To create and distribute food that everyone is proud of, in an environment where everyone’s work matters, so that more and more people can afford to eat well.

They take great pride in being a food retailer based in Yorkshire that serves clients all across the United Kingdom via their extensive network of 497 stores and many online home delivery options.

The food and grocery sector makes up the bulk of their company. What sets them apart is that they handle the sourcing and processing of half of the fresh food they sell in-house, giving them complete control over its origin and quality. More qualified coworkers than any other retailer are employed by them to create food for consumers in-store, and their dedicated and well educated food makers and shopkeepers do just that.

Over 118,000 employees throughout the company work tirelessly every day to provide outstanding service to the over 9 million consumers who walk through their doors every week. When you order from them online, they’ll deliver to more than 97% of UK addresses. Every day, they work to assist their clients in saving money by offering affordable pricing that will never go up.

As a memorial, Sir Ken will be remembered on their Market Street. His groundbreaking work is what really distinguishes them. Their butcher, fishmonger, and deli counters provide excellent, well-informed advice, and their customers adore their freshly baked goods and cakes from their in-store bakery and cake shop.


Their food supply chains are under jeopardy. Overexploitation of natural resources, deforestation, and the climate issue all pose risks to them. It is critical that everyone of them does what they can to help resolve these issues. They are already having an impact today. Their internal activities have resulted in a 17% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions from 2019 to 2022.

They may reduce food waste via careful planning and donating excess food to worthy organisations. Additionally, they take great pride in offering “wonky” produce for sale.

They have eliminated all plastic packaging from their bananas and replaced it with a recyclable paper band in an effort to combat plastic pollution. Additionally, they were the pioneering store to utilise paper “bags for life” in lieu of plastic. They also make sure to purchase their food in a manner that doesn’t harm ecosystems or forests.

A significant portion of the ecological effect of the food they sell is determined by its production and cultivation methods. Their Biodiversity Strategy is detailed in this document. A significant portion of their operating emissions are caused by their energy use. See how they’re cutting down on energy use right here!

Every living thing, every ecosystem, and human health depends on water. See their water management practices across their supply chain in action here.


Market Street Large Chocolate Eclairs

Their delicious choux pastry éclairs are filled with cream and decorated with a rich chocolate topping. Perfect for an indulgent treat, these éclairs are suitable for vegetarians and guarantee a delightful experience.

This product is guaranteed to have a life of at least 3 days, including the day of delivery, with an average shelf life of 4 days. Enjoy them at their best within this period for maximum freshness.

To maintain their quality, keep the éclairs flat and refrigerated. Please note that these éclairs are not suitable for home freezing. Each pack contains 2 servings, making it perfect for sharing or savoring on your own. They care about the environment. Please recycle the pack where facilities are available.

Indulge in the classic taste of their Chocolate Éclairs, a delightful treat for any occasion.

Cadbury Mini Rolls Milk Chocolate Family Size

Cadbury Mini Rolls are really tasty! Cadbury milk chocolate, world-renowned for its silky smoothness, encases each miniature roll’s chocolate sponge cake and vanilla filling. These Mini Rolls are perfect for vegetarians on the go, picnics with the kids, as a quick snack in your lunch bag, or a delightful treat during a tea break. These cakes are perfect for those times when you want something sweet, and they’re easy to make and keep in a cold, dry spot. There are ten tasty Mini Rolls in this package, but if that isn’t enough holiday sweets for you, try some Cadbury white chocolate flavour cake bars.

Happy Easter! With a cup of coffee or tea, as a mid-day snack, Even vegans may like it, Delectably silky Cadbury milk chocolate encasing a vanilla filling Perfectly packaged for your convenience.

Mr Kipling Angel Slices

A delightful treat crafted to perfection by Morrison’s Bakery. Each pastry is a heavenly blend of light, flaky layers filled with a luscious, creamy center that melts in your mouth. Topped with a dusting of powdered sugar, these pastries are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a cozy afternoon tea or a sophisticated dessert spread

Delightful layers of pink and yellow sponge stuffed with luscious vanilla. Amazing Cakes, Yummy Vanilla Filling, Layers of Pink and Yellow Sponge, No Hydrogenated Fat, All-Natural Flavours, and No Artificial Colours.

Origin Nationality

  • British Columbia
  • 7 days+
  • The average product life is 28 days
  • Warranty is 7 days (including shipping day).

Scott’s Party Fairy Cakes

With Morrison’s Bakery’s Scott’s Party Fairy Cakes, celebrate every event. Twelve sponge cakes in all, each with a thick chocolate frosting and a range of festive and entertaining embellishments, make up this delicious selection.

These fairy cakes are excellent as a delicious treat or for parties and get-togethers; they will make any occasion happier and more enjoyable. Savour the rich chocolate coating along with the light, fluffy sponge.

Morrisons Morris The Caterpillar Celebration Cake Serves 12

Morrisons Morris the Caterpillar Celebration Cake can make your festivities much more memorable. Serving twelve, this endearing cake has a rich, creamy chocolate sponge rolled with silky buttercream and a delectable milk chocolate shell.

This cake, which has a cheerful caterpillar face and vibrant sugar-coated embellishments, is ideal for birthdays and other happy occasions. With this fun and delicious morsel from Morrisons Bakery, wow visitors of any age. Morris the caterpillar will help you celebrate in style.

Join the celebration with Morrisons! Explore their delightful range of cakes and treats! Visit your nearest Morrisons or shop online today to bring home the sweetness and make every event unforgettable. Indulge in the finest baked goods and create joyful memories with Morrisons!

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