a future generation oriented approach, the International College of Health and Beauty has become one of the leading beauty institutions in the United Kingdom since 1976.

A spa day to remember

Our classic and gold packages are back and better than ever before. They are now available at a price that is just incredible, and they now include a treatment-inclusive option. To select your favourite package and dates, all you need to do is click the “book now” button.

The Original Spa Day

Please arrive at 9 a.m. for a complete nine hours of spa bliss, in addition to a meal that is both delicious and nutritious. A entire day devoted to your health and happiness, How wonderful!

The Original Spa Day with Facial

In addition to the wonderful Champneys 50-minute facial, the Original Spa Day is included. This is the ideal method to get away from the chaos of everyday life and revitalise your glow.

A day in the life

One of the best ways to recharge is to treat yourself to a day at the spa. Indulge in a delectable light lunch while you revitalise and unwind with a variety of treatments, and give yourself a much-needed break.

A spa day is perfect since it can be tailored to your preferences. There is plenty of room for you to stretch out by the poolside and enjoy a book. On the other hand, you may go for a hot stone massage to relax your muscles, have a social gathering with friends over food and drink, or hire a personal trainer to help you get in better shape. There are countless ways to nourish your spirit, mind, and body on a day at the spa.

When you book a spa day or experience at Champneys, you get to pick the services you need to unwind, rejuvenate, and refresh. Whether you’re a spa newbie or have a clear idea of what you want from your day at the salon, they serve as an introduction to the wide variety of services offered.

The greatest way to experience a spa day and all its rejuvenating, invigorating, and relaxing benefits is to arrange one for yourself.

What to Expect from a Spa Day at Champneys

They understand that everyone has their own idea of what constitutes an ideal spa day and cater to that by allowing you to do whatever you like. Join one of our exercise courses (they have up to twenty offered throughout your stay), ride your bike around our beautiful grounds, play a game of table tennis, or just relax and enjoy your stay. If that’s too much work for you, choose from our variety of relaxing treatments. At Champneys, a spa day can take several forms.

When you arrive at Champneys for your spa day, you can anticipate a friendly greeting, the distribution of your robe and flip-flops and a variety of nutritious food to assist you begin your day.

You are free to decide what comes next. Relax in the hot tub or enjoy a leisurely walk around their grounds. Unwind in a manner that works for you. Our day spas are all well-organized and have ample signage to help you locate what you’re searching for. Our friendly staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Light lunches are included in our luxury spa days, and they have a variety of healthy options to suit any diet.

Your spa day includes:

Full use of spa and relaxation experiences | Access to the full range of Champneys fitness classes (additional charges apply) | Nutritious lunch | Option to add on treatments | A fluffy robe for the duration of your stay | Branded Champneys tote bag to take home | A pair of flip flops to wear and keep

Treatment collections

Simple is best when it comes to Champneys’ spa days and spa breaks. Plan your spa appointment and customise it with the services you like. For your convenience, they have compiled some of our best-selling treatments into convenient packages called treatment collections. Adding a collection is all that’s required, so sit back and enjoy. Along the way, you’ll even manage to save a bit of money.

Settings for serenity

How to Book a Spa Day at Champneys

When you want to schedule a spa day at Champneys, all you have to do is click the book button located in the upper right corner of any page and select a day to begin the booking process.

Not sure what to expect?

What should I bring on a spa day?

Bring yourself, your swimwear, and gym wear/sports shoes if you plan on taking advantage of our fitness classes. Otherwise, just bring whatever you need to relax, like your favourite book. They’ll provide everything else.

How should I dress for my spa day?

Please arrive at your day spa wearing your regular clothes. They’ll provide you with a robe and flip flops, which most of our guests choose to wear on top of their swimwear.

What’s the etiquette for a spa day?

Please be mindful of other guests who are using our facilities and enjoying their treatments. The use of mobile phones is permitted (though they encourage you to switch off and relax), but they do ask you not to take phone calls around other spa visitors.

What’s the difference between a spa day and a spa break at Champneys?

A spa day allows you the opportunity to make the most of our fantastic facilities and treatments for the day, while sitting down to enjoy a well-balanced lunch.

Our spa breaks promote absolute relaxation, by immersing you for multiple days and giving you the chance to truly switch off from the outside world.

Champneys spa days & breaks

Couple spa days | Valentine’s spa breaks | Engagement spa breaks | Hen Party spa breaks | Minimoon spa breaks | Honeymoon spa breaks | Anniversary spa breaks | Babymoon spa breaks | Pregnancy spa breaks | Mother-daughter spa breaks | Mother’s Day spa breaks | Birthday spa breaks | Golf & Spa breaks | New Year spa breaks | Easter spa breaks | Halloween spa breaks | Christmas spa breaks | Boxing Day spa breaks


Champneys is where you will have the ultimate spa luxury, as every moment is designed to provide you with the most amazing relaxation and rejuvenation. Champneys will assure that each visit is not only a spa day but an experience due to its serene setting, well chosen treatments, and strong commitment to guest satisfaction. Champneys remains the perfect place for people who desire peace, tranquilly, and pampering, be it for a peaceful break, a revitalising treatment, or just some me-time.

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