Represent’s SS24 showcases an always evolving colour palette reminiscent of a sunset, with a plethora of neutral shades giving way to muted reds and sky blues. Shirting, pinstripe pants, and twilled suiting wools are all part of the collection’s audacious juxtaposition of fabrics and silhouettes. Luxury jersey hoodies, t-shirts, and sweaters have distressed graphics of the brand’s name. Horizons showcases classic elements of British tailoring. Heavy washing on denim, abstract spray art on knitwear, and garment-dyed bomber jackets are just a few examples of the intricate details on display in this collection. Flowing silhouettes, loose knits, and exaggeratedly large cuts round out the season’s style.


Introducing the Represent Cap in Black, a sophisticated accessory designed to elevate your style. This cap showcases a clean golfer silhouette, perfect for those who appreciate a blend of sporty elegance and contemporary fashion. The cap’s standout feature is the metal Represent lettering to the front, adding a touch of luxury and distinct identity. Whether you’re on the golf course or navigating the urban landscape, the Black Cap Golfer Silhouette with Metal Represent Lettering promises to be a versatile addition to your wardrobe.


The Classic Parts T-Shirt in Flat White is a celebration of motorsport heritage, blending style and comfort effortlessly. Made from medium weight jersey cotton, this piece offers an oversized fit that ensures both comfort and a statement style. At the heart of this t-shirt’s design lies the cracked Horizons motorsport inspired graphic, an emblem that speaks volumes to enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike. Not only does this graphic adorn the front, but it makes a repeat performance on the back for a cohesive look. The design is further elevated with a Represent metal bar logo delicately placed at the hem. Its round neck and short sleeves keep the silhouette classic and versatile. Composition: 100% Cotton.


Introducing the Black Stepped Hem Pants – a testament to modern sophistication and tailored luxury. Designed to complement their Dress Shirt, these pants redefine elegance with their slightly wide leg and distinctive stepped hem, featuring captivating side splits for a touch of unique flair. Crafted with a slight stretch for ultimate comfort and finished in a refined twill, they exude a seamless blend of style and functionality. Practicality is met with slanted hand pockets and faux welt pockets at the back, while the Represent metal branding on the back belt loop adds an unmistakable mark of quality. Elevate your wardrobe with these wide-leg, split-hem pants and experience the epitome of contemporary fashion.


The Icarus Hoodie not only stands out for its luxurious design and comfort but also embodies a deep narrative, inviting wearers to ponder the myths that have shaped human understanding of ambition and caution. This garment is perfect for those who appreciate fashion that tells a story, combining style with substance. The taupe color adds a sense of sophistication and versatility, making it a staple piece for any wardrobe. Its composition of 100% cotton ensures maximum comfort and durability, promising a timeless piece that pays homage to both modern fashion trends and ancient wisdom.


The Initial Cropped Dress Shirt is the epitome of modern elegance and versatility. Its unique blend of fabrics not only gives it a sleek, sophisticated look but also provides comfort and ease of movement, making it a perfect choice for both formal events and casual outings. The distinctive High Build Initial logo adds an element of exclusive branding, while the matte black tonal poppers ensure a seamless and refined appearance. The cut and sew signature V yoke on the back enhances the overall design, adding an unexpected touch of style that sets this piece apart. Whether you’re looking to make a statement in the boardroom or stand out in a crowd, this shirt is a testament to fashion-forward thinking and impeccable craftsmanship.


Crafted to bridge the gap between the nostalgic vibe of retro sneakers and the luxury of modern footwear, the Bully in Vintage White/Grey emerges as a must-have for aficionados seeking both style and substance. The intricate blend of nubuck, suede, and leather overlays, set against the cutting-edge knitted mesh upper, speaks volumes of its artisanal craftsmanship. This sneaker doesn’t just stop at aesthetics; its ergonomic design, highlighted by the padded collar and chunky lacing, promises unparalleled comfort and support with every step. The TPU exoskeleton, adorned with the Represent Initial logo, is not just a design element but a statement of sophistication and durability, making it an iconic addition to any sneaker collection.

Why Do We Choose Represent?

Choosing SS24 by Represent marks a decision driven by commitment to both style and sustainability. Represent is renowned for its dedication to crafting fashion that not only stands the test of time in terms of trends but also leads the charge in eco-conscious manufacturing. SS24 stands out as a testament to this philosophy. With each piece from the SS24 collection, buyers are assured of high-quality, durable materials that minimize environmental impact without compromising on aesthetic appeal. This choice reflects a conscious shift towards responsible fashion consumption, aligning personal style with global sustainability goals.

Step into the Future of Fashion with SS24 by Represent!

Experience the epitome of style and innovation with SS24 by Represent. Their collection pushes the boundaries of traditional fashion, offering a daring display of juxtaposed fabrics, bold cuts, and refreshing silhouettes. From wide-leg pants to luxury jersey hoodies adorned with distressed graphics, every piece tells a story of ceaseless progression.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your wardrobe with SS24 by Represent. Shop now and embrace the season’s aesthetic of exaggerated oversized fits, loose knits, and flowing shapes. Step into the future of fashion today with SS24 by Represent.

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