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For your car to be responsive to the road and safe, you need to have the right tyres for your car. Protyre stocks all the leading brands of premium tyres meaning you get the best quality and reliability of your car tyres. Choose from a range of tyres available at Protyre that is best for any season. Factors like the driving conditions and personal preferences are some of the things that are in the experienced team’s mind when helping you to get the right match for your car.

Low charges and customer satisfaction make Protyre stand out from other tyre companies as the ultimate solution to all your tyre requirements. Discover how it feels to drive on tyres that give better wet and dry grip, wear less and are less noisy.

Expert Vehicle Services to Keep You Moving

Protyre is not just another company that focuses on selling a product, mainly tyres, but they are dedicated to the customer service. In order to maintain the impeccable look of your car, they offer a range of specialist services.

Their trained specialists use state of the art equipment to carry out a range of tests and services with ease and efficiency including MOT testing, servicing, brake check and battery replacement. Protyre always delivers each service with the utmost precision because timely maintenance is essential to your car’s durability and efficiency. Reliance on Protyre for timely services and professional work that will ensure that you are safe on the road and your car will have a longer lifespan.

Featured Products: High-Quality Tyres for Every Need

Michelin Primacy 4

About Product

Michelin Primacy 4 tyres have been praised for their increased durability, safety, as well as wet performance and braking. Reliability on long-distance drives is not an issue because of the product’s staggered tread pattern that promotes equal tread wear. The silica based substance increases the tyre’s contact with the road and its flexibility in various climates and the EverGrip Technology ensures that the tyre’s performance is not compromised as it wears out. It shall be the tyre of choice for lovers of efficiency and safety.


  • Featuring Michelin EverGrip technology, which incorporates state-of-the-art rubber compound materials with self-renewing characteristics, these tyres provide an extended life on the road.
  • Tyres with MaxTouch Construction Technology have longer tread lives because more road contact means more evenly distributed force.
  • Even when showing signs of wear, the performance of the tyre is preserved thanks to two intelligent rubber rigidities.
  • Optimised pattern and sculptural design provides superior wet braking and aquaplaning management by effectively and efficiently dispersing water.

Continental ContiSportContact 5

About Product

Summer tires like the Continental ContiSportContact™5 are strong and are intended for performance and luxurious automobiles. Continental ContiSportContactTM5 has the tread pattern that is adaptable for wet and dry roads and has the best road holding on any type of road. Continental ContiSportContactTM 5 tyres are made from material that helps them to enjoy a big decrease in rolling resistance. Consequently, the mileage of the tyre will be increased in addition to the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.


  • Long lasting summer tyre
  • Fuel efficient
  • Enhanced road grip
  • Designed for high-performance vehicles

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance

About Product

The EfficientGrip Performance is a premium summer tyre from Goodyear that has topped the charts in the three main categories of the European Union’s grading system: , and they both include fuel economy, wet grip, and road noise. That is why, the pattern has been developed to provide the drivers with confidence in all summer weather conditions and at the same time increase the product’s durability while meeting wet grip performance and rolling resistance requirements.


  • An economical and dependable ride with first-rate results in the three main EU rating categories of fuel economy, wet traction, and road noise.
  • Minimal rolling resistance maximises fuel efficiency without sacrificing braking lengths in both dry and wet circumstances thanks to WearControl technology. ActiveBraking technology
  • A foam ring included in the tyre, known as SoundComfort technology, can cut down on road noise by as much as half.

Pirelli Cinturato P7

About Product

For sporty coupes and saloons/sedans, Pirelli offers the Cinturato P7, a premium touring summer tyre. Several improvements have been made to the Pirelli P7 tyres with the goal of making them last longer, making them less noisy, and boosting handling and steering response.

If you’re looking for a Pirelli tyre that improves handling, reduces noise and rolling resistance, and increases safety, they suggest the Cinturato P7. Choose the Pirelli Cinturato P7 if you want performance all year round.

Numerous well-liked vehicles can benefit from the Pirelli Cinturato P7 model, such as the Alfa Romeo 147, Hyundai ix35, Nissan Juke, and Mazda 6.


  • Four broad longitudinal channels give exceptional control and safety in possible aquaplaning situations.
  • Small, centre blocks along with a large, strong outside area enhance the cornering ability of the car.
    Minimizing wear and tear, this new and highly developed compound
  • A big and stable contact area that improves grip and stability
  • Stiff and reinforced tread design that enhances grip and stability on the road during braking particularly at high speeds.
  • Some of the variants include Run flatT, PNCST, and SEALINSIDET among many others.

Why Choose Protyre for Your Tyre and Service Needs

In the event you are searching for a reliable friend in the sphere of auto services, welcome to Protyre. This helps because they have a wide coverage of areas in the United Kingdom, thus professional help is always within reach. The specialists working at Protyre are always willing to understand your requirements and create personal strategies to satisfy them. It gives reasonable prices and many methods of payment since they are friendly and satisfied with clients.

Whether it is time for a tyre change, routine service, or an emergency situation, the focus on quality that Protyre provides means you’ll get the best. When you decide to get automobile services from Protyre, then you have made the right decision.

Ready to elevate your driving experience? Visit Protyre today and explore their wide range of premium tyres and expert vehicle services. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your tyres, schedule routine maintenance, or need urgent repairs, their dedicated team is here to help. Don’t compromise on quality and safety—choose Protyre for reliable, top-notch automotive care. Head to their website or visit one of their many locations across the UK to find the perfect tyres and services for your needs. Drive with confidence and peace of mind with Protyre.

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