Use Tech21‘s iPhone covers to confidently protect your device; use the code 40SPECIAL to get a special 40% off* full-price cases. Their cases are painstakingly made to protect your smartphone and its camera from the rigours of everyday usage while providing the best possible defence against falls and scratches. Designed to withstand several drops, their Apple iPhone covers are put through extensive testing to provide unparalleled durability. A sanitary compound included into Tech21 Evo range also maintains your case clean and germ-free all the time. Tech21 provide a large range of covers to fit your requirements whether you possess the newest iPhone 14 or previous devices like the iPhone 13. Shop today to get the best smartphone protection available from Tech21.Conditions are applicable.


Tech21 covers every model of iPhone. They push the envelope to create phone covers that have been tested scientifically to withstand any amount of spills, shocks, and bangs to your most valued gadgets. Across Tech21 whole line, they provide additional degrees of camera protection and outstanding responsiveness, all made with game-changing impact materials and engineered to operate perfectly with your smartphone. Everybody may find a protective iPhone case from Tech21 selection of client favourites and simple designs to bold, brilliant, and exquisite (with unique artwork).

Whatever the number of times you drop your priceless property, Tech21‘s iPhone phone covers will help you be ready for all of life’s ups and downs. All of Tech21  Apple covers are designed in close collaboration with the manufacturer to guarantee that they will not interfere with any buttons, features, or connections and will instead perfectly compliment the devices. Designed for life in the twenty-first century, Tech21 provide covers for everything from the newest collection (which includes Recovrd recycled phone cases) to the timeless Evo Clear.

FlexQuartz Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Case MagSafe® Compatible – Cherry Blossom

Presenting the enhanced protection with a hint of natural beauty: the FlexQuartz Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Case MagSafe® Compatible – Cherry Blossom edition. This case guarantees your iPhone 15 Pro Max great defence as it is designed to be fifteen times stronger than the military requirement. Made of their ground-breaking 16-foot FlexShock multi-drop impact material, it offers remarkable shock absorption to protect your device from falls and hits. To further contribute to a better future, their sustainable bio-spice component makes this case over 60% biodegradable. Its sophisticated UV-resistant ingredients prevent yellowing so that it keeps looking brand new over time. Your smartphone gains a touch of elegance with the distinctive Cherry Blossom design, and flawless operation is guaranteed by complete MagSafe© compatibility. The FlexQuartz Cherry Blossom Edition celebrates the beauty of the natural world while stylishly protecting your iPhone.

FlexPro – Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Case MagSafe® Compatible – Clear Glow in the Dark

Presenting the FlexPro – Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Case MagSafe® Compatible – Clear Glow in the Dark, which combines cutting-edge military-strength protection with a breathtakingly stunning appearance. This case provides 20ft multi-drop protection and unmatched strength, designed to resist 21 times the military standard, so your iPhone 15 Pro Max is always secure. Its exceptional impact resistance—made from their ground-breaking FlexShock material—protects your smartphone from drops and hits. It also shows their dedication to sustainability while providing outstanding performance since it is ingrained with their Waste Responsible Innovation science. While the unusual glow-in-the-dark design gives your smartphone a distinctive touch, MagSafe© compatibility guarantees smooth operation with your iPhone. Anywhere life takes you, the FlexPro case will keep your iPhone 15 robust, fashionable, and protected from day to night.

Evo Crystal – Apple iPhone 15 Pro Case MagSafe® Compatible – Black Titanium

Presenting the Evo Crystal – Black Titanium – Apple iPhone 15 Pro Case MagSafe® Compatible, which is currently available at a great 25% off this month. This case provides the ideal balance of robustness and beauty, made with cutting-edge military-grade protection and svelte metallic design. Engineered with their ground-breaking 16-foot FlexShock multi-drop impact protection, it keeps your iPhone 15 Pro safe from falls and hits. It offers your gadget dependable protection having been tested to 15 times the military strength requirement. This case also reflects their dedication to sustainability by being over 60% biodegradable thanks to their sustainable bio-spice component. Its clever UV-resistant ingredients prevent discoloration and material disintegration, therefore preserving its clarity and robustness over time. Smooth connection with your iPhone is guaranteed by MagSafe© compatibility, and your smartphone gains refinement from the elegant Black Titanium style. Take use of this chance to style and protect your iPhone 15 Pro with the Evo Crystal case.

Evo Lite – Apple iPhone 15 Plus Case – Denim Blue

Presenting the Denim Blue Evo Lite – Apple iPhone 15 Plus Case, currently on sale for a limited time at 25% off. This case perfectly combines durability and beauty to provide unmatched protection without sacrificing flair. Advanced 8-foot multi-drop impact protection built into the design keeps your iPhone 15 Plus safe from falls and hits. Their dedication to environmental responsibility is shown in the complete biodegradability of this case, which is made with their sustainable bio-spice component. Because of its lightweight design, which offers an excellent handheld experience, it is perfect for daily usage. The most susceptible part of your smartphone is also shielded from harm with the improved camera protection. You can depend easily on reasonably priced impact protection with Evo Lite. Take use of this chance to stylishly protect your iPhone 15 Plus.

Evo Max – Apple iPhone 15 Pro Case MagSafe® Compatible – Black

Presenting the Evo Max – Black Apple iPhone 15 Pro Case, currently on sale for a limited time at 25% off. Constructed to be the toughest case available, the Evo Max offers your device unmatched protection by exceeding the Military strength requirement by an astounding 21 times. Your iPhone 15 Pro is protected against drops and impacts in every scenario with 20ft FlexShock multi-drop impact protection. Made with their environmentally friendly bio-spice substance, this case is more than 60% biodegradable. The built-in camera cover makes sure the camera of your smartphone is always safe. To further enjoy smooth connection with MagSafe accessories, the casing is completely MagSafe© compliant. Strong and environmentally friendly, the Evo Max comes with two secure lanyards for extra security when on the road. Take advantage of this chance to learn actual science for practical applications.

Evo Sparkle – Apple iPhone 15 Case MagSafe® Compatible – Solar

Presenting the Evo Sparkle – Solar Apple iPhone 15 Case, currently on sale for a limited time at 25% off. This gorgeous case with its unique artwork and impact protection that has been lab-tested will uplift your daily look. While their sustainable bio-spice component guarantees environmental responsibility with over 60% biodegradability, your iPhone 15 is protected from drops and impacts with 12 feet of multi-drop protection. The case looks as brilliant as new because to the clever UV resistant compound, which keeps the colours vivid. Completely MagSafe© compliant, you may use MagSafe accessories with smooth connection. Apart from that, their improved camera protection and self-healing scratch-resistant solution maintain your smartphone in perfect condition at all times. Don’t pass up the chance to secure your gadget and brighten your life.

Evo Check – Apple iPhone 15 Pro Case – Smokey Black

Presenting the Evo Check – Smokey Black Apple iPhone 15 Pro Case, currently on sale for a limited time at 25% off. Discover Tech21 most impact-protected and environmentally friendly case ever, created to make a statement while keeping your smartphone secure. Drops and impacts are protected for your iPhone 15 Pro by their ground-breaking 16-foot FlexShock multi-drop impact protection. Being completely biodegradable, their sustainable bio-spice component guarantees environmental responsibility. Further personalisation of your smartphone is made possible by the contrasting-colored replaceable buttons. Featuring their distinctive check pattern and offered in a variety of chic hues, the Evo Check lets you make a statement wherever you go. Seize this chance to stylishly preserve your gadget.

About Tech21

Tech21 started when Tech21 founder, Jason Roberts, decided to completely transform the mobile phone protection market back in 2005.

Seeing that rivals in the market were just importing cheap materials off the shelf from Far Eastern mass production plants, he discovered a special impact absorbent material here in the UK and soon realised it had enormous potential for a broad range of uses.

All they do with Tech21 material science is focused on creating the most sophisticated impact protection you can get for your products, from molecular recipes to lab testing new material constituents and formulations.

Whether it’s their recyclable packaging or their lab-tested bio-spice inventions, they place sustainability at the centre of everything they do from the material research stage through to production because their world needs to be protected just as much as your technology.

Since they create every one of Tech21 products in-house, they are always seeking for more efficient, environmentally friendly, and just better methods of doing things. Tech21 constant quest for innovation includes everything from multifunctionality to camera covers to antibacterial properties.

Not only do their consumers like them for their commitment to science and innovation, but well-known international businesses like Apple and Samsung do as well. These are companies that they have worked with almost since Tech21 started, proving the continuous confidence and best standards of quality these major companies place on their goods.

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