You can drive with confidence knowing that your investment is protected against unanticipated events with their extended warranty protection designed especially for electric and plug-in hybrid cars. Ala highly regarded UK underwriters manage all the details to guarantee complete protection for your electric vehicle. Their coverage gives you the piece of mind that you’ll be taken care of whether there are mechanical breakdowns, electrical problems, or other unforeseen problems. Drive with confidence knowing that a team committed to keeping you on the road and your electric car operating well is behind you.

Electric Car Warranty

You’ve decided to purchase an electric vehicle (EV) or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) in order to alleviate your impact on the environment, reduce your expenses related to operation and maintenance, or perhaps you simply wanted to try something different. Considering the fact that the expenses of repairs can be quite high, it is important to make sure that you and your electric car are protected in the event that any unforeseen events arise.

For even more peace of mind regarding your cherished automobile, in addition to providing GAP insurance for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, Ala also provide an extended warranty for electric vehicles.

What is it?

The ALA Extended Warranty is a type of insurance that is available as an extra purchase that protects electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles against mechanical and electrical damages. In the event that mechanical or electrical components fail unexpectedly, it will cover the cost of repairing or replacing those damaged components. There are differences between the Silver, Gold, and Platinum insurance in terms of the eligibility requirements and claim ceilings. What are your thoughts on extended warranties for now?

Do I need it?

Once the amount of time covered by your factory warranty has expired, there is a possibility that components will break in an unforeseen manner. In the event that something unexpected takes place, extended warranties are intended to serve as a safety net. There are a few components that are distinct between a regular internal combustion vehicle and an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid. These components include the motor and the battery of the electric vehicle. Selecting an extended car warranty that covers the components of an electric vehicle can assist safeguard you while you are driving in situations where other suppliers are unable to do so.

Policies that are fully insured and protected provide a higher level of assurance over your money, despite the fact that they are more difficult to locate. In addition to providing Ala customers with complete protection, ALA Extended Warranty contracts are always covered.

How much does Electric Vehicle Warranty cost?

The model, age, mileage, and make of the vehicle all affect how much an electric vehicle warranty will cost. They at ALA recognize the need of offering ALA clients customized and open warranties options. ALA therefore provide a fast and simple method to obtain a quotation for their extended warranty plans. You can quickly find out how much ALA extended warranty can cost you by just entering the registration number of your car into their quotation calculator. You may have the piece of mind you need to fully enjoy your electric car since you know you’re getting comprehensive coverage at a low price with ALA.

What isn’t covered?

With ALA Extended Warranty cover, you can rest easy in the event that your car breaks down without warning. Even though ALA extended warranty is among the most extensive for EVs, there are certain parts that it won’t cover. The policy wordings for Silver, Gold, and Platinum contain the list of covered components. Here are the key ones to keep in mind:

Any flaws or wear & tear that existed previous to the policy start date.

When the supplier’s or manufacturer’s warranty continues to cover the manufacturer’s defect.

Coverage under the Wear & Tear category does not extend to parts like brake pads and discs that are engineered to wear down over time.

Any failure that occurs as a result of carelessness or neglect.

Deterioration of a vehicle due to accidents or extreme weather.

Incorrect fuel or oil grade-related mechanical failure is not covered by ALA policy.

The policy wording specifies a comprehensive list of components that are not eligible.

Any flaws or wear & tear that existed previous to the policy start date.

Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown

Any mechanical or electrical part that needs fixing or replacing (within the limits of £60 or £100 per hour, VAT included) includes:

  • Braking
  • Electrical systems
  • Powertrain coverage: Engine (hybrid only) & drivetrain
  • Cooling systems
  • Front and rear-wheel drive
  • Fuel system (EV charger port)
  • Steering and suspension
  • Catalytic converter (hybrid only)
  • Gearbox (hybrid only)
  • Transmission (hybrid only)
  • Multimedia units

Everything is taken care of in the event that the specified components unexpectedly stop functioning or reach the end of their useful life. So that you can give your full attention to what really matters, ALA Platinum insurance now cover Wear & Tear.

Why ALA Warranty?

If your electric vehicle unexpectedly stops working, ALA will help you out. Extra coverage is available in the event that you are unable to return to your vehicle. This includes options for alternate transportation, lodging, and roadside assistance.

Because ALA have faith in ALA customers, they have faith in them. That’s why they’re dedicated to offering inspection-free warranties and will even accept partial service records.

Right from the start, you may drive your electric car with total confidence. In addition to providing first-rate pricing and customer care, ALA’s expert staff is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about ALA extensive Extended Warranty options.

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