At GSF Car Parts, they have a wide variety of automobile batteries suitable for a wide range of makes and models. Just plug in your vehicle’s registration number or choose the model to swiftly find the right battery in your extensive online store.

Vehicle electronics, including the starter motor, headlights, ignition system, and interior gadgets, rely on the energy supplied by the car’s battery. You need to make sure your automobile gets the correct battery for the task because so many key parts of the car rely on battery power.

Drivetec and Yuasa, two leading brands of affordable, high-quality batteries, are always in stock. They have everything you need at GSF Car Parts if your automobile battery dies or doesn’t charge correctly.


The DRIVETEC 054 Car Battery emerges as a robust power solution, engineered to meet the demands of modern vehicles. With a 12V voltage and 36Ah capacity, this battery is designed for efficiency and reliability. It incorporates advanced technology and includes convenient handles and a load status display, ensuring easy handling and maintenance. Brand Drivetec underscores its commitment to quality with the unique reference ZA042891 and a notable cold cranking amps (CCA) rating of 330. Its compact dimensions – 127mm in width, 227mm in height, and 187mm in length, alongside a filled weight of 9.3kg – make it versatile for a wide range of vehicle fits. Additionally, the battery features a Hold-down Type N, a UK Ref No 054, and post positions 0, with a T1/T3 port type, enhancing its compatibility and securing its place as a leading choice for automotive power requirements.


The DriveTec 012 Car Battery emerges as an exemplary choice for automotive owners seeking reliability and performance. With its 12V voltage, the battery incorporates advanced technology, including convenient handles and a load status display for effortless maintenance and monitoring. Its 45Ah capacity and 400 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) ensure robust start-up performance in a range of conditions. The DriveTec 012 is thoughtfully designed with dimensions to fit a variety of vehicles: 175mm in width, 190mm in height, and 207mm in length. Adhering to the B3 hold-down type and featuring the T1 port type, it guarantees a secure installation. Furthermore, its filled weight of 13.3 kg reflects its solid construction and quality materials. Each battery comes with a 3-year warranty, underscoring DriveTec’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Unique Reference ZA042887, UK Ref No 012.


The Yuasa 054 3000 Series Car Battery embodies advanced automotive power technology, making it an ideal choice for those seeking performance and reliability. It operates at 12 volts with a substantial capacity of 36 Ah, ensuring that it meets the power demands of various vehicle electronics. Notably, the battery features integrated handles and a load status display, enhancing user convenience by facilitating easy installation and maintenance checks. With its compact dimensions (Width: 127mm, Height: 227mm, Length: 187mm) and a weight of 9.3 kg, it assures a snug fit in most vehicle compartments. Its unique reference, ZA042643, coupled with a cold cranking amps (CCA) rating of 330, highlights its capability to perform in colder conditions. The Yuasa 054 is designed with versatility in mind, boasting T1/T3 port types and accommodating various terminal positions with its N hold-down type.


The Yuasa 063 3000 Series Car Battery stands out in the competitive market of automotive batteries with its remarkable 4-year warranty, underscoring the brand’s confidence in its reliability and longevity. With a voltage of 12V and a capacity of 45 Ah, it meets the needs of a wide range of vehicles, ensuring a robust startup and consistent performance. Its construction includes practical handles for easy installation and a load status display, which provides immediate feedback on the battery’s current condition. This particular model, unique reference ZA042647, boasts a cold cranking amp (CCA) rating of 440, making it dependable even under challenging weather conditions. Its compact dimensions (175mm width and height, 207mm length) and a hold-down type of B3/B4 complement a variety of vehicle fits, while the T1 port type ensures compatibility with standard connections. Weighing in at 11.6 kg, it strikes a balance between portability and sturdiness. This battery is not just a power source; it’s an investment in the unwavering reliability and performance of your vehicle.


The YUASA 054 5000 Series car battery is a premium product that combines reliable power with long-lasting durability, evident in its impressive 5-year warranty. With a voltage of 12V and a capacity of 40Ah, it is designed to meet the high demands of modern vehicles. This battery incorporates cutting-edge technology, featuring convenient handles for easy installation and a load status display to monitor its condition. Unique Reference ZA042670 and a cold cranking amp (CCA) rating of 360 ensure its reliability in starting your vehicle under various conditions. Its compact design, with dimensions of 127mm in width, 223mm in height, and 187mm in length, allows for a seamless fit in your vehicle. Furthermore, it weighs 9.4 kg and comes with a T1/T3 port type, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. The YUASA 054 5000 Series is not just a battery; it’s a beacon of dependability and excellence for your automotive needs.

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How many cycles does a car’s battery have?

Over time, you may find that your car’s battery is unable to start the engine due to factors such as the amount of use it receives and the conditions under which you drive. Anywhere from three to five years is the range for when the battery will die.

Car battery chargers are a great way to give your vehicle a new lease on life. And sometimes, getting your automobile started is as simple as getting a jump start.

What does a car battery cost?

You should expect to pay a wide range for a new battery for your vehicle, depending on its specific model and manufacturer.

Where Can I Find the Most Affordable Auto Batteries?

Us! When you shop with GSF Car Parts, you can count on getting the best items at the lowest prices. You may trust that they will provide excellent value since they guarantee a fair pricing.

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You can rely on the dependability and high quality of GSF Car Parts car batteries because they are all sourced from reputable names in the automotive industry. Also, you can always count on getting a fantastic deal because they vow to keep their prices low.

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