The creators of the Wooden Globe Maps are Enjoy The Wood! Here at Wall Decor Revolution, they’re not stopping yet. Among families, Enjoy The Wood stands out. In 2014, the family behind Enjoy The Wood launched their brand.

Everyone who buys their globe map wall painting should feel joy and inspiration, since it is their purpose. Their work is a reflection of their passions, and vice versa.

Encouraging feedback motivates them to develop ever-improving concepts. The unwavering support over the years is proof that their products are top-notch and that their crew is committed. They poured their souls and imaginations into every piece, paying close attention to detail. Their customers and friends are the ones that inspire them to achieve all that they do.

Finding one-of-a-kind home decor at Enjoy The Wood firm is a byword for first-rate craftsmanship. Find the greatest selection of one-of-a-kind, handcrafted home decor items here!

Distinctive Features

Wall décor that is both high-quality and beautifully illustrated: a wooden globe map. It is both realistic and a work of art. Twenty thousand pleased consumers’ favourable evaluations attest to their excellence!

Personality that Matters

Superiority of patents Enjoy The Wood maps complement any current decor and are sure to be a conversation starter in any room. Their consultants are here to help with everything from home design style tips to selecting the perfect piece of wooden wall décor.

Made Just for You

Depending on your preferences, they may personalise a wooden globe map as wall décor. They have a lot of room for customisation, including size changes, detail additions, personal information input, and more. Their artisans are brimming with ideas. Feel free to inquire!

Effortless Acquisition

A global map by Enjoy The Wood is sure to be the focal point of any room. Make a fashion statement, organise your travels, keep tabs on your past journeys, or receive a worthwhile investment As a present, take pleasure with The World wooden map!


When it came to selling wooden maps of the globe, they were the pioneers. They have an international patent that protects their wooden maps. Over a thousand people have given them five stars on various social media platforms.

Get in on the “ENJOY THE WOOD” trademark action in 2016; Enjoy The Wood has been around since 2014. All of their operations are based on a novel idea, and they strictly adhere to all applicable laws and regulations in their manufacturing procedures.

Their wooden wall maps have been purchased by 150,000 satisfied clients in 90 different countries since 2014. Even though their Ukrainian facilities were levelled in February 2022, they managed to survive, rebuild, and get production back up and running. You have never seen wall décor like this before; it’s very stunning and motivational!

Work history Indulge with The Wood Maps, available in a rainbow of hues and sizes. They have the perfect map for you, no matter what style you’re after. Wall décor made of wood is all the rage these days, whether at home or at the workplace.

3D Wooden World Map Multicolor

Having a map on hand is always a good idea, but having a 3D wooden globe map with several colours is much better. Staring at a blank wall may be dull no matter how large or tiny your space is. You have the opportunity to add a one-of-a-kind touch to your decor with the Enjoy The World wooden map!

  • Several variants of the 3D map, all crafted from sustainable resources, are at your disposal
  • Only a blank map, one without any engraved names or borders, will do
  • Premium Map (the only Map that has its boundaries and names inscribed on it)
  • Prime+ (far more vibrant colours and considerably more detailed landscapes, rivers, and lakes!)

Show off your adventurous spirit in a unique manner! Toss in some images from past adventures and get some adorable little flag pins to attach them to the map. You can’t go wrong with a 3D globe map as an accent piece in any room, whether it’s a modern, rustic, industrial, minimalist, or transitional design. On what wall does it say “no”?

For such versatile decor, that is all that is required. Anyone looking for a unique present for a birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, housewarming, or any other special event will love this wooden globe map wall decor.

Individuals with an eye for aesthetics would welcome the chance to spruce up their abode, while adventurous souls would have a novel means of expressing their wanderlust. Put it together by yourself! This won’t take too long. On top of that, you get all the necessary equipment with your purchase.


3D LED / LUMINOUS Wooden World Map 3.0 Nordik

Presenting an absolutely jaw-dropping 3D Wooden World Map illuminated by the state-of-the-art LED 3.0 technology. You can control it with your voice or music, and it can even reflect the colours your phone’s camera captures. LED 3.0 is more than a map; it’s a stunning example of how form and function can harmoniously coexist. They have an option that combines Prime+LED & Lumi, which is an LED map that can be customised with names, borders, rivers, lakes, and mountains. It is coated with non-toxic paints, has the ability to store energy throughout the day, and even lights in the dark.

When paired with their custom-made Accessories, this map becomes even more useful. Wooden picture frames, triple picture frames, and many more wonderful possibilities are at your fingertips.

Their map, made from certified sustainable birch plywood and fibre wood, serves as a memory board, trip planner, and decorative accent. It will just take a few hours to set up. It comes in a range of sizes and is the ideal present for anybody looking to brighten up their home.
Comes with a lifetime guarantee, corner stencils, LED connecting pieces, a compass, wooden aircraft, boats, Antarctica, ocean names, and map pieces.

Take pleasure in assembling it by yourself or with loved ones; all the necessary components are included. Easy Clip installation is a feature of the Wooden World Map with LED. Use a third-party app on your phone to manage the lights; support for many phones and a remote are also available. Stunning in its blend of form and function, the Wooden World Map LED 3.0 goes beyond just a simple map. Their goods are all CE certified, meaning they are safe for use and won’t harm the environment.

Get to know even more cool features:

  • The installation of the Easy Clip is both simple and entertaining.
  • Even if you don’t have Wi-Fi at home, you can still control the lights using your phone or a third-party app. Controlling from various phones is also an option.
  • Backlighting with more than one colour is not possible.
  • The flash adapts to the volume of your music or speech and reflects the colours your phone’s camera captures.
  • In the bottom right corner of the map, you can see the power cable. It may be altered, however, if you so choose (just give them a heads up!). Just the right half of the map comes with the cord when you buy a size M.
  • An electric current powers an LED backlight.
  • There is no battery mode; you must use it hooked up to an electrical outlet.
  • Skip the acrylic.


3D Wooden World Map Smokey

Are you in search of an excellent substitute for permanent décor since you are unable to do so? Their adorable and brightly coloured 3D wooden globemap is perfect for hanging on your wall. Whether you’re decorating a spare bedroom, a spacious living room, or even a clinical office, a wooden map is a great way to bring personality and style to any area.

With their 3D wooden globe map puzzles, you can add a splash of colour to any room! The map complements a light-colored blank wall and looks great in any room. A single piece of furniture can completely change the look of a space, and the Smokey collection’s colour scheme is a perfect illustration of this.

They use non-toxic oil-wax based paint on high-quality birch plywood to create each 3D map. The map will be an ideal accessory for any kind of room, whether it’s contemporary, classic, rustic, industrial, or something else entirely.

  • A blank map (no engravings whatsoever, including the borders and names)
  • Premium Map (the only Map that has its boundaries and names inscribed on it)
  • Additional details (lakes, rivers, and mountains) and more vibrant colours are available with Prime+!

Sticky tape and detailed instructions are included with every purchase, so there’s no need to stress out over assembly. For any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or housewarming, consider getting a 3D wooden map as a present. The smoky collection’s colour scheme is a perfect illustration of how even a single accent item can brighten up a space.

3D Wooden World Map Fusion

When guests enter your room, they will be captivated by the 3D Wooden World Map . In search of an interesting accent piece or discussion starter for your home? Engaging conversations and debates will inevitably follow the essay!

Whether you’re looking for a keepsake or a source of motivation, this vibrant and long-lasting 3D wooden globe map will serve your house well. Because, after all, it’s fun to think back on previous adventures and make plans for future ones! Possessing an imaginative piece of home decor is a certain way to spark ideas for new experiences.

  • A blank map (no engravings whatsoever, including the borders and names)
  • Premium Map (the only Map that has its boundaries and names inscribed on it)
  • Additional details (lakes, rivers, and mountains) and more vibrant colours are available with Prime+!

In a clean workplace, a bedroom, a living room, or any other space, how can one effectively decorate a dull wall? Even the most compact space can be transformed into a stylish nursery with the help of this map, which is perfect for personal residences and flats.

You get the wooden map and a bunch of extras including ships, aircraft, compass, and more with every purchase. With the included double-sided adhesive tape, you can quickly and simply attach any map.

Kids World Map Khaki

Infuse your room with an air of refined elegance and create an inviting atmosphere for children with this interactive wall map. Made to display just about anyplace, this kids wall map will look great in either a cosy nursery or a spacious living room. The wall art is versatile and can be hung almost anyplace; it will look great with any decor.

Make sure you’re present to help youngsters out if you decide to use a big wall map as a learning tool. To push-pin the global location, use the set of included pins. No nation names appear on the wall. Alternatively, each country is color-coded on the children’s world map wall painting. Witness their increased curiosity and development of motor, spatial thinking, and hand-eye coordination!

Featuring safe materials, this wanderlust-themed wall décor is the perfect addition to any room, whether it’s a boy’s or girl’s, that serves several purposes. An inviting piece of décor, the globe illustration will complete the room’s aesthetic and serve as a blank slate for creative expression and discovery.

Want to know what to get someone special for a birthday, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, or housewarming? To pique their interest in their geography, civilizations, and the wonders of nature, all you need is an enthralling global map.


On July 22, hundreds of Ukrainian entrepreneurs attended the TOP USA awards ceremony in Manhattan, the epicenter of glitz and entrepreneurial culture.
The brilliant team of Diana Hetun and Taras Lavrovskyi created the award for business excellence, and it has been filled with deserving victories. The pair created the business award to recognize Ukrainians who are the most creative, ambitious, and successful. Their dedication to invention, strong work ethic, and spirit of service were the driving forces behind its creation.

Christians with a strong emphasis on practical experience spent two years learning the ropes of Ukrainian businesses across a wide range of sectors while conducting business with the country. Some supporters moved their movement to the Americas after the full-scale invasion. They started the TOP USA Awards every year to find American businesspeople of Ukrainian ancestry. Cipriani 25 Broadway has evolved into an annual event honouring the top 100 entrepreneurs for their remarkable achievements. Something that will motivate and instruct the United States’ aspiring business owners of the future

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In an instant, the most breathtaking skydiving stunts have become a reality for Igor and Maryna Fostenko. The 3D woodlands map creators and Enjoy The Wood owners walked the carpet at the TOP 100 USA Awards, where they were able to learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs and connect with over a hundred leaders in a wide range of industries.

Transform Your Space with Exquisite Craftsmanship! Shop Now to Experience the Timeless Beauty and Personalized Elegance of Enjoy The Wood’s Wooden Maps!

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