They are one of the market leading specialist providers of foreign exchange. They have established a network of foreign exchange stores and grown Travelex into a reputable and well-known name in international money since its founding in 1976. its brand and market presence set them apart from the competition. Their number one priority is making it easy for their customers to transfer money internationally at any time.
Their company is involved in every step of the retail foreign exchange value chain and operates in more than 20 countries. Their retail division runs more than 1,100 stores in prime locations including city centres, premium shopping malls, high street spots, supermarkets, and some of the world’s busiest airports in terms of international passenger numbers. More than 900 automated teller machines (ATMs) located both on and off airports across the globe are part of their expanding network.
Also, they source and deliver foreign currency banknotes in bulk for clients like international financial institutions and central banks. Additionally, they provide a variety of products for international money transfers and remittances.

Travel Money Card

The Travelex Travel Money Card is the ultimate tool when it comes to the use of the international travel freedom. This prepaid card allows for a stress-free management of money while in foreign territories; it eliminates matters concerning cash and credit cards. Since it suffices to load a number of currencies, they can instantly switch to a preferable currency to avoid unpopular rates. The operations can be conducted using the card with chip and PIN for increased safety of the transactions. It is also possible to monitor the spending and balance for the transactions that were made through the Travelex app. Widely readable in millions of places globally, the Travelex travel money card ensures convenience and relaxation with little stress on the trip.

Benefits of Travel Money Card 

Safe & Secured Benefits

Find the right balance for your trip

Their multi-currency prepaid card will help you discover the perfect balance for your vacation while reducing the amount of cash you need to carry. In addition, there is less risk associated with carrying cash because your card is not connected to your bank account. This adds an additional layer of protection against possible financial risks.

Control at your fingertips

The Travelex Money App makes managing your travel funds a breeze. In addition to the basic functions of locking and unlocking your card for more protection, the app also gives you easy ways to load your card while you’re on the move. Rest easy knowing that your PIN is always safe and that you are in complete control of your travel funds.

Peace of mind

Lock in your rates

Your trip plans will no longer be disrupted by unpredictable currency rates. Lock in your exchange rates1 with their multi-currency prepaid card and protect your budget from unanticipated currency movements.

Free and secure cash access

Put an end to the worry that ATM fees will cut into your vacation funds. You can withdraw funds from any ATM worldwide with their card because it offers free cash access and does not charge any fees when used abroad. Plus, their worldwide support staff is available around the clock to help you if your card is ever damaged, stolen, or lost. Whether you need an emergency cash advance or a replacement card, they will do their best to help you stay on track.

Easy to use

Effortless transactions

Enjoy the convenience of safe contactless payments—no PIN or signature needed. With Mastercard Prepaid, you may simplify your purchases and enjoy the ease of a smooth payment experience at millions of places worldwide.

Easy money management

Improve your trip with the ability to load 22 various currencies, including EUR, USD, and AUD, and the ease of transferring money between your currency wallets on their app, all with one multipurpose card, simplifying and streamlining your overseas spending.

Seamless spending

If you have an Apple Pay or Google Pay Wallet, you may quickly add their card to make purchases without any hassle.

How does it work?

Obtaining a Travelex Money Card is a simple and quick process.

  • Order your Card Place an online or in-store order for a Travelex Money Card. Take advantage of the choice between free delivery or easy in-store pickup.

  • Register You can easily register your card and gain full control over your account with the Travelex Money App.

  • Spend Discover a whole new realm of effortless spending! Anywhere Mastercard Prepaid is accepted, you can use your card.

Fees and Limits

  • Free ATM Withdrawals: Worldwide Whether you’re in the UK or abroad, you can access your money without the inconvenience of ATM fees2.
  • Free Replacement Card: Rest easy knowing that they offer a complimentary replacement card service in the event that your card is misplaced, stolen, or damaged while you’re abroad. This service provides you with emergency cash access.
  • Low Minimum Load/Top-up: You can begin with as little as fifty pounds sterling.
  • Generous Spending Limits: Extensive Budgetary Controls You can spend up to three thousand British pounds in one day at participating stores and merchants.


Take comfort and protection to new heights when traveling through this Travelex Travel Money Card. These are flexible international prepaid cards, thus enabling one to load several currencies and avoiding inconvenience of having to use cash at those unfavorable exchange rates. Credit and debit cards use chip and PIN protection to ensure that your transactions are protected, making it easy for you to shop around carefree. Balance check and the monitoring of your expenses are also very convenient with the help of the Travelex application.

Accepted at millions of locations worldwide, the Travelex Travel Money Card is your perfect travel companion. Don’t wait—get your Travelex Travel Money Card today and enjoy a worry-free journey!

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