If you’re going to read about a North Star, what is it and why are you doing it? An excellent inquiry. A brand’s “why” serves as its north star. All of them here at Patricks have been grafting for the past thirteen years, and it is summed up by the brand’s motivation. Why they sell things is more important than what they sell. “Putting in long hours for a cause is easy,” Elon Musk famously stated, referring to his time away from rocket launches and flamethrower production.

Patricks  felt “they can do better than this” after being the proud owners of an award-winning barbershop for a long time that concentrated on providing a very high-quality service and were let down by the selection of products offered. Difficulty was high. Working with the world’s top chemists and laboratories, they spent seven years perfecting the formulae by testing them on Patricks clients, all the while maintaining an unwavering dedication to scientific innovation and quality.

The Test Pilot programme extends all the way to Melbourne from Sweden. Over the course of its seven years, they have improved upon more than five hundred different formulations. These individuals have inspired them to work harder on Patricks products. Not compensated. Without mercy. Insufferable s*cks who shape their identities. Do not consider them influential. It’s not just a group of individuals they’ve met on the road; these are actual clients. Then Patricks  hand over their brand-new formulas. After they hear their comments, they implement it, which can be a costly ordeal.

Patricks are eager to hear their honest opinions, despite how difficult they are to please. Nothing held back. They have been able to develop the finest men’s grooming products thanks to your candid comments. They’ll keep tweaking until it’s just right. It has taken a long time and cost them millions. What Patricks  have, however, are solutions that men adore, which are effective, and which address the issues they have been facing.


SH PLUS | ULTRA THICKENING ANTI HAIR LOSS SHAMPOO has earned the prestigious 2023 Esquire Award, attesting to its groundbreaking nature in the realm of hair care. This innovative shampoo represents a powerful anti-hair loss treatment, utilizing pioneering ingredients and advanced technology. At the heart of its formula is PRC PLUS, a laboratory-developed blend that comprises 20 active ingredients, with substantial concentrations of four clinically trialed compounds. The cutting-edge formulation aims to provide a comprehensive and effective solution to combat hair loss. To maximize its benefits, the recommended usage involves massaging a five-cent coin-sized amount into wet hair and scalp, followed by rinsing. Designed for daily use, this shampoo offers a luxurious and promising approach to maintaining hair thickness and combating hair loss, embodying a fusion of science and grooming excellence.


The CD PLUS | ANTI HAIR LOSS CONDITIONER represents a revolutionary advancement in hair care, offering an ultra-thickening conditioner that harnesses pioneering ingredients and cutting-edge technology to deliver an exceptionally powerful anti-hair loss treatment. At the core of its innovation is the patented PRC PLUS compound, a laboratory-formulated blend that comprises 20 active ingredients, featuring significant concentrations of four key clinically trialed blends. This conditioner is designed to provide an effective solution for individuals looking to combat hair loss while promoting thickness. To optimize its benefits, it is recommended to use the conditioner post-shampoo, massaging a five-cent coin-sized amount into wet hair and scalp, and then rinsing. Formulated for daily use, the CD PLUS conditioner provides a luxurious and effective way to address hair loss concerns, embracing a blend of advanced science and hair care excellence.


Introducing RD1 | ANTI HAIR LOSS SPRAY, an advanced hair treatment scientifically crafted to combat hair loss comprehensively. Formulated to block the formation of DHT, improve hair anchoring, and provide essential nutrition to both hair and scalp, this spray is designed to significantly reduce hair loss and promote maximum hair growth. Packed with cutting-edge ingredients, RD1 addresses all four phases of hair growth, offering a holistic solution for those seeking effective hair loss prevention and enhanced hair health. This spray represents a scientific breakthrough in hair care, providing a targeted approach to address the root causes of hair loss and optimize the conditions for robust and healthy hair growth. Elevate your hair care routine with RD1, a powerful and advanced anti-hair loss spray at the forefront of hair health innovation.


Introducing RD2 | ANTI HAIR LOSS SERUM 30ML, a highly concentrated and advanced hair serum meticulously formulated to promote thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. With over 24% active ingredients, this serum deeply penetrates the scalp, stimulating circulation, fostering healthy hair follicles, and effectively blocking DHT to minimize hair loss. Crafted through scientific precision, RD2 represents a breakthrough in hair care, delivering a potent solution for those seeking to enhance the density and vitality of their hair. The serum’s concentrated formula ensures a targeted approach to addressing the underlying factors contributing to hair loss, promoting a rejuvenated and resilient hair structure. Elevate your hair care routine with RD2, a cutting-edge anti-hair loss serum designed to nourish and fortify for visibly improved hair health.


Introducing CD1 | STIMULATING & THICKENING CONDITIONER, an award-winning formulation designed to enhance hair density and fullness while combating hair loss. This conditioner boasts a combination of thickening proteins that work to instantly swell the hair shaft, providing a voluminous and fortified appearance. Enriched with the invigorating essence of white mint, CD1 also gently stimulates the scalp, contributing to a revitalized and nourished hair and scalp environment. Specifically crafted for mild to moderate hair loss, CD1 has undergone rigorous testing by the Hearst Institute on 700 men over three months, earning it the prestigious first-place award for its exceptional thickening properties. Elevate your hair care routine with CD1, a stimulating and thickening conditioner that delivers outstanding results and a rejuvenated, fuller look to your hair.

Patricks Hair Loss Solution, it’s clear that the path to a fuller, healthier mane is within reach. By choosing Patricks, you’re not just selecting a product; you’re investing in your confidence and self-assurance. Let each application be a step toward a more voluminous you, as you unveil a head of hair that reflects not just your style, but your unwavering self-confidence. So, step into the future with Patricks, where every strand tells a story of resilience, renewal, and the beauty of confidence.

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