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Every single component of their kit is designed with the expertise of professional cyclists in mind. The fact that their professional teams are continually providing feedback after testing, racing, and winning in Le Col has allowed them to establish one of the most extensive testing and development networks in the cycling industry.

Le Col are able to gain significant insights from their legends and collaborate with them to produce a uniform that they would have cherished wearing when they were at the pinnacle of their careers. Get to know the Ambassadors of Le Col….

At Le Col, their mission is straightforward and uncomplicated: to create the greatest performance kit possible that will assist you in riding faster and further.

In every stage of your journey with them, whether it is your first purchase from them or you are a recurring customer, Le Col strive to improve Le Col performance in order to provide you with the best possible experience.


Designed with the needs of the serious cyclist in mind, Le Col’s Men’s Cycling Jackets are crafted to offer unparalleled performance and protection. Whether you’re battling through rain or cutting through a brisk wind, these jackets have you covered. Each piece is meticulously engineered, combining advanced, breathable materials with aerodynamic fits to ensure maximum comfort without sacrificing speed. From the robust waterproof shells perfect for downpours, to the ultra-light and compact wind jackets that can be easily stashed away, Le Col ensures every ride is supported by the best possible gear.

Pro Rain Jacket II

Le Col dedication with making the best rain jacket led to the development of the Pro Rain Jacket II, their quickest raincoat yet. It features superior waterproofing, efficient ventilation, and a professional cut. Years of testing on windy and rainy roads with professional team cyclists went into its creation, and now you may ride with complete concentration on your pace because it lives up to the brief. Their obsession with enhancing their performance is typical of any dedicated rider. Although professional riders and industry experts have consistently praised their Pro Rain Jacket, they were aware it had room for improvement. With the Pro Rain Jacket II’s redesigned fit, they’ve optimised it for speed even more. Thanks to increased arm movement, you can ride in race position with greater comfort. A newly designed bonded front hem significantly reduces bulk and provides a low-profile finish.


  • 85% Polyamide
  • 15% Elastane


  • Designed to be worn as a top layer in wet and windy conditions
  • Tested and approved by pro riders
  • Fully waterproof and windproof 3Layer fabric
  • Taped seams
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Dropped tail for full coverage and added protection from road spray
  • High collar to prevent wind and rain from getting in through the neck
  • Performance stretch fabric for a pro fit
  • Articulated fabric in the arms for optimised fit in a race position
  • Bonded front hem
  • Reflective rear stripe and logo details
  • Elasticated cuffs
  • 165gsm fabric weight

Hors Categorie Jacket II

During the off-season, professional riders opt for Le Col warmest winter jacket, the Hors Categorie Jacket. With a blend of top-tier Polartec® fabrics, this jacket will keep you warm and dry no matter how hard you ride, protecting you from the elements without putting you at risk of overheating. The jacket’s outside is made of Polartec® Power Shield®, a lightweight, breathable, and patent-pending bio-based performance fabric with a long-lasting waterproof and windproof membrane. The Polartec® Alpha® Active Insulation lining is incredibly plush and designed to keep you warm by constantly dissipating surplus heat as your ride gets more strenuous. You can stay warm without shedding layers thanks to its breathable design. Enhanced visibility in low light is achieved with reflective panelling applied across the arms and an extra reflective strip on the rear. This jacket is designed to be worn loosely for optimal performance.


  • 100% Polyester


  • Designed for long miles or training in winter
  • Polartec® Power Shield® and Polartec® Alpha® weatherproof technology
  • Showerproof and windproof
  • Exceptionally soft inner fabric
  • Temperature regulating High warmth to low weight ratio
  • Cut for a relaxed performance fit
  • Reflective panels and details
  • 3 rear pockets, plus extra concealed waterproof pocket

Sport Jacket II

The Le Col Sport Jacket II will keep you dry and warm in inclement weather, so you can keep riding. This jacket is perfect for cyclists who would rather experience nature’s beauty than the whir of a turbo trainer. It has upgraded panelling that allows for a breathable and comfortable fit and is made of windproof and showerproof fabric. Their new colorways are brighter and match the rest of the redesigned Sport collection, so you can be seen whether you’re sneaking in an early morning workout or enjoying a sunset ride. In addition, the undersleeves, sides, and back are covered with ultra-plush Aqua Zero fabric. This fabric acts as a breathable membrane, offering light protection from the elements while ensuring your comfort while riding. Complete with three roomy rear pockets for stowing your riding essentials.


  • 85% Nylon
  • 15% Elastane


  • Windproof and showerproof
  • Premium Aqua Zero fabric
  • High collar to keep out the wind
  • Full zip closure
  • Bright colourways for visibility
  • Three large pockets
  • Fourth secure waterproof pocket
  • Silicone gripper for precise fit

Sport Rain Jacket

The Sport Rain Jacket is a great way to stay dry when the skies open up. It’s lightweight, compresses easily, and can be stowed away in your jersey pocket when not in use. Panelling of the jacket is strategically placed to move seams to the back, so when you’re going fast, the rain won’t be able to force its way through as much. This will keep you dry where it matters most. Unlike the Pro Rain Jacket, which is made for rides when you’ll depart and return under wet skies, this jacket doesn’t have taped seams and a waterproof zipper, so it can travel small. It offers plenty of protection from cloudbursts without sacrificing versatility or portability. The jacket stays put thanks to the stretchy waterproof fabric. Wearing this jacket will keep you warm and dry in inclement weather thanks to its elasticized hem and reflective logos.


  • 63% Nylon
  • 10% Elastane
  • 27% Polyurethane


  • Fits like a glove thanks to waterproof stretch fabric
  • Designed panels to prevent water from seeping into critical locations
  • Reduced rear protection by lowering the tail
  • High collar to keep out the elements
  • Reflective logos
  • Elasticated hem
  • Made in Italy

Choosing the Right Jacket

When choosing a jacket for cycling, it is essential to take into consideration your individual requirements and preferences, as well as the variety of cycling that you intend to engage in. Consider the following important considerations when you make your choice:

  • Activity Level: Think about how energetic you want to be when you’re riding. To avoid overheating while riding at a high intensity, choose a jacket with good breathability.
  • Weather Conditions: Consider the most common types of weather when shopping for a jacket. When it’s going to rain, you need waterproof materials; when it’s going to blow, you need a windproof jacket.
  • Fit and Comfort: When you’re cycling, make sure the jacket fits properly. In order to stay covered when riding, make sure that the back of your shirt is longer and that the sleeves are long enough to reach your wrists when extended.
  • Visibility: If you are going to be cycling in low-light situations, you should choose a jacket that has reflective features on it. This will boost your visibility to vehicles as well as to other cyclists.

You will be able to choose a cycling jacket that not only improves your performance but also assures your comfort and safety while you are out on your rides if you give serious consideration to the criteria listed above.

Why Do We Prefer Le Col Men’s Cycling Jackets?

Le Col Men’s Cycling Jackets stand out due to their unmatched combination of performance, comfort, and style. These jackets are meticulously designed with the active cyclist in mind, incorporating advanced fabrics that offer optimal breathability and wind resistance. The balance between insulation and ventilation is finely tuned, ensuring that riders remain comfortable across a wide range of weather conditions. Additionally, Le Col’s commitment to style means that cyclists don’t have to compromise on aesthetics for functionality, offering sleek designs that are both modern and timeless.

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