Are you looking to save money on your energy bills while still keeping your home at the perfect temperature? Look no further than tado° Smart Thermostats – the intelligent and intuitive way to heat your home. With unique smart features and compatibility across heating systems, tado° offers the ideal solution for maximising energy efficiency without compromising on comfort.

The Science Behind the Savings You may be wondering just how effective smart thermostats really are at cutting costs. The experts at Fraunhofer IBP put tado° to the test in 2022, and the results were staggering – up to 28%* in energy savings! This scientifically-proven reduction comes from tado°’s advanced smart heating controls that learn your habits and optimise performance accordingly.

So Smart, So Simple

The tado° system is designed around convenience and ease of use. The intuitive app acts as your control centre, allowing you to adjust temperatures, set schedules and much more from wherever you are. Voice control integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit provides a seamless smart home experience.

One of tado°’s standout features is Geofencing – taking location-based heating to the next level. You can set your home to automatically start heating up when you’re heading back, ensuring it’s perfectly toasty when you arrive. Heading out? No need to think about it – tado° recognises when you’ve left and adjusts accordingly to save energy.

The tado° App – Your Home Heating Expert

At the heart of the tado° experience is the powerful app, packed with intelligent features to maximise your savings:

Smart Schedules: Adapt to your life by creating customised heating schedules for different days or circumstances.

Open Window Detection: tado° uses its smart algorithms to recognise when windows are open and automatically turns down heating in those rooms to prevent wasted energy.

Energy IQ*: This premium service analyses your usage patterns to provide personalised advice for reducing consumption and costs even further.

Care & Protect: Monitors your heating system’s performance and alerts you if any maintenance is required – protecting your investment.

Tailor-Made Home Heating Solutions tado° has solutions for every type of home heating system, so you can enjoy smart control no matter what your set-up:

For Boilers

Wired or wireless, tado° has you covered with the Smart Thermostat V3+. The Wireless model comes as a starter kit with the essential Internet Bridge for connectivity.

For homes with a hot water tank, the Wireless Thermostat can also control this via the app for maximum convenience.

For Radiators

If you have a radiator heating system, tado° offers Smart Radiator Thermostats. These replace your existing TRV heads and can be DIY installed vertically or horizontally in minutes with adapters included.

The Smart Radiator Thermostat starter kit contains one thermostat and the Internet Bridge to get you started. You can then easily expand by adding more thermostats to control temperatures in each room individually for increased savings.

Tried, Tested and Trusted

With millions of installations across Europe, tado° has cemented its position as the smart heating expert you can rely on. By specialising solely in energy-efficient climate control solutions, tado° guarantees outstanding quality, usability and iconic design.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with choosing a pioneer in the field:

Easy Installation: tado°’s guided app makes set-up a breeze for any heating system.

Personalised Comfort: Unique features like room-by-room zoning allow you to create a micro-climate tailored to your needs.

Investment Protection: Monitor and maintain your heating system’s health through tado°’s proactive diagnostics.

So why wait?

Embrace the future of intelligent home heating and start saving with tado° Smart Thermostats today. With proven energy reductions of up to 28%*, you’ll soon be recouping your investment while enjoying perfect temperatures all year round.

Take control and join the millions of European households benefiting from tado°’s smart technology. Check out their range of thermostats and experience why they’re Europe’s number one choice for “simply savvy” heating.

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