EDEN 80/20 Puppy Cuisine Medium Kibble 2kg

Give your puppy the best start with Eden 80/20 Puppy Cuisine – order now for optimal health and development!

NATURE’S VARIETY Selected Dry Free Range Chicken For Small

See the difference with tiny dogs using Nature’s Variety Selected Dry Free Range Chicken. Made with premium grade deboned Free Range Chicken as the main component, this dry dog food is blended in a smaller bite-sized form with fruit, veggies, and superfoods ideal for small breeds (1-10kg).

Designed especially with vets, this whole and balanced dry dog food satisfies little dogs’ particular dietary requirements and includes smaller bite-sized portions for smaller mouths. Made with natural ingredients—quality deboned free range chicken among others—it boosts your dog’s vitality by combining fruit, vegetables, and carefully chosen superfoods.

Their recipes have no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives; gently cooked to provide a nutrient-dense and tasty meal. For sensitive or intolerant dogs, Nature’s Variety Selected Free Range Chicken is also grain-free, which facilitates digestion. Every one of these recipes is veterinary approved and follow PFMA and FEDIAF recommendations to guarantee you offer the best for the health and enjoyment of your little dog.

Give your small dog the premium nutrition they deserve with Nature’s Variety Selected Dry Free Range Chicken – order now for balanced, bite-sized goodness!

ACANA Pacifica Dog

Nourish your dog with ACANA Pacifica – packed with fresh, wild-caught fish for optimal health. Order now for a taste they’ll love!

BARF Line Fruit & Vegetables with Herbs – Natural Raw Food Supplement 1kg

Designed to be a critical, nutrient-dense supplement for your four-legged buddy, BARF Line Fruit & Vegetables with Herbs is a carefully dried mixture of locally grown fruits and vegetables. This gluten-free combination is perfect for BARF feeding or mixing with canned meat, therefore improving your pet’s diet with premium, unsulphurated, and unsugared fruits and vegetables. The essential, natural ingredients are preserved by the mild drying technique and airtight packing, therefore guaranteeing long-lasting freshness and nutrient retention.

Along with providing a great taste dogs enjoy, this tried-and- proven mix increases your pet’s daily food intake with vital minerals and nutrients. To offer a varied and complete diet, just toss AniForte BARF Line Fruit & Vegetable flakes into your pet’s daily BARF feed.

Enhance your dog’s diet with AniForte BARF Line Fruit & Vegetables with Herbs – a natural, nutrient-rich raw food supplement. Order now for optimal health!

CARNILOVE Fresh Ostrich and Lamb for Small Breed Dogs

Nourish your small dog with Carnilove Fresh Ostrich & Lamb – a natural, grain-free formula designed for their unique needs. Order now for balanced, wholesome nutrition!

CANAGAN Dog Scottish Salmon

Premium, grain-free dog food Canagan Scottish Salmon is meant to give your dear pet a rich and tasty dinner. Freshly prepared and deboned to guarantee high protein content, this remarkable dish presents a well chosen range of salmon, herring, trout, and white fish.

Canagan Scottish Salmon closely resembles the diet of their ancestors since it has low carbohydrate content and includes useful botanicals, thereby providing the required nourishment for your dog. This premium mix guarantees your dog gets the ideal balance of nutrients for their general welfare and condition. Designed to satisfy their taste receptors and dietary requirements, Canagan Scottish Salmon will treat your dog to its natural goodness.

Give your dog the ancestral diet they crave with Canagan Scottish Salmon – grain-free, protein-rich, and packed with freshly prepared fish. Order now for optimal nutrition!

Enhance Your Dog’s Health with the Best Dry Dog Foods for Skin and Coat!

With best-rated dry dog foods from Pets Villa, give your furry buddy a present of a lustrous coat and healthy skin. Loaded with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, Pets Villa premium choices are meant to feed your pet from the inside out. These foods guarantee your dog looks and feels their best by supporting skin health, lowering shedding, and encouraging a lustrous coat. Shop today to see the amazing improvement in the beauty and general welfare of your dog!

Shop Now at Pets Villa

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