When travelling abroad, there are a lot of things that we have to deal with, but one of the most annoying aspects of it all is the financial hassle of dealing with our bank accounts and cards. For most of us, this experience takes away the excitement and carefree feeling of embarking on an adventure. The unexpected costs, bad exchange rates, and constant fears of the credit card rejecting may suck a lot of the fun out of the most exotic of journeys.

Fortunately, Currensea has invented a superbly effective but simple method to these common money related issues of travelers. Cureensea is the first direct debit travel card from the UK and it has already established itself as the best travel card for managing your spending when you are abroad.

What is Currensea?

In 2017, ex-investment bankers became really mad with fees and additional charges they had to pay in their banks every time they went to holidays with their families. They had tried the prepaid cards and the second accounts, but these means were also not free of drawbacks, for instance, they had to keep topping-up and remembering the balances.

The two of them couldn’t believe it when they discovered how much they were paying overseas just to make a purchase, so they started brainstorming for a new kind of travel money solution – one that would eliminate those pesky overseas fees, connect to your bank account and make your money work harder for you. And that’s how the Currensea concept came about.

Actually, Currensea is a multi-currency debit card that, being a layer in front of your bank account, is a kind of extra. If you apply it to buy overseas, a real time exchange rate is applied, and your spending is debited straight from your current account linked to it – no more hassle with prepaid balances or separate accounts.

What is beautiful about Currensea is that it lets you spend money abroad in the same way that you do it at home using your debit card. You are not going to be bothered by such things as card decline or running out of funds, because after every transaction Currensea will automatically pull the necessary amount from your account. Furthermore, the app shows you as you have paid for every purchase, with the push notifications when a purchase has been made.

How Does Currensea Save You Money?

Another very important benefit of Currensea is that it allows the users to save quite a lot of money in foreign transaction fees. Antiquated bank and card providers frequently hide many fees and unfavorable exchange rates when you use your card abroad, which is a big deal during your holiday. But with Currensea, you will be saving at least 85% on every transaction because you will be using this card instead of the regular one issued by your bank.

Currensea’s Essential plan does not overcharge you with 0.5% above the base FX rate, so you get the best out of the market. Otherwise, you can go for their Premium or Elite plans, which won’t charge anything in fees, implying that you will pay nothing in your foreign spending, which is 100%, as against the normal rate.

Now, let’s go through the cost perspective by taking the example of a €2000 two-week holiday trip to Spain. If you are using a regular high street bank debit card, this would most likely set you back about £120 in bank charges and low exchange rates. However, the essential plan from Currensea will cut your fees down to £12, which is almost a 90% saving compared to the standard rate.

Convenient, Secure, and Sustainable

Instead of just the attractive cost savings, Currensea includes various other benefits which make it a true game-changer of travel money.

In the first place, the entire process of setup is so conveniently and easily that it is a real pleasure to do it. You don’t have to open a new account or get your hands dirty with prepaid cards – you only need to connect your Currensea card to your existing current account and you are all set. Since then, your overseas spending will be deducted from your main account directly with the transparency of that being done through the app.

Security is definitely one of the priorities for Currensea. Consequently, every transaction will be under the Mastercard’s chargeback protection, ensuring that you will always be calm when you are buying stuff abroad. Moreover, this company has set up a clear strategy on the environment and joined the partnership of Eden Reforestation Projects to take 2.5 times of the plastic it produces from the ocean. It goes further and even you can select to automatically deduct your carbon footprint for every transaction.

Ultimately, Currensea is different by its strong laser beam focus on international spending that is simple, cheap and eco-friendly. As a result of the fact that it works as a complement to your regular bank account and is free of the usual fees and inconveniences, Currensea releases you to focus on your holiday without constantly thinking about your finances.Whether you are exploring a sun-kissed beach, city-sightseeing or enjoying a trip of a lifetime, Currensea is your ultimate travel partner. Whether you are using this for paying in any of the 180 currencies used worldwide or just keeping your money hard at work with the best exchange rates, you can be confident that you’ve made the right choice.

After all, if you are exhausted of being scammed by your bank every time you are travelling abroad, then Currensea should be your next choice. It may possibly be the travel money solution that you have long been in need of.

And now you’re all set! Sign up for Currensea now and save at least 85% on every foreign transaction. Get the app and link it with your existing account. You’ll never worry about running out of money, no matter where your travels lead you.

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