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  • Discover which of the 12 Jungian archetypes you are.


  • Uncover your unique personality type and improve your life in remarkable ways!


  • Your path to personal happiness. Explore the facets of your personality and take the test for free!


Learn the power of your dominant personality archetype and gain insight into your true nature, paving the way for success in every area of your life.

Wisdom of the Jungian Archetype Test

Psychiatrist Carl Jung provided the theoretical foundation for their assessment. Each of the twelve archetypes represents a unique facet of human nature. Learning your personality type will help you understand who you are and what you’re really capable of.

Your answers will help them identify the archetype with whom you most closely identify. Next, they take a look at how it affects your actions in three crucial areas of your life: at home, in your relationships, and at work. Every one of these facets delves into the essence of who you are and how you might make the most of your personality type for personal development.

How it works

Learn more about the 12 distinct archetypes and how they apply to your personality with their Archetype Personality Test.

The test uses a Likert scale to ensure more precise results and has 48 questions. In order to determine which archetype best describes you, they look at your responses over the whole test. Your results will reveal your archetype and provide insight into your strengths and areas for improvement if you answer each question truthfully using the points on the scale.


Use the Enneagram to discover your unique personality and open up your world.

How to use the Enneagram to discover your potential

The Enneagram Model, which consists of nine personality types, shows the way to understand human nature better by revealing the truth about shared and individual features. It is a source of knowledge regarding who you are, what the emotions are, and what the driving forces are behind your existence. You will certainly be able to get insights into your persona, inclinations, fears, and emotions when you become aware of your Enneagram type.

Find out your personality type by testing for the Enneagram type with TerraYou. Getting knowledge of your type will be the aid to you in life and in achieving the greatness of yourself.

How to take their Enneagram test

This is the 5-point survey of the Enneagram assessment that consists of 54 multiple-choice questions distributed in three parts. The full Enneagram type evaluation should cover all the facets of the person’s personality and behavior.

Respond as you do keep in mind the real life situation and not the way you think it should be. After that, this particular algorithm will evaluate your responses and put them in the form of Enneagram types that you resemble.

The main findings allow you to know something about your Enneagram type and how the type is reflected in the traits and behavior.

If you want to find out more about your Enneagram type and how it has affected your perception of life and situations, you are welcome to buy the Enneagram Handbook. To begin with, this is a lump sum payment with no breakdown for taxes and duties. You just need to register for free, you do not have to pay anything.

Increase the accuracy of your test result:

Although there may be some show of imperfection in the Enneagram personality testing, it proves to be a useful tool for self-discovery aimed at improving one’s personality and behavior. Whether your answers are in alignment with your present mood, come from your emotional history, or influenced by other factors, it is always different. External factors, chaos, and crockydawnies are influences that you have no control over.

The professionals advise replying within the context of you being 25 years old for a more precise results. This Enneagram is the core of the main principle! They all have a charming quirk, the thing that they are afraid of, and a dream that represents a wish come true. That is an essence of their Enneagram. As they grow older, they learn to adapt to ourselves better and become more self-disciplined and logical creatures. The passage of time conceals the core setup of the researcher’s life that coincidentally is the elusive aspiration underlying the Enneagram project. At first, this kind of writing may feel strange, but I assure you, the final product will seem much more like someone watching those events live from their very own twenties.

What do you get with your Enneagram results?

Your exact Enneagram personality type:

The TerraYou Enneagram test is free to take. On completion, you get instant access to your free results. They reveal which one of the nine Enneagram types best fits your personality.

Initial insight into your personality:

Your free results include an initial summary of how your Enneagram type shapes your behavior, motivations, and worldview.

Access to 50-page Enneagram Handbook for your type:

All the necessary information from the Handbook juts in a payment, which corresponds to your class. Outlines which wing of the personality type determined your behaviour at work and at home, as well as your natural traits, heart centre, subtypes and cadets. Every manual has five original exercises within which they used for one purpose only-to discover your full power and reach your peak. A “total combination of resources” offered you to create a new life full of hope and promise.

How is the Enneagram test used today?

Another factor applied by businesses while constructing advantageous working conditions and mild-mannered corporate culture is the fundamental of the Enneagram test. It provides the ability not to only convey knowledge in the activities of the unit of conflict resolution but is also one of the most effective instruments of the campaign to solve the problem. This will help with the evaluation of all round performance and comfortability with different scenes which mean they is quite vital for hiring process as well.

The Enneagram is one among the personalty models that is mostly recognized and hence helps the people to explore their inner-self to come out as better and famous persons. If you want to find the essence and to discover yourself and you can do it wherever and whenever it is needed, enneagram assessment is a good option for you.


Big Five could serve you in twofold: drilling into your deepest layer to achieve a profound perception of reality and life. The triangular shape of hardness core that expresses the idea of your predominant personality characters can be a perfect device that will help you determine the main traits which determine your present behavior by the six various theories of personality which is confirmed by the global research of scholars as well as approved by the community.

What are the five dimensions of personality?

Along the Big Five theory of personality the five central traits of each person constantly determine the personality. Those adjectives are extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, openness, and conscientiousness.

They can tell that’s an individual who learns and grows is by their ability to accept novel experiences and new ideas. A key character, who demonstrates the conscientiousness trait, is the ability to focus attention and to postpone pleasure. Introverts have a social homogeneity, and they have great communication skills, are usually talkative. Neuroticism is something regards the degree of emotional stability one exhibits, and collaboration is about amiability and trustworthiness.

Spot a trait which is decisive for you as biased on how you see the world and your behavior. Give it a go and find out whether or not you are able to do it at all.

How it works

Marvel at how one of the five great Big Five personality traits that affect your thinking and actions is being done with the help of their Big Five Test!

The present study of the TerraYou Big Five Personality Test has been improved by increasing number of questions from 30 to 60 graded on a Likert scale for more precise results. It is installed upon a model that the science has proved valid. Your exam results reflect an isolated personality analysis that aggregates all responses given, on the five factors of personality.

This helps to give depth to your personality, which, along with your abilities and vulnerabilities, is clearly portrayed. By means of the Five Factor Model of personality, find out what exactly is your kind of personality and get to grasp and learn in depth how it impacts your work, others around you and the household factors.

What else can you do here?

Discover your key personality trait:

In their free personality test, you’ll get an instant result that determines your dominant personality trait and gives initial insights into what really drives your relationships, career, and personal interests.

Dive deeper:

Thei Premium Results are for those who want to dive deeper into their Big Five traits and gain actionable advice on how to harness the true power of their personality in order to better understand the world around them.

Master your personal growth:

The Big Five Test is just one step in your path of self-discovery. Explore the tools and assessments available to your through TerraYou to achieve balance, growth, and self-discovery.

Why understanding your key personality trait is important

Their free Big Five Test has been designed specifically to aid you in your journey of self-discovery. It is intended as a tool to help you build a clearer picture of who you are and the ways in which you can grow.

Once you discover your dominant personality trait you can use this knowledge to identify your core values and gain a fuller understanding of the way others around you perceive the world. Ideally, this fuller engagement in both the public and private spheres of your life will ultimately lead to heightened self-awareness and greater intellectual maturity.

Discover your unique personality traits and their impact on your life with TerraYou‘s discovery tests and tools.

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