Tech21 has established itself as the industry innovator in smartphone protection, always offering products that incorporate advanced technology with sturdy materials. This commitment to quality is apparent not only in their regular-priced products but also during their sales promotions wherein customers can avail of their products at a lower price but without compromising the quality of the product.

Whether it is a hardcover case that can take a lot of beating or accessories that add to the functionality of the device, the Tech21 sale opens the door to look at their products at a cheaper price. It’s a perfect opportunity to enhance the level of protection for your phone or get useful accessories such as chargers and tempered glass, knowing that Tech21 will provide you only the best quality and innovation. With this advancement in smart phones, Tech21 continues to be among the leading companies that not only aim to meet the expectations of the consumers with their gadgets but also surpass their expectations in terms of durability and elegance.

Step into the Tech21 Sale and uncover a treasure trove of top-tier smartphone protection and accessories at irresistible prices:

Evo Sparkle – Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Case MagSafe® Compatible – Radiant

$29.97 $49.95

Keep your iPhone 14 Pro Max safe with Evo Sparkle – a hard shell MagSafe® case with glittery finish, enhanced scratch protection and anti- yellowing feature. For the person who likes to bring a little shine and twinkle into their device and at the same time charge it anywhere.


  • MagSafe® Compatible – Works with all MagSafe® chargers and accessories so you never have to worry about running out of power.
  • 12ft (3. 6m) Multi-Drop Protection – Provides protection to all the parts of the device regardless of the number of times it has been dropped.
  • High Tech Antimicrobial Material – Their formula is integrated into the case and helps to keep it hygienically clean from pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Sparkle Effect – A unique design that gives the product a sparkle when light is shone on it.
  • Improved Camera Shield – protect your camera lens with their raised camera lens protection.

Secure your iPhone 14 Pro Max with style and savings – Shop the Evo Sparkle case today and save $19.98!

Evo Check – Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Case – Smokey Black

$19.98 $39.95

Their Evo Check phone case is a perfect example of a phone case that will ensure your new S22 Ultra does not get damaged in any way. New record in drop protection, this case is made with FlexShock™ – the brightest impact material – and has been developed to protect all the crucial parts of your device in case of multiple drops. It provides the best level of responsiveness, better protection for the camera, S Pen holder and slot, and customizable physical buttons that you can swap the color.


  • FlexShock™ multi-drop protection: 16ft (4. 9m)
  • Advanced antimicrobial technology
  • Enhanced camera protection
  • Interchangeable buttons
  • Integrated S Pen slot

Act now and enhance your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with the Evo Check case in Smokey Black, available for just $19.98!

Evo Art – Apple iPhone 13 Mini Case MagSafe® Compatible – Peach Tulip

$14.99 $49.95

Evo Art is an elegant case that keeps you fully connected with MagSafe® array built into the case and an exclusive peach tulip pattern by Tech21 artists. It extends 12ft multi-drop protection and provides the ultimate scratch protection to every aspect of your iPhone 13 mini.


  • Exclusive floral artwork
  • Multi-drop protection: 12ft (3. 6m)
  • MagSafe® integrated
  • Enhanced camera protection
  • Scratch resistant

Unlock savings and style for your Apple iPhone 13 Mini – Get the Evo Art case and save $34.96!

Evo Clear – Apple MacBook Air 13″ Case (2020) – Clear

$35.98 $89.95

As slim and light as a feather the clear case will encase your MacBook Air 13” and yet you will not even notice it and you can continue to appreciate the original design of the device. It is constructed of high performing impact and UV resistant materials that guard it against falls and yellowing. It also has all the ports and connections that you will require easily accessible.


  • Totally transparent
  • Steady typing platform
  • UV-resistant – no yellowing
  • Incredible impact protection
  • For MacBook Air 13” (2020) only

Upgrade your MacBook Air 13″ (2020) with the Evo Clear case for just $35.98!

Impact Shield – Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector

$8.99 $29.95

This easy to apply and super sensitive film screen protector contours beautifully to the curves of your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and when used in conjunction with one of their cases, provides all-round protection. The self-healing formula prevents any scuffs and scratches from harming the device.


  • Advanced antimicrobial technology
  • Scratch resistant
  • Protective film
  • Precise fit
  • Non-stick – can be easily washed off – applicator provided

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with the Impact Shield screen protector and save $20.96!

Evo Clear – Apple AirTag Case Bundle (x2) – Clear

$19.47 $29.95

Stay safe with your AirTags no matter the destination, with Tech21’s pack of two transparent cases. Designed exclusively for this tiny but useful gadget, each AirTag case has the front and rear edges raised for maximum protection and comes with a carabiner. The anti-yellowing formula also maintains the case totally transparent, so you can appreciate the original Apple’s design.


  • Impact protection
  • Crystal clear transparency
  • Scratch resistant
  • Carabiner is provided with every case.
  • Bundle – two cases

Wrap your AirTags in reliable protection with the Evo Clear bundle, available now for just $19.47!


The Tech21 sale is not just about saving money but evidence of their continued dedication to their products and their consumers. Whether you are in for a new case for your current device, interested in new accessories or looking for a nice gift – Tech21’s sale is an opportunity to try the company’s best and appreciate the quality of their work and the latest technologies. Today, Tech21 remains committed to the use of sustainable materials and innovative design, making it a leading smartphone accessory company around the world. You can also check out the Tech21 Sale right now and take your smartphone to new heights in terms of style and durability.

Don’t wait to upgrade your smartphone protection and accessories! Explore Tech21’s sale now for incredible deals on top-quality cases and accessories. Enhance your device with the latest in impact-resistant technology and stylish designs – Shop now!

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