Introducing a modern, fresh take on the Artificial Vertical Garden. Green Walls Discs are the perfect statement piece for any blank wall, adding a touch of greenery and color. These discs are available in various sizes and come in two distinct styles, each framed with a choice of a Fresh White or Onyx Black outer rim. Enhance your outdoor space by combining them with some Artificial Plant UV Protectant Spray, ensuring their vibrant look lasts longer. Alternatively, opt for a UV Resistant green wall option for added durability. Whether indoors or outdoors, Green Walls Discs bring a stylish, nature-inspired aesthetic to your environment, transforming any space into a lush, green oasis.

Designer Vertical Gardens

With their extensive experience in the live plant market, you may be asking the obvious. Why did they found Designer Vertical Gardens, which makes indoor and outdoor artificial green walls, hedges, and plants? Beautiful plants and vertical garden design should be accessible to everyone. Especially those without the expertise, confidence, space, money, or time to raise their own. This mission has made them artificial plant pioneers, which they take seriously.

Designer Vertical Gardens have a vertical artificial garden wall, hedge fence panels for seclusion, and a beautiful evergreen no-maintenance hanging fern for you. Unlike other Australian vendors, they guarantee:

None of their products crack, fade, or discolour. Only the best materials are used on the most robust backings to ensure longevity. Their UV protection is inserted and blended during manufacture, never sprayed. Designer Vertical Gardens 5 year no fade and crack guarantee and independent testing and reports ensure they’ll withstand the severe Australian sun.

Your expectations will be exceeded. With breakthroughs in technology, artificial plants no longer seem fake. At Designer Vertical Gardens, they carefully choose and collaborate with suppliers to offer realistic-looking plants that will impress even the most discerning gardeners. They’re detail-oriented and check the underside of leaves to ensure botanical accuracy.

The name implies that plants are designers. Some vendors are cheaper, but you get what you pay for. Designer Vertical Gardens aim to provide the greatest product at a fair price. Along with their quality guarantee, they hand-assemble vertical garden artificial plant panels for depth, rhythm, realism, and vibrancy. Because of this, they know they will enhance your home, office, special event, or restaurant.

Customers always come first. They know that great customer service is essential to all they do. To make you happy, they’ll charter a jet. As nature lovers, they care about Mother Earth. Aren’t the goods plastic?

Designer Vertical Gardens selection of products, including imitation ivy walls and artificial wall gardens, is created from eco-friendly materials. These ROHS-compliant products contain no toxins or chemicals. All their green walls may be recycled into beautiful pots, furniture, and more.

Designer Vertical Gardens high-quality products last longer and reduce the world’s throwaway plastic problem. Due to Australia’s climate, they must all use water wisely to preserve a sustainable supply. Water-free plants are the most water-wise!

Flowering White Artificial Green Wall Disc UV Resistant 50cm (White Frame)

Details of the round artificial vertical garden disc

  • Weight: 2kg (approximately)
  • Size: 50cm Diameter (one side to the other), depth around 10cm (including foliage which varies in size)
  • Cleaning Instructions: Apply artificial plant cleaner.
  • Perfect for installing onto any vertical surface as a statement piece or instant decoration.

Tropical Green Artificial Vertical Garden Disc 90cm (White Or Black Frame)

Perfect accent to any wall, Designer Vertical Gardens Vertical Garden Discs provide a distinctive and fashionable touch. Originally fresh to the Australian scene, every item is unique created by the Designer Vertical Gardens Design team to guarantee you won’t find these designs anywhere else. Perfect for those wishing to enhance their area without adding too much colour, the 90 cm “Tropical Green” Vertical Garden Disc comes with a white or black frame option. To build a magnificent masterpiece, combine several discs of the same size; alternatively, mix other sizes and styles for a really amazing show. Ideal for both home and business environments, these next-generation fake plants offer a fresh, modern look that improves any surroundings.

  • Multiple different stems
  • Option for Onyx Black or Pure White Frame
  • 90cm Diameter
  • Easily attached to the wall using hooks

Get yours today – just start by picking a Disc Colour! Each disc can be easily installed onto a wall using a screw head or similar – you simply need to attach the fixing and slip the hole on the back of the disc over the head of the screw.

Imitation Gold Artificial Hanging Green Wall Disc 80cm (Limited Edition) UV Resistant Foliage

Details of the artificial green wall disc

  • Introducing their Hanging Artificial Green Wall Disc (Large) – the ultimate fusion of modern elegance and botanical charm.
  • Instantly elevate your space with this stunning decor piece that effortlessly revitalizes any environment.
  • This green wall disc is the epitome of sophistication and natural beauty.
  • Hanging this masterpiece is a breeze, thanks to the included chain and hook. Designed to withstand UV exposure, making it a fantastic choice for well-lit indoor spaces.
  • Please note that it’s not suitable for constant exposure to wind and rain.
  • Make a statement in your commercial space, whether it’s a chic cafe or a vibrant event venue, with this elegant green wall disc.

Slimline Artificial Green Wall Disc Art 80cm Colour Fresh UV Resistant (Black)

Details of the Artificial Green Wall Disc:

  • About 8kg Size: 80cm diameter (from side to side), 10cm deep (with varying-sized leaves). Clean with artificial plant cleaner. Side View: The foliage is 10–20cm deep, while the frame is 4cm. The greenery can hang over the disc or be pushed in.
  • Easy Installation: You can hang this wall art disc on any surface with ease, just like hanging a picture.
  • Unpacking Instructions: Your imitation green wall disc will be shipped in a box for safety. The foliage may appear crushed, but this is typical and readily adjusted. Bend the branches to cover any apparent areas around the frame’s edges.

80cm Colour Splash Artificial Vertical Garden Wall Art Disc

  • This 80cm vertical fake garden wall disc brings a tropical jungle feel to your house. It features a custom-designed combination of plants, stems, grasses chosen for their lush and vibrant greenery. Hidden within the green, a touch of natural red ‘pops’ for stunning impact.
  • Each disc is hand-assembled to make the vertical garden design as life-like as possible. It comes with the choice of an onyx black or pure white frame to set the design off beautifully and make it easy to install.
  • These fake vertical wall garden discs showcase the beauty of nature without the need for watering or maintenance.

Elevate Your Space with Designer Vertical Gardens Artificial Vertical Garden Discs

Shop now and discover how Designer Vertical Gardens can elevate your environment with ease and elegance!

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