Since its founding, Carrs Silver has been synonymous with superb satisfactory and wonderful designs in silverware. Their dedication to craftsmanship and lifestyle guarantees that each piece isn’t best a practical item but a piece of art that complements the beauty and charm of your property surroundings.

When it comes to reworking a simple meal right into a superb eating experience, the details be counted. Carrs Silver, a revered call inside the world of nice silverware, invites you to discover its trendy Bar & Tableware series that promises no longer just utility however additionally beauty. Whether you’re web hosting a night meal or playing a quiet drink at domestic, Carrs Silver complements those moments with its meticulously crafted portions. This article highlights 5 exceptional merchandise that encompass sophistication and artistry.

Sterling Silver Round Napkin Ring With Wrapped Edge

First in the series is the Sterling Silver Round Napkin Ring With Wrapped Edge. This piece, priced at £221.00, boasts a easy yet stylish layout that effortlessly adds a touch of class on your desk placing. The wrapped area detail gives a present day twist to the traditional serviette ring, making it a standout accessory for any dining occasion.


Crafted from superb sterling silver, the napkin ring’s reflective surface gleams below eating room lights, enhancing its aesthetic enchantment. Its strong creation ensures durability, allowing this piece to be a part of your table decor for future years.    

Sterling Silver Octagonal Decanter Label

The Sterling Silver Octagonal Decanter Label, available for £114.00, is a perfect blend of functionality and style. Designed to label decanters with a touch of silver elegance, this piece makes it easy to identify your spirits stylishly.


The octagonal shape and sterling silver construction not only serve a practical purpose but also contribute to the overall beauty of your bar setup. Its clear engravings and classic design make it suitable for both contemporary and traditional decors.

Straight Bottle Coaster Sterling Silver

Introducing the Straight Bottle Coaster Sterling Silver, this item comes with a striking price range of £183.00 – £438.00, depending on size and design variations. It’s designed to protect your table surfaces from moisture while adding a luxurious touch to your hosting accessories.


This coaster is made from the finest sterling silver, reflecting Carrs Silver’s commitment to quality. Its sleek design complements any bottle it hosts, making it a versatile addition to your barware collection.

Sterling Silver Swizzle Stick

For those who enjoy a well-mixed drink, the Sterling Silver Swizzle Stick, priced at £135.00, is an essential tool. It’s not only functional but also a decorative element that adds a sparkle to your cocktail preparation.


This swizzle stick features a sleek, streamlined design that is both modern and functional. The durability of sterling silver ensures that it can withstand regular use, making it a valuable addition to any bar.

Armada Dish Sterling Silver

The grand Armada Dish Sterling Silver, with its price ranging from £546.00 to £5,176.00, is the epitome of luxury and functionality. Available in various sizes, it’s perfect for serving or as a stunning decorative item in your home.


Crafted with exceptional skill, the Armada Dish features intricate details and a polished finish that highlights its elegant curves and substantial feel. It’s a piece that not only serves but also mesmerizes.

Discover Timeless Elegance with Carrs Silver

Carrs Silver invites you to bring the elegance of sterling silver into your daily life. With special pieces like the Sterling Silver Round Napkin Ring and the grand Armada Dish, Carrs Silver ensures that every product you purchase is not just an item, but a treasure. Elevate your bar and tableware with Carrs Silver’s collection, where beauty meets functionality in every piece. Embrace the luxury and make your next gathering unforgettable with Carrs Silver.

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