In response to the unique health challenges that women face throughout their various life stages, Vitabiotics has meticulously crafted a range of specialist supplements to support women’s health. Understanding that women’s bodies are subjected to a myriad of demands and changes, whether due to menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, or the everyday stressors of life, Vitabiotics strives to provide tailored nutritional support. From Wellwoman Original for everyday wellness to Pregnacare for pregnancy and conception, and Menopace for menopause, each product is designed with a deep understanding of what the female body needs. This ensures that whatever the next chapter in your life may look like, there’s a supportive Vitabiotics supplement to help you face it with vitality and wellbeing.

Vitabiotics Best Sellers Multivitamins & Supplements For Women

  • Pregnacare Him & Her Conception
  • Pregnacare Max
  • Pregnacare Breast-feeding
  • Wellwoman Max
  • Wellwoman 50+
  • Feroglobin Capsules

Pregnacare Him & Her Conception

Pregnacare Him & Her Conception represents an innovative approach to supporting couples on their journey towards parenthood. This comprehensive dual pack contains specially formulated vitamins and minerals, tailored to meet the unique nutritional needs of both men and women when trying for a baby. Zinc, a critical component of this formulation, plays a vital role in enhancing normal reproductive health among both genders. Coming from Pregnacare, the United Kingdom’s No.1 pregnancy supplement brand, this product underscores the company’s continued dedication to supporting conception and overall fertility health with scientifically backed nutrients.

  • Use as soon as you start trying for a baby
  • Includes Pregnacare Conception tablets for her – a specialist formula to support women’s fertility
  • Includes Wellman Conception tablets for him – a specialist formula to support men’s fertility

Pregnacare Max

Pregnacare Max stands out as the pinnacle of pregnancy supplements, meticulously crafted by specialists to offer the most comprehensive nutritional support for expecting mothers aiming for the utmost level of care. It is specially formulated with a keen focus on the unique nutritional needs during pregnancy, ensuring both the mother and developing baby receive all the essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Notably, Pregnacare has earned its reputation as the UK’s No.1 pregnancy supplement brand, a testament to its efficacy and the trust it has garnered from healthcare professionals and mothers alike.

  • An advanced and trusted source of important nutrients such as L-methylfolate (an advanced form of folic acid), vitamin D, omega-3 DHA and other essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Provides levels of calcium to help maintain normal bones and teeth.

Pregnacare Breast-feeding

Pregnacare Breast-feeding is a meticulously formulated supplement designed to support the unique nutritional needs of new mothers during the breastfeeding period. Crafted by the leading experts at Pregnacare, the UK’s No.1 pregnancy supplement brand, this expert formula combines essential vitamins and minerals to ensure that breastfeeding mothers can meet their increased nutritional demands. It’s tailored to fortify the mother’s diet at this critical time, enriching breast milk with all the necessary nutrients for the newborn’s development and well-being, while also supporting the mother’s health.

  • Brain & Eye Development – each capsule provides 300mg DHA. Maternal intake of DHA contributes to the normal brain and eye development of breast-fed infants**
  • Bones – 700mg calcium, vitamin K & D and magnesium which contribute to the maintenance of normal bones
  • Vitamin D – includes 10µg vitamin D, the exact level as advised by the UK Department of Health during breast-feeding

Wellwoman Max

Wellwoman Max stands as the pinnacle of daily supplements tailored specifically for women, offering an unmatched 3-in-1 multivitamin triple pack that champions overall wellness. This all-encompassing supplement is meticulously designed to cater to critical health areas, delivering vital support for energy levels, immune system strength, hormonal balance, and bone health. With its holistic approach, Wellwoman Max not only nurtures the body’s physiological needs but also fortifies women’s health against the daily challenges they face. Proudly recognized as the UK’s No.1 women’s supplement brand, Wellwoman embodies commitment and excellence in women’s nutritional health, ensuring each woman receives the best support to thrive in every aspect of life.

  • Energy – with vitamins B6 and B12 which contribute to normal energy release
  • Immune system – with vitamins C and D which contribute to normal immune system function
  • Regulation of Hormonal activity – provides vitamin B6 which contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity
  • Bone Health – contains calcium and vitamin D which contribute to the maintenance of normal bones

Wellwoman 50+

Wellwoman 50+ stands out as a meticulously formulated vitamin and mineral complex, tailored specifically for women over the age of 50, with the aim of supporting their vitality and addressing health concerns that are prevalent in middle age. Sourced from the UK’s number one women’s supplement brand, this comprehensive formula not only aids in preserving overall health but also focuses on critical areas such as heart and brain function, energy levels, and immune system strength. By incorporating Wellwoman 50+ into their daily regimen, women can proactively contribute to their well-being, ensuring they remain active and robust during these pivotal years.

  • Brain – with pantothenic acid which contributes to normal mental performance
  • Energy levels – with thiamin, copper and iron which contribute to normal energy release
  • Heart & Circulation – includes vitamin B1 which helps maintain normal heart function
  • Immune Support – contains zinc, selenium and vitamin D which contribute to normal immune system function

Feroglobin Capsules

Feroglobin Capsules present a clever and considerate approach to iron supplementation, designed to be gentle on the stomach to avoid the discomfort often associated with iron intake. These capsules offer a sustained release of iron, contributing significantly to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, supporting immune system function, and enhancing cognitive performance. Originating from the UK’s No.1 iron supplement brand, Feroglobin Capsules stand out for their efficacy and patient-centered formulation, making them a preferred choice for individuals looking to maintain adequate iron levels without compromising their comfort or daily routine.

  • Uses a special slow release delivery system which ensures that the release of nutrients is gradual and gentle on the stomach.
  • Includes zinc and essential B vitamins.

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