Cadbury Gifts Direct is operated by Hemingway’s Marketing Services Ltd., which has a licence from Mondelz International. With its main office in Ripon, England, Hemingway’s is an e-commerce and distribution specialist. Over the course of its fifty-plus year association with the Cadbury brand, it has brought several advancements. Among these are the invention of the Giant Selection Box, the largest chocolate selection box in the world, and the capacity to personalise the sleeves of dairy milk and milk tray goods. The website that Hemingway’s has just launched ( is called Green & Black’s. You may buy organic chocolate gifts for both people and companies on their website.

The company’s own state-of-the-art warehouse, which has received the best storage and distribution grade from the British Retail Consortium (BRC), is where both activities are coordinated. Not only does Hemingway’s sell sweets, but they also supply the retail sector with a wide range of technological solutions. One such option is to sell digital gifts and gift cards to over 50 trusted retailers online. The hard work of the company’s around 120 committed employees allowed it to celebrate its 100th trade year, which is a privately held and independently run milestone.


Are you in need of a unique and memorable milestone birthday present? Their mouthwatering assortment of customised birthday chocolate bars ends your quest. For an emotional present that will be treasured forever (or at least until the last piece is gone!), mix the rich flavour of their traditional dairy milk bars with a name or a touching message.

Just pick out the chocolate, write a message, add the lucky recipient’s name (or anything else you choose!), and they’ll take it from there! It’s that simple to create a unique birthday present. Send your gift to the one you love with their lightning-fast next-day delivery service (when you place your purchase before 4pm) or have it delivered to their house. In addition, they have customisable gift boxes and hampers where you can choose exactly what they want, including all of their favourite Cadbury candies. See whether it works for you today.


Celebrate a grand milestone with the exquisite taste of nostalgia – the HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY DAIRY MILK BAR. This limited-edition chocolate bar is a luxurious tribute to eight decades of sweet memories and iconic flavours.

Crafted with the same love and quality that has made Dairy Milk a household name, this special bar features the rich, creamy texture of high-quality milk chocolate that melts delightfully on the tongue, unlocking a cascade of deep, cocoa-rich flavours that have been perfected over the years.

Designed to mark the special occasion, the packaging of the birthday edition chocolate bar is as memorable as its taste, adorned with festive accents and vintage elements that celebrate the brand’s storied heritage. It’s a gift that pays homage to the past while providing a sumptuous treat for the present.

This Happy 80th Birthday Dairy Milk Bar isn’t just confectionery – it’s a piece of history. Whether for a chocolate-loving octogenarian, a collector of limited-edition sweets, or as a centrepiece at a birthday celebration, this dairy milk bar stands as a mouthwatering artefact that symbolises decades of shared joy and simple pleasures.

Elevate the occasion and savour the classic taste that has been enjoyed through generations. Indulge in the HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY DAIRY MILK BAR – because some moments in life are worth commemorating with something truly sweet.


Celebrate the sweetness of turning 21 with the ultimate indulgence; present a delectable tribute to this milestone with the Cadbury 21st Birthday Chocolate Gift. Enshrouded in the festive vibrancy of a gift-ready package, this assortment exemplifies more than just fine chocolate—it’s a hallmark of tradition and joy woven into every bite.

Features & Benefits:

  • Iconic Variety: This luxurious collection features an array of Cadbury classics, including smooth dairy milk bars, nutty fruit & nut selections, and the delightful crunch of whole nut varieties.
  • Tailored for the Occasion: Enclosed within the specially designed gift box adorned with celebratory motifs, these chocolates are not just a treat but a cherished keepsake.
  • Craftsmanship & Quality: Cadbury’s century-old chocolate-making heritage guarantees a taste that’s second to none—rich, creamy, and consistent in every square.
  • Perfectly Portioned: Thoughtfully sized, this gift allows for sharing amongst friends or savouring solo, one memorable piece at a time.
  • Sustainable Indulgence: Committed to responsible snacking, Cadbury sources cocoa through the Cocoa Life Sustainability Programme, ensuring your gift supports thriving cocoa farming communities.

Whether it’s to mark the grandeur of someone special’s 21st birthday or as a self-pampering treasure, the Cadbury 21st Birthday Chocolate Gift elevates the occasion beyond mere celebration—it transforms it into an experience. Give the gift of timeless taste and heartfelt congratulations wrapped up in the velvety elegance of Cadbury chocolate.

Toast to turning 21, one exquisite chocolate at a time.


This is a gift sleeve that contains a one-of-a-kind Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate from the ’70th Birthday’ collection. It weighs 110 grammes. A chocolate bar manufactured with dairy milk is not only delicious but also comes with a one-of-a-kind envelope that says “70th wedding anniversary.” You might be able to give the gift a more personal touch by adding your own handwritten present message to the gift tags. It is a good idea to send a chocolate present that you are certain will be appreciated; after all, there is a glass and a half in one’s glass.

  • 1 x Cadbury 70th Birthday Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar with  Gift Envelope, 110g
  • Product dimensions: 82mm x 161mm x 14mm


Gift sleeve containing a special ’80th Birthday’ Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate that weighs 110 grammes. A chocolate bar made with dairy milk is delicious and comes with a unique ’80th Birthday’ gift envelope. By writing your own handwritten present message on the gift tags, you may give the gift a more personal touch. Send a chocolate gift that you are confident will be appreciated; after all, there is a glass and a half in one’s glass.

  • 1 x Cadbury 80th Birthday Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar with  Gift Envelope, 110g
  • Product dimensions: 82mm x 161mm x 14mm


Cadbury Dairy Milk, packaged in a unique gift sleeve that reads “Happy 70th Birthday,” is the ideal present for a birthday celebration as it is really special. A delectable chocolate bar made from dairy milk that comes in a unique sleeve. Send them a chocolate present that you are confident they will enjoy; after all, there is a glass and a half in every person.

  • 1 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 850g Bar with Cadbury ‘Happy 70th Birthday’ cardboard sleeve.
  • Product Dimensions:  421mm x 170mm x 16mm

Personalised Birthday Bars from Cadbury Gifts Direct

Celebrate every birthday with a sweet, personal touch with their exclusive selection of personalised birthday bars from Cadbury Gifts Direct. Delight friends, family, and loved ones with the decadent taste of rich, silky chocolate synonymous with the Cadbury name, now made even more special with customisable wrappers.

  • Uniquely Yours: Elevate the traditional gift of chocolate by adding a personalised message or name directly on the iconic purple wrapper of the Cadbury bar. It’s a keepsake that will last long after the last bite of chocolate.
  • Cadbury Quality Chocolate: Indulge in the world-renowned, creamy milk chocolate that has made Cadbury a household name. Every birthday bar is packed with the full, smooth flavour you’ve come to expect from Cadbury.
  • Variety of Sizes: Whether you’re looking for a small token or a grand gesture, their personalised birthday bars come in an array of sizes to suit your needs—a perfect fit for every appetite and every celebration.
  • Inclusive Options: With a wide variety of flavours, find the perfect match for any taste preference, including classic dairy milk, fruit & nuts, and Oreo-infused bars.
  • Beautifully Packaged: Beyond the customised wrapper, each bar is presented in a delightful package, ready to bring joy as soon as it’s received. No additional wrapping is required!
  • Easy Online Ordering: Design and order your personalised birthday bars with ease through Cadbury Gifts Direct‘s user-friendly website. With just a few clicks, you’re on your way to creating a memorable birthday treat.


  • A Personal Touch: Show how much you care by going the extra mile with a personalised gift, showing thoughtfulness that stands out from the off-the-shelf gifts.
  • Chocolate Lover’s Dream: Ideal for those with a sweet tooth, a Cadbury bar is a guaranteed hit, delivering on quality, taste, and satisfaction.
  • Memorable Keepsake: Long after the irresistible chocolate is enjoyed, the personalised wrapper remains a charming memento of a special day.
  • Convenient Gifting Solution: Save time without sacrificing personalisation. Enjoy the convenience of a gift that’s ready to be given and destined to delight.
  • A Hit for All Ages: Cadbury’s personalised birthday bars are a whimsical and welcome surprise for birthday celebrants of any age, from kids to adults who are young at heart.

Surprise someone special on their birthday with a personalised treat that’s as delightful to look at as it is to eat. Order from Cadbury Gifts Direct and give them the gift of chocolate magic tailored just for them!

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