Keeping costs down is Lebara’s number one priority. They invest in customers, not in unnecessary features as other networks do. By switching to them, customers are making the better option, thanks to their affordable SIM-only plans starting at £5 per month, their fast speeds and 98% coverage (thanks to the Vodafone network), and their dependable customer support that is available 24/7.

The year 2001 marked the birth of LEBARA. Their name comes from the first two letters of the names of the three founders—LEon, Baskaran, and Ratheesan—who are all entrepreneurs. Staying in touch with loved ones overseas used to cost a pretty penny back then, thanks to the major networks. Unveiling international calls starting at under 1p per minute, their founders seized this opportunity and revolutionised the European telecoms market, establishing Lebara as a true trailblazer in value.

After 20 years in the business, Lebara is still offering unbeatable deals: SIM-only plans start at £5 per month and come with unlimited domestic and international roaming in the EU and India at no extra cost. Over 2 million consumers in the UK have chosen the wiser option by switching to Vodafone, thanks to their dependable superfast network, award-winning customer care, and the fact that there have been no yearly price increases since 2020.

They have accomplished much since their inception. The United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Denmark are the five European countries where customers can find them today. Plus, they are able to provide discounts to clients in Australia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and Spain via their brand licence partners. Their brand is created for every country based on their specific demands, but they consistently emphasize that they’re the superior option.

Their goals are to be clear and consistent, to act swiftly and pragmatically, and to prioritize the most important things. As a team, they welcome new ideas and are always looking for ways to improve, both professionally and personally. They are serious about keeping their word and will do everything it takes to satisfy their customers. In order to win big as a team, they watch, listen, comprehend, and lend a hand when needed.


With no long-term contracts and only 30-day rolling plans, Lebara prioritises client convenience and flexibility. There are no long-term obligations, so you may change or cancel your plan whenever you choose. Plus, there are no credit checks and the whole sign-up procedure takes under a minute, so it’s easy and quick for everyone.

Lebara gives customers peace of mind regarding connectivity by including EU roaming in their plans. With up to 30 GB of data available, you may use your plan in the EU exactly as at home. Reliable speeds with 98% coverage are yours to enjoy thanks to the Vodafone network. Plus, you can have the newest in high-speed connectivity without going into debt thanks to the inclusion of 5G at no additional cost.


There is a wide range of affordable cellphone plans available from Lebara. Customers may get 5GB of data, 1000 minutes and texts within the UK, and 100 minutes to other countries for only £5. The £10 package doubles the data to 20GB, includes 100 international minutes, and unlimited UK calls and texts. For £15, customers may get a complete subscription with 30GB of data, unlimited calls and messages within the UK, and 500 minutes to overseas destinations. Enjoy limitless communication with the top-tier £20 plan, which includes unlimited UK minutes and texts as well as unlimited foreign minutes. Users are given the freedom to choose plans that best suit their needs and budget with these flexible options.

Inclusivity is a prominent aspect of Lebara’s plans. With each plan’s built-in EU roaming, customers may use their data allocation abroad in the same way they would at home—up to 30GB. In addition, Lebara’s network is powered by Vodafone, a well-known and dependable provider with wide coverage areas and free 5G access. Customers are guaranteed fast and reliable speeds no matter where they are because to this dedication to connectivity.

In addition, Lebara’s services are designed to be easy to use and understand. It usually takes less than a minute to sign up, and there are no credit checks involved. As an example of Lebara’s focus on its customers, the company does not need them to sign any kind of long-term contract and allows them to change or cancel their plans whenever they choose. Customers who are looking for a mobile service provider that offers both cost and convenience often choose Lebara because of their plans’ great value, flexibility, and reliability, regardless of whether they are communicating locally or internationally.


Through Lebara, you may access unique discounts on Samsung devices. Discounts on a variety of Samsung products, including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, televisions, computers, refrigerators, and more, can be yours when you sign in to your Lebara account and click the “See Offers” link below. The savings are applied instantly at checkout on the Samsung Enhanced Partnership Programme website, therefore, discount codes are not needed. Exclusive to Lebara, shop for all your favourite Samsung products with ease and save a tonne of money.

Step 1: Take advantage of exceptional discounts through Lebara’s connection with Samsung by clicking the ‘See Offers’ link below.

Step 2: The second step is to visit the Samsung Enhanced Partnership Programme website using your Lebara login. You will be taken directly to the site that offers the savings after you have logged in. Remember that in order to redeem this offer, you must have a Lebara account.

Step 3: Third, begin your purchasing! The products on the Samsung Enhanced Partnership Programme website will automatically have the discounted rates applied, so you can see your savings right away. It is that easy; discount vouchers are not required.

DISCLAIMER: When you shop at Lebara, you may see connections to other websites, including those of participating businesses and service providers (called “Lebara Partners“). Neither the content nor the use of any third-party websites are endorsed or endorsed by Lebara. You should read the privacy and terms of service policies of any third-party websites you visit. You agree that any offers you claim are subject to the terms and conditions set out by Lebara Partners and that you do so at your own risk. When you buy something from Lebara Partners, you’re not relying on Lebara to fulfil your order or handle any problems that may arise.


The purpose of purchasing travel insurance is to protect one’s financial resources in the event that one experiences an unexpected occurrence while on vacation. Emergency medical aid, property loss or damage reimbursement, and compensation for travel interruptions or cancellations are all part of the range of coverage it offers. Even though it’s not required by law, having travel insurance gives people peace of mind and protects them financially in case something happens while they’re away.

Customers who have already signed up with Lebara may access the offer via their account page to take advantage of the cheaper travel insurance prices. One of Lebara’s service plans may be enrolled by clients who are not Lebara subscribers. Discounted travel insurance packages are available from Lebara, beginning at £4.80*, thanks to a partnership with MoneySuperMarket. To get a price, interested parties should visit MoneySuperMarket’s website using the URL given. Individuals may get full travel insurance coverage by logging into their Lebara account, selecting an appropriate package, and completing the purchase via MoneySuperMarket’s website.

All Lebara offers connect to third-party websites, such as participating companies and service providers (‘Lebara Partners’). Lebara does not promote or take responsibility for third-party websites. You should read third-party websites’ terms of service and privacy policies. Claiming offers is at your own risk and subject to Lebara Partners’ terms and conditions. Lebara Partners is not liable for order fulfilment or any complications arising from purchases.


Complete Flexibility: Lebara Pay As You Go gives you full control over your phone use, so you may use it anyway you like—data, occasional calls, or texts.

Cheap Calls: Enjoy cheap international calls starting at only 1p per minute, in addition to other discount pricing. Lebara Pay As You Go, your credit is yours to use whenever you please, unlike other plans that expire after 30 days.

More Features: You have the convenience of adding credit to your current plan by SMS opt-in, allowing you to make out-of-bundle calls or buy more features.

Advantages of Roaming: Stay connected no matter where you are with roaming in the EU and India.

High-Quality Network: Take advantage of the widely-recognized and lauded Vodafone Network. Lebara Pay As You Go guarantees client happiness with its high-quality service, which has earned it an excellent rating on Trustpilot.

Experience the Freedom of Choice and Unmatched Value with Lebara. Join Their Network Today to Enjoy Seamless Connectivity, Competitive Rates, and Outstanding Customer Service. Don’t Miss Out – Make the Smart Choice for Your Communication Needs!




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