Ross Worswick and Scott Shashua started the Manchester-based fashion label The Couture Club in 2015 with the goal of building the world’s greatest club. They just expanded into a bigger office and warehouse area to accommodate their future aspirations, having started as a bedroom business and experienced a doubling of sales in the first year. Their workforce now numbers over fifty individuals.

This is the label for men’s and women’s apparel that represents lifestyle goods. From hoodies to cargo pants, dresses to outerwear and of course their SS mainstay co-ord sets and swimwear, their streetwear vibe is all over the place. With cheap costs and designer quality, they take pride in every product that they manufacture.

The Couture Club Spring24: New Arrivals

Introducing the Spring 24 Collection by The Couture Club, where elegance and flair are woven into every garment. Featuring a new spin on seasonal trends, their newest arrivals display the pinnacle of modern fashion. Every item is painstakingly designed to radiate self-assurance and grace, from casually elegant loungewear to boldly elegant outerwear. Find a range of classic neutrals and bolder shades that will take you effortlessly from day to night. At The Couture Club, you’ll find a wide range of dresses perfect for casual weekends as well as stunning formalwear. Embrace their Spring24 Collection to take your wardrobe to the next level and turn heads wherever you go.

Premium-quality fabrics:

Each piece in the lineup is created using premium materials that will not only stir your comfort but will also add to the durability of your possession. Enjoy the leisure of fancy fabric that succulently touches your body while rejuvenating your whole being; make every moment feel like indulgent pampering.

Cutting-Edge Designs:

The Couture Club is a holistic prometheus of classic grandeur and contemporary design practices. Their new arrivals flaunt curvy, sensual-fitting styles that have never been seen before, all perfectly led with the accent of beautiful, fine detailing and hip contemporary cuts that are absolutely devastating.

Versatile Styling:

Whether it is for a formal event, a casual gathering, or a business meeting, these items are all perfect for a variety of occasions. Whether you are getting ready for a party in style or just wanting to spruce up the regular day stuff, The Couture Collection has fashion that you can wear from daytime finery to evening luxury.

Exquisite Hand-Finished Details:

See the craftiness of each stitch and the line of the seam carefully done. By hand-finishing the designs, your outfits will have the everlasting originality that they deserve, making them the only clothing that is just as individual as you.

Inclusive Sizing:

Catering to the diversity of beauty, the Couture Club collection offers a range of sizes that ensure everyone can indulge in high-fashion excellence. Elevate your wardrobe game this season with Spring24’s new arrival, The Couture Club. It’s not just fashion; it’s a declaration of style and sophistication that resonates with your individuality. Shop now and be at the forefront of couture culture.

Indulge in the exquisite, own the spotlight, and be the club—The Couture Club.


The epitome of cosy elegance, their LIGHTWEIGHT STRIPE EMBLEM OVERSIZED KNIT JUMPER will have you feeling great in no time. For those who appreciate a blend of comfortable cosiness and laid-back sophistication, this jumper is an excellent choice.

  • Oversized Comfort: Enjoy a relaxed and laid-back silhouette with their intentionally oversized fit. The dropped shoulder design adds an edge of sophistication while providing extra room for movement, making it perfect for lazy days or layering over other pieces.
  • Lightweight & Striped: Crafted from lightweight tonal stripe knitted fabric, their jumper offers just the right amount of warmth without the bulk. The subtle stripes add texture and depth to the design, ensuring you’ll stand out in the simplest of ways.
  • Soft Texture: A loose knit with an irresistibly soft hand feel guarantees all-day comfort. Snuggle into the softness as their jumper becomes a go-to favourite for those chillier days or when you’re craving a gentle hug from your clothing.
  • Elegant Neckline: A deep, rounded neckline presents a flattering look for all body types, offering just a glimpse of the collarbone. It’s a graceful touch that also makes for hassle-free on-and-off wear.
  • Statement Emblem: The large crochet emblem logo on the front chest serves as a tasteful branding element that exudes a sense of identity and prominence. It’s not just a jumper; it’s a statement.
  • Ribbed Finishing: Ribbed cuffs and hems not only provide a snug fit that keeps the cold out but also add a touch of timeless knitwear detailing. It’s a refined finish that adds durability and an extra layer of style.

More than just apparel, their LIGHTWEIGHT STRIPE EMBLEM OVERSIZED KNIT JUMPER is a declaration of comfort and style, fusing the ease of casual wear with the refined precision of luxury manufacturing. For an appearance that is equal parts carefree and magical, try it with your go-to denim or thrown over a clean tee.

Prioritise both comfort and style. Put this must-have jumper on display and take your knitwear collection to the next level. Come shop with us today and dive into the cosy realm of high-quality knitwear!


The Emblem Sculpting Stretch Leggings are here to revolutionise athletic wear with their unparalleled blend of form and function. These leggings provide unmatched support and a figure-flattering fit thanks to their high-waisted design and deep, double-lined waistband. Designed with ultra-comfortable 4-way stretch fabric, these training trousers allow for complete freedom of movement. The delicate puff printed insignia lends an air of refinement, and the V-shaped accent at the rear waistband draws attention to your best features. The anti-camel toe design guarantees smooth use during any activity, so you can say goodbye to wardrobe malfunctions. These leggings are the pinnacle of practicality and performance, and they come in a regular leg length. Discover the ideal combination of style and utility, just like their model, who is 5 feet 8 inches tall and wears a size 6, does.

  • High waisted with deep double lined waistband
  • Super soft, 4-way stretch fabric
  • V-shaping to the back waistline for a more flattering shape
  • Puff printed small tonal emblem to back waistband
  • Anti camel toe (no seam to front)
  • Regular leg length
  • Model wears size 6 and is 5”8


Bring yourself the CTRE Sweatshirt—the pinnacle of laid-back cool with a little of college flair. This sweatshirt, with its loose cut and roomy silhouette, is the epitome of carefree cool. The plush fleeceback jersey fabric will keep you warm and cosy whether you’re reclining or layering up. Subtle yet elegant decoration includes emblem stitching beneath the back neck and a front appliqué varsity logo for a sporty appeal. This trendy sweatshirt is perfect for lounging around in style thanks to its ribbed hem and cuffs. Their model, who is 5 feet 8 inches tall and wears a size 6, wears the CTRE Sweatshirt with ease, exemplifying the relaxed elegance that will elevate your off-duty style.


Here they present the Oversized Jersey Cardigan, the epitome of effortless style and comfort. This cardigan is the epitome of casual style, thanks to its dropped shoulders and loose cut. Created from plush fleeceback jerseys, it offers unmatched warmth and comfort, guaranteeing that you’ll remain snug in any setting. The button front closure enhances traditional elegance, and the tonal embroidered insignia on the left breast brings understated refinement to the fore. Featuring ribbed cuffs and hems for a snug and fashionable fit, this cardigan is a must-have for anybody looking to combine comfort with style. The Oversized Jersey Cardigan will take your everyday outfits to the next level with its unparalleled combination of comfort and style.

Discover the latest styles at The Couture Club

Enter a realm of cutting-edge style and avant-garde design with the newest collection from The Couture Club. They are proud of their carefully curated wardrobe that expertly combines modern style with timeless sophistication, making you the centre of attention wherever you go.

Superiority in Standards

You can trust the exceptional quality and meticulous craftsmanship of every item from The Couture Club. Their patterns are painstakingly put together to provide an eye-catching silhouette, and their fabrics are selected to guarantee both comfort and longevity. When it comes to the quality of the fabrics and the craftsmanship that goes into their clothing, you can expect nothing less than the best.

Cutting-Edge Style

When it comes to fashion, their designers are always one step ahead of the curve, fusing together ideas from the runway with functionality. There is a wide range of options for every event at The Couture Club, from beautiful formalwear to stylish everyday wear. Feel the rush of confidence as you show off clothes that reflect your unique sense of style.

A Perfect Fit for Any Body Type

With a wide range of sizes, the Couture Club is a celebration of difference. Experience the ultimate in comfort and a fit that seems like it was made just for you, drawing attention to your most attractive features. Put an end to the “one size fits all” mentality and welcome tailor-made garments.

Affordable Luxuries

Finding a middle ground between expensive and affordable is important to us. Shop luxuriously without going into debt. At The Couture Club, being exclusive is more than just a price tag—it’s a way of life.

Discover the newest must-have item while you bask in the sophistication, excellence, and originality that characterise The Couture Club. Discover their newest styles today and take your style to the next level.

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