Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom routine and embrace a cleaner, greener way to wipe? Meet Wype – the ingenious natural gel that boosts the cleansing power of regular toilet paper. Kiss those guilty wet wipe habits goodbye and experience a soothing, eco-friendly clean that won’t cost the planet.

At its core, Wype is a simple yet brilliant concept – a gentle, water-based gel that instantly transforms your toilet paper into a wet wipe alternative. But this is no ordinary wet wipe. Wype is flushable, biodegradable, and actively good for your pipes and the oceans. That’s right, you can finally get a proper clean down there without any of the post-wipe remorse.

The Brains Behind the Bottom Care

The founders of Wype are on a mission to revolutionise how we think about our delicate hygiene needs. After years of being flushed with frustration by normal wet wipes, they decided to craft an ethical solution that prioritises both personal and environmental care.

Their innovative formula is certified organic by COSMOS, vegan, and completely cruelty-free. It combines ultra-gentle botanicals like aloe vera and chamomile to leave you feeling fresh while moisturising sensitive areas. And despite being unscented and hypoallergenic, it still packs a serious cleansing punch.

An Ingenious Applicator for the Modern Rear

This isn’t just any old toilet paper gel in a bottle. Oh no, Wype have thoughtfully designed an easy-to-use reusable applicator that lets you seamlessly incorporate their formula into your bathroom routine.

The innovatively rounded tip features a circular hole pattern, allowing the gel to spread evenly onto your toilet paper without that dreaded soggy, disintegrated mess. A simple one-touch design means you can operate it single-handedly (because, let’s face it, hygiene necessitates putting your hands in some precarious positions).

To keep things neat, the applicator has an attached overcap to prevent leaks and keep the nozzle clean between uses. There’s even a handy rope loop for discreetly hanging the applicator off the side of your Wype bottle or bathroom hook.

And speaking of the bottle, it’s a gorgeous aluminium number that’s infinitely recyclable and easy to unscrew for quick refilling. Just subscribe for regular top-ups and never be caught with a dry bathroom cabinet again!

A Wet Wipe Alternative That Doesn’t Clog

We all know that fatbergs created by incorrect wet wipe flushing are a serious issue. Those little demonic rags can take up to a century to biodegrade, shedding microplastics into rivers and oceans along the way. In fact, wet wipes make up over 90% of the ghastly pipe blockages affectionately known as fatbergs.

Even the supposedly “flushable” wipes are guilty, being 88 times more likely to cause sewerage issues than plain old toilet paper. It’s a dirty truth that the wet wipe industry would prefer you didn’t dwell on.

That’s where Wype provides blessed relief. With a formula carefully designed to be completely flushable and biodegradable, you can finally achieve that coveted fresh feeling without worrying about cursed “ghosts” haunting the waterways.

GetWyped into the Clean Cult

Surely by now you’re convinced that a simple squeeze of Wype is a life (or at least bathroom) upgrade we could all benefit from? If you’re ready to break the curse of the naughty napkins and join the “Clean Cult”, Wype has an outstanding starter kit offer.

For just £9, you’ll receive one full-size 100ml bottle of their Original formula and a swanky reusable applicator to begin your velvety moisture journey. Even better, you can subscribe to have refill bottles arriving regularly for the low price of £3 a month (with free shipping!). There’s no commitment, so you can cancel, amend or pause anytime.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade to Wype and put a confident smile between your cheeks today!

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