Their selection of kitchen and dining tables from Nkuku is crafted using sustainable and top quality materials, which are guaranteed to give your home a special character and stylish look. The key of the brand is its sustainability and handmade trait; at the same time, the pieces are a mixture of industrial and recycled finishes. The wood, marble, and leather, in a unique way, are being used as the most exquisite tables that can create a sense of being special to anyone. The tables created by Nkuku are not only beautiful but also practical for everyday life. They can be seen as the centre of the dining room and they will also be the ones to make your dining experience more fun.

Where Elegance Meets Sustainability: Nkuku Dining Tables

Indali Mango Wood Dining Table – Natural – Small

Give a unique appearance to the event by using the Indali petite dining table, which is also a beautiful work of art. The natural wood is the center of attention, with its complexity and texture revealed for all to admire. The form is cleanly and sharply cut. This classic design is among the oldest and strongest of all and represents the essence of timeless beauty that will blend in with any style or theme. The wood of those mango trees must have been at least a hundred years old, because they were no longer bearing fruit as they had grown too old. It is conveniently capable of fitting four or six people and that is amazing for people who stay in small apartments or other small spaces.

Indali Mango Wood Round Dining Table – Large

Be a part of the fashion world and display your taste with their cosy Indali dining table. The detailed wood, with its organic complexity and texture, is the focus of the whole design, which is done with simplicity. Its sturdy appearance, classic style, and fresh approach make it a versatile piece for any home. The only time they cut down the mango trees is when they don’t give any more fruits and thus, they are trying to be environmentally friendly by using mango wood to make this table. The table’s generous size allows for seating of about four to six people, thus providing a comfortable dining experience.

Ishan Reclaimed Folding Dining & Coffee Table

The Ishan foldable table is differentiated from others because the wood and aluminium used in its design are weathered and reclaimed. It has both a long and a short leg, which allows it to be both a coffee table and a dining table depending on the height level. The wood used in this design has a natural grain and colour, which provide the piece with an attractive tactile quality, and the legs are made of powder coated metal that is more durable than ordinary paint. The Ishan table will be a perfect choice for your kitchen, living areas, and garden rooms, as it has a distinct look. The Ishan chairs being foldable are the very embodiment of style.

Anbu Acacia Dining Table – Washed Walnut – Large

Solid walnut-coloured acacia wood is used in the Anbu dining table, which is a timeless and classic piece of furniture. However, they may seem to be simple, the legs are rotated in a way that is very appealing, which in turn leads the viewer to marvel at its brilliant design. Anbu line, which is one of the items in the Anbu collection.

Oso Wooden Dining Table – 220cm

The Oso eating table is a graceful accent to your outdoor room, conservatory, or balcony. The aged salvaged slat wood has acquired a patina, which is very appealing. Stylish Oso benches are available. Wood flaws are unavoidable as this product is handcrafted from teak which is the wood of old teak trees. It is a couple of dents and cracks in the wood. These characteristics, in their opinion, contribute to the article’s beauty and create the worn, vintage look that makes it desirable. Due to the fact that they are the repurposed items, they may have those tiny flaws and waned surfaces. As a matter of fact, there is not a single pair that is similar. Their Oso tables’ legs have powder coating on them, which makes them much stronger than ordinary paint. This is why you can do it in your garden.


The aesthetic value of hand-worked design and the environmentally friendly production method are clearly demonstrated on the Nkuku dining tables. The aged look of the reclaimed wood, the polished marble, and the well-worn leathers that make the furniture inspire a very special character in the table. These tables are both functional and aesthetic, as the woodwork is carpented with much care and attention to detail. Nkuku‘s dining tables are versatile and can be used in both rural and modern styles. They come with an impressive balance of both form and function and will definitely be the focal point of your home.

Transform Your Dining Experience with Nkuku

Every Nkuku dining table is carefully done by hand and can be used to create a dining space in any room. The products are handmade from the mix of recycled wood, marble, and leather, with the touch of a rustic style and eco-friendliness to them. Let this chance offer itself for you to present these remarkable tables by adding them into your dining room. Becoming a part of you and your life, they invite you to come to their shop at once and check out their collection.

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