The combination of scientifically-backed nutrition with unending amounts of love, care, and belly rubs allows them to offer their greatest companions the best life imaginable.

Unfortunately, there is a tragic reason why PetLab Co. is a significant undertaking for them. Putting their dog Krystal to sleep was the tough choice they had to make a few years ago, but it’s one that every owner dreads.

Krystal and him spent 17 incredible years together, and he knows she had a full and happy life overall. However, in her last four years, she suffered from arthritis and had a hard time walking. Concerning whether or not he could have provided her with enough supplemental assistance, he had significant remorse.

This is why his best buddy Damian and him founded PetLab Co.; they both have a deep affection for animals. To help thousands of dogs live long, healthy lives, they set out to build a community of individuals who share their belief that pets are a blessing and an inspiration.

Your presence and participation on this adventure fills them with joy. Introducing you to PetLab Co.! Chris is known as the “signature” co-founder of PetLab. Joining the PetLab Co. family is as simple as becoming a client. Everyone here, from the in-house specialists to the thousands of members, has a passion for dogs and wants what’s best for them.

Delving into The PETLABCO’S Pet Supplement Collection

Dog Joint Health Bundle  

Whether you have periodic joint stiffness as a result of everyday activities or not, their sophisticated joint bundle is here to assist. It supports flexibility, function, comfort, and ease. Introducing Mobility Pro OilTM, the secret ingredient in their top-selling Joint Care Chews. These dietary supplements, when taken regularly, may support a healthy, active lifestyle.

Providing your dog with the pliability and ease of mobility it needs to get moving is an important step towards a healthy weight and the kind of life they deserve.

When dogs take their joint supplements, they help keep their connective tissues and joints in good shape. This is especially crucial for older canines and those whose regular activity levels have made them stiff.

Their proprietary curcumin oil and zinc complex are just two of the many components in their joint supplements that work together to keep your dog’s joints healthy and promote a healthy inflammatory response. Their tasty joint soft chew and oil with curcumin and zinc complex may help your dog’s joints every day.

  • Made to aid in keeping joints mobile
  • Assists with infrequent pain and stiffness
  • Aids in strengthening and flexibility
  • Contains only the finest components

Probiotics for Dogs

Elevate your dog’s well-being to new heights! Give the leading dog probiotic chew a try. Along with other ingredients, this one-of-a-kind combination has prebiotics and three probiotic strains that may produce spores. I have seasonal and environmental allergies, and I want my stomach and immune system to stay strong. These pork-flavored soft chews are sure to be a hit with your dog. Plus, you’ll like the impact they have on their emotions.

  • American market leader in probiotic chewing
  • Efficient, components backed by science
  • Helps with digestion and general well-being
  • Assistance for seasonal and infrequent allergic reactions

Advanced Dental Duo

Bad breath in dogs could be an indication of more serious dental problems, which can have a negative effect on their overall health and well-being. In this case, their Advanced Dental Duo package is ideal. Including the scientifically proven ProBright® Advanced, which eliminates bad breath by a significant margin of 40% in only 28 days. In addition, their number one selling Dental Formula, which aids in the preservation of healthy gums and teeth. Maintain excellent oral health for your dog with this simple, toothbrush-free practice. Apply it regularly.

  • Clinically shown to decrease the presence of chemicals that cause foul breath1
  • Assists in eliminating tartar and oral biofilm
  • Easy to use every day and requires little effort
  • Aids in the preservation of gum and tooth health

Paw Balm

Your pet’s delicate paws may get the care they need all year round with this convenient twist stick and its special formula! Paws that have become dry and damaged from exposure to hard surfaces, excessive licking, or chewing might find relief and support in the highly concentrated balm. Designed with Carnauba Wax to function as a cushion for your pet’s paws while they walk on hard, uneven floors, easing some of the strange discomforts that might occur from everyday activities. If your dog has skin or paws that becomes dry and sensitive every now and then, Paw Balm is a must-have.

  • Hydrates and soothes parched skin
  • Composed with calming oil-based components
  • Assists with dry or damaged paws brought on by licking too much.
  • Throughout the year, apply to the paws both before and after walking.

Multifunctional Water Bottle

The perfect on-the-go solution for your pup’s thirst and munchies! The three-in-one dog water bottle from PetLab Co. has a spot to store food and poop bags, making it convenient for on-the-go use. You can safely give your dog water whenever you need it thanks to the large bowl and the tight, leakproof release mechanism. It’s a great accessory for trips or walks with your dog, and it’s user-friendly and fits dogs of all sizes.

  • Portable water fountain with an O-shaped basin and separate storage space
  • Always have your favorite goodies on hand for your pooch.
  • Convenient and speedy waste bag dispenser and holder
  • Watertight and protected

Does Tickles happen to dogs?

The medical term for this condition is “gargalesis,” and it does affect certain dogs. This sensitivity to specific touches is shared not just by humans but also by rats and other primates.

Are ticks a possible symptom for dogs?
Yes, and much like people, they may be ticklish everywhere! However, the most frequent spots are their tail, neck, ears, underarms, and back. As with people, the ticklish place on each dog (if there is one!) will be unique.

Just because your dog has an involuntary scratch reaction in a certain region doesn’t always suggest that area is ticklish; it might just be sensitive. What this implies is that the sensation of contact is really sending a false signal to the brain, which in turn tells the limb to push the “irritant” out of the body. Differentiating between the two answers is not always easy.

A more pleasant tickling reaction in dogs is shown when they twitch in response to a pet before leaning into it, wagging their tail, opening their jaws, and pantsing. Their expressions reveal how much fun they’re having!

Petting the neck of a seated black, tan, and white Rough Collie, a thin black lady with a huge afro and a green headband crouches down in a dark green coat, smiling. Fall finds them on a verdant field.

The same mechanism that causes ticklishness in humans also manifests in dogs. Their nervous systems instruct their muscles to contract in response to a tickling touch. Because ticklish sensations tend to manifest on vulnerable parts of the body, some have even suggested that the tickling reaction serves as a protective mechanism. But whether or not dogs are really ticklish, and even if they are, they’ll never know for sure.

Stop caressing your dog in that spot if it twitches and walks away, holds or wags its tail low or between its legs, or pins its ears back; these are signs that it didn’t appreciate the pet. Stop interacting with them right away if they start growling or snarling at you; they are clearly not enjoying themselves and just want some space.

A health problem may be developing if you have just recently noticed your dog’s ticklish place after being a dog owner for a while. Their skin might be inflamed, which would explain why they’ve never shown symptoms of being ticklish previously. It would be wise to see your vet and look for any indications of an issue at that area.

Why are some Dogs Overprotective?

There will be moments when you feel overwhelmed by your dog’s protective nature. Humans are fortunate in that they can sense whether someone is about to embrace them or injure them. However, your dog’s overprotective nature may not see the difference and may be prepared to go to extreme lengths to defend you from the impending threat they perceive.

Does spending the night in with friends usually make your dog behave violently, bark, or growl? If your dog feels the need to nip at the visitor just to be safe, it might be very frightening for them.

No one benefits from having an overprotective puppy, therefore it’s up to you, the owner, to figure out how to rein it in. This kind of excessively protective behavior in dogs is serious and requires action on your part!

What makes certain dogs very protective?
As if on high alert, a brown dog of medium size snarls behind a chain link fence.
First things first: attempt to put your finger on why you believe your pet is being so aloof. Most dogs develop an overprotective personality trait over time; unfortunately, many pet parents don’t see their puppy becoming violent until it’s too late!

Typically, this kind of conduct is a result of prior experiences or something that the individual learnt. Perhaps you might learn more about your rescue dog’s history if you notice that he or she acts aggressively against certain persons. When reintroduced to a person who reminds them of the trigger, many abused dogs may behave out.

There is no such thing as an aggressive dog breed; nonetheless, certain dogs may exhibit aggressive tendencies from birth if they are not socialized early on.

For reasons such as guarding and protection, many individuals pick for dog breeds that are more prone to overprotective characteristics;

Given that many assistance dogs (including those in the police force) are German Shepherds, it’s hardly a coincidence. To top it all off, shepherds are very devoted family pets that take great pleasure in guarding those they care about. Look into some other potential causes of your puppy’s aggressive and overprotective behavior…

Disincentive Bad Conduct
Unbeknownst to them, many owners have and will continue to promote undesirable and antisocial conduct. Even though it’s concerning that the dog thinks it’s in charge of its person, some owners feel special when their dog acts protective over them, attributing it to the link they have.

Dogs learn from a young age that certain behaviors, such as aggressiveness, obsession, or over-protection, can lead to rewards, which is a natural motivation for dogs.

Give your pets the care they deserve with PETLABCO’s premium supplements. Support their health, vitality, and happiness with their scientifically formulated products. Shop now and see the difference in your furry friend’s well-being!


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