Meaco involvement with dehumidifiers dates back to 1991, therefore they have more than 30 years of experience to help you choose the best one. They have the expertise and product selection to meet your dehumidifier needs, whether they are for a simple residential application, a complex commercial one, or even a flat, home, or pool area. Among British dehumidifier brands, their has garnered more accolades than any other. This is proof of how meticulous they are with Meaco product designs and how high-quality their items are.

The benefits of Dehumidifiers

Whether you’re looking for a compressor or desiccant dehumidifier, Meaco offer a large selection to choose from. You can use these units to keep the relative humidity in any room in your home at a healthy level, which helps with dampness and mould problems.

The quality of your life can be greatly improved by eliminating excess humidity from the air. As anyone who has dealt with window condensation or mildew on bathroom tiles can attest, the chance of damp and mould increases when there is an excess of moisture in the air. If you want to improve your quality of life and lessen the occurrence of those common issues, a Meaco dehumidifier is the way to go. That’s because their dehumidifiers come with an air filter as standard. When air is sucked into the unit, it filters out pollutants, making for cleaner air and better breathing conditions.

Meaco have a variety of desiccant and compressor dehumidifiers for sale. Desiccant dehumidifiers function best in cooler places, so you’ll typically see them installed in basements, garages and workshops. Home use, business uses requiring air purification and dehumidification, and other indoor applications involving substantial amounts of water extraction from the air are the most common reasons for choosing compressor dehumidifiers.

MeacoDry Arete® One 10L Dehumidifier / Air Purifier

Introducing the MeacoDry Arete® One 10L Dehumidifier/Air Purifier, the latest addition to the highly acclaimed Arete® series launched in 2022. Following the success of the Arete® One 20L and Arete® One 25L models in 2021, recognized with accolades such as Which? Best Buy awards and a Quiet Mark award, the Arete® series has become synonymous with customer satisfaction and innovation. The Arete® One 10L model continues this legacy, offering a compact solution for damp, mould, and condensation issues in smaller spaces like flats, studio apartments, single rooms, offices, or studies. With enhanced quietness, seamless integration into home aesthetics, and the convenience of simple controls and a built-in air purifier, Arete® remains a market leader, emphasizing energy efficiency and user-friendly design. The dual-sided tank accessibility ensures practicality for users of any handedness or unit placement, making the Arete® One 10L an efficient and versatile solution for maintaining a healthier indoor environment while saving on energy costs.

Meaco DD8L Dehumidifier

The Meaco DD8L Dehumidifier stands out as an excellent choice for household use, providing exceptional value with its impressive features. Using absorption technology without refrigerants or gases, this unit ensures efficient dehumidification, reducing or eliminating issues like mould spores and condensation. With an extraction capacity of 8 litres per day, equivalent to a 16 or 20-litre compressor dehumidifier, it offers powerful performance. What sets it apart is its remarkable up to 80% reduction in energy consumption, delivering significant cost savings. The unique intelligent Meaco control logic system enhances its reliability and efficiency. Compact and lightweight, it operates quietly, making it suitable for various applications. The inclusion of an anti-bacterial filter adds an extra layer of hygiene, and its capability to assist in drying washing makes it a versatile and practical household solution for maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment.

Meaco DD8L Zambezi Dehumidifier

The Meaco DD8L Zambezi Dehumidifier stands out as a highly acclaimed and cost-effective solution with exceptional features. Boasting outstanding customer reviews, this dehumidifier is the result of meticulous design and development. Notably, it operates at a low cost, consuming only 10p per hour based on 28.62p per kWh on fan speed 1, making it an energy-efficient choice. With a remarkably quiet operation at just 41 dB, it ensures a peaceful environment while effectively combating excess moisture. Ideal for basements, the Meaco DD8L Zambezi has received recognition as a Sunday Times Driving Best Buy, attesting to its quality and performance. Backed by a two-year warranty, this dehumidifier not only meets but exceeds expectations, making it a reliable and customer-favored option for maintaining a dry and comfortable indoor space.

Meaco 12L Low Energy Dehumidifier and Air Purifier

The Meaco 12L Low Energy Dehumidifier and Air Purifier redefine efficiency, answering the most common customer query on the cost of running a dehumidifier with a resounding “It costs less with Meaco!” The Platinum Range introduces a new standard in minimizing operational expenses. Consuming a mere 157 watts of electricity, equivalent to just 4p per hour based on a 28.62p/kWh rate, this dehumidifier sets a benchmark for competitors. The innovative design and integrated technology enhance operational efficiency, surpassing older models available elsewhere. Customer reviews emphasize the significant benefit of low electricity costs, highlighting Meaco’s commitment to providing cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions. The Meaco 12L Low Energy Dehumidifier stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in the realm of home comfort appliances.

MeacoDry ABC 10L Dehumidifier

The MeacoDry ABC 10L Dehumidifier offers a winning combination of low running costs and powerful dehumidifying capabilities, showcasing the acclaimed Meaco technology at an unbeatable price. As part of the ‘ABC’ range, it incorporates the latest advancements in low-noise and energy-saving technology, distinguishing itself as the quietest compressor dehumidifier in its class and earning the prestigious Quiet Mark recognition. Ideal for smaller homes and flats, this 10-litre dehumidifier ensures superior performance without the intrusive noise associated with larger machines. The MeacoDry ABC 10L stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering top-notch technology, efficiency, and affordability, providing a compelling solution for those seeking a cost-effective and quiet dehumidifier for improved home comfort.

All About Meaco

Meaco, founded in 1991 by Chris and Michelle Michael, specializes in monitoring and control equipment for museums and art galleries. In 1992, they developed the world’s first radio-based environmental monitoring system, which led to their rise as a significant supplier of humidity monitoring and control equipment to museums across Europe. In 1999, Meaco was approached by Mitsubishi Electric to become their sole distributor for their portable dehumidifiers in the UK, a relationship that lasted for 20 years.

In 2005, Meaco sold the museum side of the business to focus on domestic dehumidifier sales. In 2009, Meaco became a manufacturer of dehumidifiers, using experience gained from working in museums, distributing Mitsubishi Electric, and listening to customers to ensure each dehumidifier not only solves problems but also improves user quality of life. Meaco is now a major player in the industry, selling to over 20 countries in Europe, North America, and South Africa.

Meaco is seen as a benchmark for quality and development, pushing the industry to reduce energy consumption of dehumidifiers. They have made significant gains in 2018 in noise reduction without compromising low energy consumption. In 2019, Meaco removed all plastic hoses from their dehumidifiers, reducing the amount of plastic used in waste by 75,000 meters. In 2020, they replaced several hundred thousands of pieces of polystyrene in their packaging with recyclable cardboard, reducing the strain on the planet.

Meaco has won numerous awards for their products, including Which?, Good Housekeeping, QuietMark, and Stiftung Warentest. They also support youth sports locally through rugby and swimming and work closely with the local David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) to support their elephant orphanage in Zambia.

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