Living & Home dining tables are perfect with their style and functionality. They offer a wide range of cutlery styles ranging from antique to modern and each piece in their catalogue is crafted to enhance your dining. These dining tables are long-lasting and will remain stylish for many years due to the use of quality materials in construction. At Living and Home, there is a solution for each room and each way of life; whether it is a giant table for hosting or a small table for a cozy corner for eating. Upgrade your dining room with a table that meets your practical requirements as well as the purpose of improving the outlook of your house.

Dining Tables

90cm Round Dining Table Tempered Glass Coffee Table

This dining table from Livingandhome is definitely an unconventional piece that can turn into a statement piece in any contemporary setting. This furniture piece is a level glass table made of clear glass with a four bevelled chrome legs in a cluster design. This table is used in the dining area and is considered an important item of furniture. The glass used in the construction of the table is the tempered glass and this is because it has the capability to handle high temperatures for instance those of hot dish plates or coffee cups. This is a great table for use in areas that have limited space since it can comfortably accommodate four people.


  • There are 2 non-slip glides on each table leg to ensure safety.
  • The four splayed legs enhance the sturdiness of the table with style.
  • This minimal but shiny design can be a highlight in your room without drawing too much attention from other pieces.
  • All the materials they used are high-class and chosen for long-time use.

Rectangular Simplicity Modern Black Glass Dining Table With Metal Legs

Your dining room will be elevated with their immaculate glass dining table that measures 140 centimetres in width and was precisely created for contemporary households.Maintaining the structure is a breeze because to the rust-resistant iron frame and the glass surface finish that is exceptionally easy to clean. Because of its sophisticated appearance and high-quality glass construction, it instantly becomes the focal point of your dining space. It is a classic piece of furniture that can be used in any kitchen or eating location.

This intriguing dining table is intended to transform your dining space into a gorgeous focal point, and it will allow you to experience the right balance of usefulness and aesthetics.

Glass Coffee Table Creative Cross Legs Dining Table

This stylish coffee table will help you make your living room or sitting area look modern. The frame is made of silver steel, and the finish is clear glass that will match any colouring. The table looks like a circle and the table top is made of a tempered glass that provides the best place for a drink, magazines, or snacks.

120cm Stylish Tempered Glass Dining Table

In any contemporary environment, this Livingandhome dining table is indeed a distinctive item that can turn into an object that is intended to be noticed. It consists of a transparent glass table with a four legs chrome design that has bevelled legs converging at a central point. This table is a focal point of the dining room. In the construction of the glass table, tempered glass is used because it is capable of withstanding high temperatures like those of hot dish plates or coffee cups. This table can be easily placed in any area that is not very large, and it can comfortably host four people.

White Wooden Folding Dining Table With Metal Legs

If you’re running low on space in the kitchen or dining area, this Livingandhome folding table is simple and elegant. The table is available in various sizes and colors that will fit into the current interior design to give a modern outlook. Durable and stable due to the high-quality material of MDF and powder-coated metal legs. The contemporary wood grain finish of this table makes it a multi-functional one. Also, it is convenient to store when not in use due to the firm steel folding mechanism of the table.


All the style and need can be fulfilled just by browsing through the wide range of dining tables at Living and Home. Every table is made with a lot of attention to details and only the best materials are used, so the furniture is both beautiful and long lasting. Whether it is for a special occasion and you require a beautiful table for guests or for business and you need a strong and sturdy table, Living and Home has it. Among the things that they offer, you can find a dining table that will fit the interior design of your home and at the same time enhance its functionality and aesthetics. If you need a dining table that will last for generations and beautify your home then Living and Home is the best place to visit.

Elevate your dining experience with stylish tables from Living and Home. Visit their website now to find the perfect fit for your home. Shop today!

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