Time to enjoy the pleasures of outside eating with loved ones as BBQ season draws near. The main attractions are fire-grilled meats, which are all delicious and include juicy steaks, tender sausages, and tasty burgers. Whether your tastes run to traditional beef burgers, tasty chicken skewers, or seasoned pork chops, Fine Food Specialist offer a large selection to suit your needs. Their variety of quality meats and poultry will up your BBQ game and help you to create wonderful meals and life-long memories outside.

Fine Food Specialist

For premium products and difficult-to-find items, Fine Food Specialist is the online buying destination. Fine Food Specialist take great delight in being a sanctuary for inquisitive cooks and foodies and have travelled across continents and nations to provide their clients the rarest and most exquisite gastronomic treasures. To maintain their selves one step ahead of the curve and satisfy their clients, they are always looking for novel and interesting components.

Have a recipe that calls for a certain item or want some ideas to wow your dinner party guests? Whether you work as a professional chef, as a food stylist, or just as a passionate home cook with an appreciation for better things in life, we have you covered for any occasion. Fine Food Specialist extensive product line includes the best seasonal British food as well as the most sought-after gourmet treats from all around the world.

Fine Food Specialist get their ingredients from committed vendors that maintain high standards of quality and the same attention to detail. Speciality goods that are always expanding in Fine Food Specialist catalogue include wagyu beef, caviar, specialty seafood, artisan cheese, truffles, edible flowers, micro-herbs, unusual fruits and vegetables.

Gourmet Steak Box, Frozen, 3 x 400g, (serves 5)

With the Gourmet Steak Box, which is ideal for summer BBQs and get-togethers of foodies, indulge in the height of gourmet pleasure. The three different and delectable steaks in this well chosen assortment will wow even the most discriminating palates. The Wagyu ribeye and sirloin steaks are sourced from well-known Australian Wagyu farmers and, because of their remarkable marbling and softness, they have unmatched quality and flavour. In addition, their USDA ribeye steak—which comes from cattle raised on grains—offers remarkable succulence and natural marbling, making for an unforgettable meal. Every 400g steak serves four to five people well. Give yourself and your visitors the best meats on the market and take your BBQ to new gourmet heights.

The box includes:

  • Wagyu Ribeye BMS 4-5, 400g
  • USDA Prime Grain-fed Rib-Eye, 400g
  • Wagyu Sirloin BMS 4-5, 400g

Wild Venison Burgers, Fresh, x 10

Discover the full and deep flavours of wild venison with their freshly made, healthful Wild Venison Burgers. Renowned for having a gamey flavour, venison makes for a particularly tasty and juicy burger. Not only are these burgers tasty but also highly healthy, being high in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. Their venison burgers are lean, meaning there isn’t much fat, so you can eat guilt-free. For a delicious fall twist, try these juicy burgers with butter-sautéed earthy mushrooms in a pillowy, soft brioche burger bun. With their Wild Venison Burgers, up your burger game and enjoy a unique dining experience.

Sesame Brioche Burger Buns (10cm), Fresh from Frozen, x 10

Savour the rich flavour of their just baked, freshly made Sesame Brioche Burger Buns right out of the freezer. These perfectly made golden-hued buns have a buttery, creamy texture that takes any meal to gourmet level. These buns are the height of quality and flavour whether you’re making a delectable sandwich, preparing burgers for a BBQ, or packing a picnic basket. These buns go well with savoury sandwiches, juicy burgers, or any other dish you can think of because of their delicate sesame seed coating. Discover the wonderful flavour and mouthwatering texture of their Sesame Brioche Burger Buns and take every meal to a whole new level of enjoyment.

Korean BBQ Iberico Pork Lomo, Frozen, 4 x +/-200g

Savour the wonderful tastes of Korean BBQ Iberico Pork Lomo, a culinary masterpiece that blends the superior Iberico pork with the rich history of Korean BBQ. This premium cut guarantees a symphony of tastes in every mouthful, from the grilled scent to the juicy suppleness of the flesh. Korean BBQ Iberico Pork Lomo provides an unmatched eating experience that will leave your taste buds aching for more, whether you’re throwing a get-together with friends or just want a taste of adventure. So ignite the grill, get your loved ones around, and get ready for an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Wild Yellowfin Tuna Supremes, Sashimi Grade, Fresh, 2 x +/-200g

Savour the superb flavour of their sashimi-grade Wild Yellowfin Tuna Supremes, which are well-known for their freshness. These supremes, in contrast to canned tuna, have a unique flavour profile and a soft texture that improve any cuisine. They are often enjoyed entire steaks in the Mediterranean, along with grilled veggies for a substantial dinner. They may be gently seared and chopped to top crisp salads or, for a cool change of pace, added to a crispy noodle salad. These supremes are excellent to eat raw because of their sashimi-grade certification, which lets you appreciate their wonderful fresh flavour and smooth texture. Their Wild Yellowfin Tuna Supremes are a culinary wonder that will improve any meal, whether you’re making a colourful ceviche or putting together a gorgeous sushi or sashimi plate.

Treviso Radicchio, 500g

Deep wine-red leaves and a unique mellow, nutty flavour make Treviso Radicchio a gourmet treasure that shines brilliantly in the vegetable world. This vivid, Italian variety’s strong colour and intricate flavour give any meal a sophisticated touch. With its distinct flavour and attractive appearance, Treviso Radicchio enriches every culinary creation whether it is added to salads, grilled as a side dish, or used to pasta and risotto preparations. Unlock a world of culinary possibilities by learning about the culinary enchantment of Treviso Radicchio.

  • Wine-red leaves, mellow, nutty flavour
  • Perfect for both, salads and cooked dishes
  • Treviso Radicchio is an Italian chicory

Don’t settle for ordinary barbecue fare. Treat yourself to the finest quality meat and poultry from Fine Food Specialist. Place your order today and taste the difference!

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