Discover the ultimate SUP boards by Bluefin. Explore their all-inclusive paddleboard packages, meticulously designed by industry experts using the finest materials and construction techniques. With Bluefin, you can trust that you’re getting top-quality paddleboards that are built to perform and built to last.


£419.30 Was £599.00

Introducing the Cruise Board Series – their premium paddleboard that has received recognition in the awards department. Whether you’re paddling solo, with a partner, or even with your furry friend, their Cruise series is designed to handle any adventure. Available in various sizes and stylish color combinations to suit your preferences and skill level.

Over the past decade, their design team has been refining this paddleboard, ensuring it’s constructed using the finest materials available, including ESL fused PVC and the most durable drop stitch technology. The sleek, streamlined hull provides excellent stability and a smooth cruising experience. But they didn’t stop there – they’ve also incorporated some clever safety features, such as reflective D-Rings, to enhance your safety during your journeys.


£411.75 Was £549.00

For water enthusiasts who love yoga and fitness, the Aura Fit paddleboard is the perfect choice. Elevate your practice to a new level by connecting with nature while finding inner peace on the water. The Aura Fit enhances your strength, balance, and coordination, adding an extra challenge to your routine and invigorating your senses for a transcendent experience.

With an extra-large activity deck pad, the Aura Fit provides ample space for you to explore your body and mind. Designed for optimal balance, its wide all-around shape, arced nose, and tail offer exceptional stability for water-based fitness activities. Featuring a nature-inspired central lotus leaf decoration and mandala pattern, this board is as beautiful on the outside as you’ll feel inside.


£559.30 Was £799.00

For adventurers who know no bounds, meet their dynamic, robust, and stable next-generation Rogue 12’6 paddleboard. Crafted for those who crave adventure, the Rogue is designed for long distances and excursions, offering an exceptional balance of speed and agility – an essential tool for those eager to explore the open waters.

The Rogue features a refined nose that effortlessly pierces through waves and extra-large modular cargo areas for expedition gear. These areas are secured with two customizable bungee cords provided with the board. Enhanced tracking is achieved thanks to its narrow box, stern, and specialized single touring fin, making the Rogue the ultimate companion for those who seek to journey farther.


£524.25 Was £699.00

Designed for adventurous anglers, the Voyage paddleboard offers stability, safety, and durability. Packed with angler-friendly features, this craft is perfect for those who prefer fishing away from the banks and piers. Providing an unparalleled connection with the water, the Voyage offers a sturdy platform for casting, along with ample storage space for tackle, gear, and your catch of the day.

Equipped with a unique tri-chamber inflation system, an extra-wide deck pad, and stabilizing side rails, the Voyage provides a super stable casting platform for anglers. Thoughtful design elements such as two fishing rod mounts and accompanying holders make this board a fisherman’s best friend. With plenty of room for gear, from warm clothing to your favorite lures, the Voyage is the perfect board for fishing adventures. Try it, and you’ll be hooked.



£639.20 Was £799.00

Designed for competitive racers, the Nitro 14 inflatable SUP is fast, light, and aerodynamic, making it the ultimate inflatable stand-up race paddleboard. Constructed using exo-surface laminate technology (ESL), the Nitro is over 15% lighter than previous Bluefin Sprint boards, ensuring you stay ahead of the pack.

The Nitro 14 is all about speed. With a refined nose, ultra-sleek profile, and rear speed rail, it provides smoother, quicker water release. The specialized NXT series single race fin setup ensures superb tracking and control without drag. A swept-back kickpad improves agility, while FRS carbon rails add stiffness to increase hull integrity.

Featuring their signature UV-resistant, non-slip croco-diamond deck pad with a footing location arch bar, the Nitro 14 allows you to find your optimal foot position without distraction. Get ready to experience speed like never before as the Nitro redefines performance on the water.


Discover Bluefin’s premium SUP boards and packages, meticulously designed for every adventure on the water. Whether you’re looking for a versatile all-around paddleboard like the Cruise series, an invigorating yoga and fitness experience with the Aura Fit, or a dynamic and robust board for long-distance excursions like the Rogue, Bluefin has you covered. For adventurous anglers, the Voyage offers stability, safety, and ample storage, while the Nitro 14 is the ultimate inflatable stand-up race paddleboard, designed for competitive racers seeking unmatched speed and performance. With top-quality materials and innovative design features, Bluefin’s SUP boards are built to perform and built to last, ensuring an unforgettable experience on the water every time.

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