Electrolux believe in making experiences that reflect their lives since their founding in 1919 in Sweden. Designing with a clear purpose is deeply ingrained in their Swedish values and their commitment to a sustainable relationship with nature. All of their work reflects this. From preserving clothing so they appear like new for longer to creating user-friendly kitchens that prioritise the pleasure of flavour and the enhancement of home wellness, there is a wide range of topics covered.

Designing with a clear purpose is deeply ingrained in Electrolux Swedish values and their commitment to a sustainable relationship with nature. In order to ensure that their planet is habitable for generations to come, they do all in their power to protect it. Electrolux do more than just make delicious food, wash clothes, and keep the house cosy. And they make people’s lives easier, so they can go on more adventures.

For a century, Electrolux has been helping people live better. Nothing stops them from building on their accomplishments, which Electrolux are quite proud of. Learn more about their Better Living Programme and what they’re planning to do in the future.

‘Shape living for the better’ is their company purpose, and it is integral to their approach to sustainability. Electrolux mission is to improve people’s lives and the world around them by becoming the premier appliance manufacturer on a daily basis.

For the benefit of home cooks like you, they have poured Electrolux knowledge and experience gained over a century of satisfying the demanding needs of professional chefs into their kitchen items.

Spares & Accessories for Ovens, Cookers & Hobs

Every genuine Electrolux spare part and accessory that you could require can be found right here. Whether you are looking for a replacement oven shelf, a new oven bulb, a heating element, or a control knob for the cooker, you will find everything you could possibly require.

Oven Shelf – 466x385mm

Upgrade your kitchen with the Oven Shelf – 466x385mm, a versatile solution designed for Cookers, Ovens & Hobs. Whether you’re replacing an old shelf or seeking additional space, this chromed grill fits the bill. With dimensions measuring 466 x 385mm, it offers ample room for your culinary creations. The pack includes one shelf, and at a weight of 732g, it combines sturdiness with practicality. The chromed material not only ensures durability but also simplifies cleaning. Ensure compatibility by checking the Appliance type before purchase. Elevate your cooking experience with this Oven Shelf, where functionality meets modern design.

Oven Lamp Glass Cover

Revitalize your oven with the Oven Lamp Glass Cover, specifically crafted for Cookers, Ovens & Hobs. If your current lamp cover is cracked or damaged, this replacement offers a seamless solution to ensure your oven’s lamp remains protected. Easy to swap with the old cover, this pack contains a single replacement glass cover. Weighing 104g, it’s lightweight yet durable, designed to endure the demands of your kitchen. Ensure a well-lit cooking space by opting for this replacement part, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics in your kitchen appliances.

Lower Left Oven Door Glass Lock

Upgrade your oven with the Lower Left Oven Door Glass Lock, a crucial component designed for Cookers, Ovens & Hobs. Crafted as a replacement glass holder, this piece comes in a stylish dark grey color, seamlessly fitting into the lower left corner of your oven door. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your appliance while ensuring optimal functionality. The pack includes a single replacement part, making it easy to install and revitalize your oven’s appearance. Weighing only 86g, it combines lightweight convenience with durable performance. Elevate your cooking experience with this essential Door Part for your oven.

Oven Front Frame Spacer

Revitalize your oven’s structural integrity with the Oven Front Frame Spacer, a vital replacement component designed for Cookers, Ovens & Hobs. If you’ve noticed a worn-down or missing spacer on the front frame of your oven, this spare part is the perfect solution to restore functionality. This single replacement spacer is easy to install, ensuring your appliance works seamlessly and efficiently. Crafted with durability in mind, the spacer is lightweight, weighing only 5g. Elevate the performance and longevity of your oven with this essential Feet & Housing part. Bring your oven back to life and enhance its overall functionality.

Main Oven Door Seal

Upgrade the efficiency of your oven with the Main Oven Door Seal – an essential replacement component for Cookers, Ovens & Hobs. If your current door seal is damaged or worn, it could be causing hot air to escape, leading to increased energy bills. This replacement 4-sided gasket is specifically designed for the main oven and is user-friendly for easy self-installation. Weighing only 118g, this door seal ensures a snug fit, preventing heat loss and optimizing your oven’s performance. Enhance energy efficiency and maintain optimal cooking conditions with this reliable Seals and Door Parts accessory.

Grey Oven Drip Pan – 466x385x40mm

Enhance your grilling experience with the Grey Oven Drip Pan – a perfect replacement or spare part for Cookers, Ovens & Hobs. Ideal for grilling meat, fish, and vegetables, this pan ensures even cooking and easy cleanup. With dimensions of 466x385x40mm, it fits seamlessly into your oven setup. Weighing 1252g, this grey replacement pan is durable and designed to withstand high temperatures. Whether you need a replacement or an additional pan for convenience, this Grill Pans & Trays accessory is a practical choice. Elevate your cooking possibilities with this reliable and functional oven drip pan.

Fan Oven Heating Element – 1900W / 230V

Revitalize your oven’s heating efficiency with the Fan Oven Heating Element – a robust replacement part for Cookers, Ovens & Hobs. When your oven fails to heat up adequately, a malfunctioning heating element is often the culprit. This circular element, featuring 2 turns, 1900W power, and 230V voltage, ensures optimal heating performance. Easy to install, this Heating Element is a reliable solution to restore your oven’s functionality. Weighing 218g, it’s durable and designed for long-lasting use. Bring back efficient heating to your oven with this essential replacement part.


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