There are several left-handed choices and a large selection of acoustic guitars for sale at your neighbourhood PMT Acoustic Guitar Shop, including six and 12-string models in both acoustic and electro-acoustic configurations.

PMT are principal UK distributors for a number of well-known acoustic guitar manufacturers, including Taylor, Martin, Faith, Takamine, Yamaha, Stagg, Washburn, Tanglewood, Fender, Gibson and many more.

PMT thus provide acoustic guitars for sale that fit your taste and style, whatever your musical tastes, whether the unadulterated folk sound of Bob Dylan or the indie songs of Noel Gallagher inspire you.

Please visit your neighbourhood shop to spend some time in a laid-back setting testing out PMT selection of acoustic guitars for sale. Every shop has a vast assortment, as does PMT online.

Taylor 724ce Koa Electro Acoustic Guitar

Offering players a Grand Auditorium-style electro-acoustic guitar with exceptional materials and a unique musical personality is the Taylor 724ce. This guitar, which is a member of the prestigious 700 series, presents in a novel and creative way the musical qualities and natural beauty of All-Koa tonewood. The 724ce offers outstanding playability and tone because to its unique back bracing design, select-grade tonewoods, well-respected electronics, and ultra-thin matte finish. This magnificent instrument is going to be a focal point in any player’s collection whether you’re recording in the studio or playing on stage. Discover the unmatched workmanship and aural diversity of the Taylor 724ce Koa Electro Acoustic Guitar and take your musical expression to new heights.

Taylor 724ce Koa Electro Acoustic Guitar Key Features

  • Taylor Guitars’ all-Koa construction offers a premium tonewood with mahogany’s dry warmth and a more open sound when played. A unique back bracing arrangement and ultra-thin matte finishes make the guitar livelier, punchier, and more direct than an all-Koa guitar.
  • Excellent Playability – The 724ce maintains Taylor’s Grand Auditorium history with a smaller, more comfortable body than a Dreadnought, without sacrificing tone. Additionally, the finely carved neck and Ebony fingerboard enable your fingers to glide over every note.
  • The 724ce has Taylor’s Expression System 2 (ES2) pickup and preamp, capturing the entire dynamic range of your guitar for recording and live performance. These electronics will record every element of your playing method, allowing the listeners hear your distinctive touch.
  • Taylor includes a luxury hardshell bag to protect the instrument while not in use. This cover fits the guitar’s Grand Auditorium shape and protects it from knocks, scratches, and spills on the way to and from performances.
  • 12 Year Extended Warranty – Register your Taylor 724ce on the official Taylor website to activate the 10-year warranty extension. This means you’ll get 2 years of guitar, electronics, and case coverage plus 10 years of guitar coverage!

Ferndale GA3-CE Grand Auditorium Electro Acoustic, Spruce Bocote

The Ferndale GA3-CE Grand Auditorium Electro Acoustic guitar is a superbly playable instrument designed with aspirant professional performers in mind. This instrument has a beautiful Gloss Natural finish and plays very well in addition to looking excellent. The Grand Auditorium body form and Spruce Bocote construction of the GA3-CE provide a clear, well-balanced tone that works well with a variety of playing styles. This electro-acoustic guitar will satisfy discriminating musicians whether you’re playing live or recording in the studio. Discover the exceptional workmanship and performance of the Ferndale GA3-CE, and take your musical expression to new heights.

A True Performer’s Guitar

The Ferndale GA3-CE is a serious level of acoustic guitar with a gloss finish, smooth-playing neck, comfortably-shaped body with an upper-bout cutaway, and excellent-sounding electronics that may help take your playing to the next level.

Ferndale GA3-CE Grand Auditorium, Natural Highlights

  • Grand Auditorium-style body shape, with an upper-bout cutaway
  • Solid Engelmann Spruce Top and layered Bocote body
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Enclosed die-cast tuning machines
  • Superb value for money

Grand Auditorium Shape

Ferndale chose to build this guitar in the classic Grand Auditorium shape, which is easy to play while sitting or standing. Rich, natural sound with remarkable projection is produced by the body’s construction of a Solid Engelmann Spruce Top and layered Bocote Back and Sides. A cutaway on the top bout of the guitar also makes it simple to reach the higher range.

On-Board Electronics

Just put your GA3-CE with the onboard pickup and preamp into an amp or PA system when you’re ready to go on stage. With the built-in tuner, you can always sound your best and the preamp has options for sculpting your sound.

Ferndale 3 Series

There are a tonne of acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars in Ferndale’s 3 Series, all designed with both seasoned musicians and budding pros. Stated otherwise, the Ferndale 3 Series offers something for everyone looking for a new acoustic to assist launch their playing or home recording careers.

Taylor 914ce Sinker Redwood Top With Cindy Inlay

Rare tonewoods, elaborate inlays, and faultless design make the Taylor 914ce Special Edition Redwood a real masterwork of acoustic guitar workmanship. A remarkable and distinctive addition to any musician’s collection, this amazing instrument has a Sinker Redwood top with Cindy inlay. The Taylor 914ce Special Edition Redwood provides a very remarkable musical experience with its outstanding looks and unmatched playability. Whether you play professionally or are a discriminating enthusiast, this acoustic guitar is the height of Taylor’s dedication to excellence and creativity. Discover the elegance and beauty of the Taylor 914ce Special Edition Redwood and soar to new musical heights.

Taylor 914ce Special Edition Sinker Redwood with Cindy Inlays Key Features

  • Sinker Redwood and Indian Rosewood – The guitar’s top is known for its outstanding tone and intriguing grain patterns. The 914ce has a rich, balanced tone with warmth and clarity thanks to genuine Indian Rosewood back and sides.
  • The 914ce Special Edition has the “Cindy” inlay suite, adding elegance to its already magnificent look. Taylor’s intricate peghead and bridge inlays reflect his attention to detail and design.
  • The Grand Auditorium body form, with a radius armrest, provides superior comfort and playability. Whether strumming or fingerpicking, this guitar seems like an extension of oneself, making every performance fun.
  • This Special Edition model has premium hardware and electronics, including Gotoh 510 Antique Gold tuning machinery for accurate and consistent tuning. Whether on stage or in the studio, Expression System 2 electronics accurately capture the guitar’s inherent tone.
  • Exquisite Details – Taylor’s dedication to quality is obvious throughout the 914ce. From the West African Crelicam Ebony fretboard and binding to the V-Class bracing, every element is designed to improve the guitar’s tone and appearance.
  • Included Taylor Deluxe Hardshell Case in deep brown finish protects your investment, offering optimum security for your beloved instrument.
  • Unleash Your Musical PotentialWith a nut width of 1-3/4″ and a scale length of 25-1/2″, the Taylor 914ce is comfortable for many playing styles. Featuring D’Addario XS Coated Phosphor Bronze Light strings, this guitar will inspire your music.
  • The UK has just 4 dealer-exclusive guitars, and PMT has secured a few. Order now to prevent losing out!

Faith FKV Naked Venus Electro Acoustic Guitar

The Faith FKV Naked Venus Acoustic Guitar is an affordable, elegant, and simply designed instrument, expertly and passionately made by renowned luthier Patrick James Eggle. Rich and resonant with a hint of exotic flare, this guitar has a genuine Cedar top, Mahogany body and neck, and an Ebony fretboard. Based on the traditional Auditorium form, the Naked Venus’s stripped-back, smaller body design offers the power and projection of a full-sized instrument along with comfort and ease of playing. Understated beauty and charm abound in the Faith FKV Naked Venus with its natural 2-stage satin finish. Experienced players and novices alike will find this guitar to provide an outstanding playing experience at a reasonable price. Explore new musical horizons with the Faith FKV Naked Venus with its superb workmanship and heartfelt tone.

Big Sound, Solid Tone

High grade, robust tonewoods are used in Faith Naked instruments, and the guitar’s straightforward satin finish allows it to breathe and move freely. In line with every other Faith series, every Faith Naked instrument has a 100% solid tonewood body and top made of solid cedar. But the guitars are now naked, free of extraneous dressing and cosmetics. The tonewood is almost completely unfettered in its resonant movement and has a satin finish all around, thus the tone produced is well beyond what is often anticipated at this price range.

High-End Electronics

An outstanding Fishman IsysT onboard preamp system is included with every Faith Venus electro-acoustic. Conveniently located on the top of the body of your instrument, the preamp controls provide discreet but quick access for mid-performance changes. Volume, Contour, Phase and even an inbuilt tuner are controls!

Martin 000-28EC Eric Clapton Signature Acoustic Guitar

With the Martin 000-28EC Inspiring by legendary models like the 000-42, Eric Clapton Signature Acoustic Guitar honours Martin’s tradition of producing outstanding smaller-bodied guitars. Featuring the classic blend of fine tonewoods and painstaking workmanship, this signature guitar honours Eric Clapton’s legendary performance on MTV Unplugged. With every pluck, this guitar offers an amazing sound experience because to its iconic Martin acoustic tone, which is typified by brilliant sustain and amazing clarity. For blues and folk performers, its small size and cosy playing provide both mobility and performance flexibility. Martin’s illustrious acoustic guitars are embodied in the unique, sophisticated sound of the 000-28EC thanks to its hallmark tonewood combination.

A portable a comfortable example of tonal perfection

Exquisite Tonewoods

The distinctive Martin combination of East Indian Rosewood back and sides and Solid Sitka Spruce top creates a brilliant singing sustain and amazing detail that guarantees you and your audience hear every note. Although the rosewood back and sides provide you a very resonant voice with a deep warm bass undertone, the spruce top serves as the perfect diaphragm for conveying the guitar’s voice. The finished timbre is a rich, warm, well-balanced palette of harmonic overtones.

The Details

Class emanates from every aspect of this instrument, from the general design to the minute features. There’s not a single inch of these guitars that doesn’t look the part. They have a genuine ebony fingerboard with a pre-war Style 28 snowflake pattern in a blond pearl, with Eric Clapton’s signature inlaid in awabi mother-of-pearl between the 19th and 20th frets; a fine herringbone with multistripe rosette; an old-style overlay logo on the headstock; compensated bone saddle and zigzag back strip.

Every 000-28EC is supplied with an official Martin hardshell case and an internal label with sequentially numbered individual numbers. Get in touch with their Online Sales Team directly if you would like more information about this guitar or any other product you have seen on their website; they are always pleased to assist. Remember that you may choose from PMT fantastic variety of home delivery options (UK customers only, subject to stock levels) if you make your purchase online.


Are electric guitars easier to play than acoustic guitars?

Because their strings are often thicker and need more effort to fret, many people find acoustic guitars more difficult to play than electric guitars. But an acoustic guitar often has more room on the fretboard, which some people find preferable.

When playing an acoustic guitar, what additional accessories are required?

Among the most often used acoustic guitar accessories are tuners, capos, straps, and plectrums.

When should I change the strings on my acoustic guitar?

Around every three months, the strings on an acoustic guitar should be replaced.

Can I get an acoustic guitar in both left and right hand?

Indeed, left and right-handed acoustic guitars are made.

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