CASETiFY, a world-renowned brand with a worldwide creative flair, dutifully managed its business out of two prestigious headquarters in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Their CEO and co-founder, Wes Ng, was first motivated by the 2011 iPhone launch. Heavy and uninteresting options failed to meet his needs when it came to safeguarding his new acquisition. They completely detracted from Apple’s sleek, contemporary style.

What’s worse is that he simply didn’t like them!

They will not rest until they have achieved a future that is less harmful to the environment. For that reason, they will not budge from their commitment to developing industry-leading goods. Created with a focus on both form and function. Their next objective is to completely phase out virgin plastic from their  supply chain by the year 2030.

Unless everyone pitches in, the world will continue to face a plastic problem. By allocating resources toward research and development, they may create more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to deal with waste, maximize the use of all resources, and lessen the impact of various industries on the planet. They’re prepared to begin immediately.


One example of a high-performance material is their Re/CASETiFYTM Pellets. Created from the empty casings of your old phones. They are completing the cycle as a team by repurposing trash into usable materials.

One important part of eco-friendly design is how long it lasts. They evaluate and enhance every design to dispel the myth that recycled items aren’t reliable, so you can be assured that every CASETiFY product lives up to its promise.

Their RE/CASETiFYTM program came out in 2022 and was recognized by Fast Company, the most prominent progressive business media brand in the world, as one of the most impactful sustainability efforts of the year. They will continue to innovate via leadership, design, and technology, and they are profoundly grateful for this acknowledgment.


CASETiFY’s case line exemplifies the harmonious integration of sustainability and style, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to both environmental responsibility and visual superiority. CASETiFY effectively reduces its environmental impact by strategically employing recycled plastics, plant-based bioplastics, and compostable materials, all while offering stylish designs that strongly appeal to consumers. CASETiFY’s holistic approach, guided by academic foundations in sustainability and design, establishes the company as a pioneer in the smartphone accessory sector. This has earned them recognition from both regular users and well-known celebrities. CASETiFY enables consumers to make mindful decisions without sacrificing style or usefulness by embracing the ideas of circular economy and design aesthetics. In doing so, it establishes a fresh benchmark for sustainable fashion in the digital era.

Notable figures like Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lopez have been seen proudly displaying their cellphones covered with CASETiFY cases, which has brought the company into the forefront of popular culture.

Green Earth Ultra Bounce Case MagSafe Compatible

Attaining an unprecedented 10 times the level of military grade standard, providing drop protection of up to 32.8 feet. It is highly resilient corners with exceptional rebound properties. The corner design is influenced by parametric architecture, aiming to create a strong and reliable structural support system.

Complete protection from all angles. Constantly safeguarded from all directions and perspectives. Experience unparalleled tranquility while your escapades.

  • Extreme rebound corners
  • Icon image with a 32.8 ft. drop protection.
  • The icon image is 10 times MIL-STD-810G.
  • Icon image Camera lens protection integrated
  • An symbol graphic with six layers of tough protection.
  • The icon graphic is compatible with wireless charging and MagSafe.

Ripple Case – Oat

Introducing a contemporary trend of minimalism in a design that is both protective and elegant, showcasing simplicity in three new color variations. Enduring and tranquil hues emphasizing the unity and equilibrium between oneself and the surrounding environment.

The winner of the Gold Award at the 2024 NY Product Design Awards.
Constructed using high-quality silicone and coated with an anti-static material for a smooth texture, providing up to 6.6 ft of drop resistance and double the level of protection as military-grade standards.
High-quality silicone with a luxurious and velvety texture

  • Icon image with a 6.6 ft. drop protection.
  • The icon graphic is compliant with the 2x MIL-STD-810G standard.
  • Icon image refers to a graphical representation that symbolizes a concept or object.
  • Tactile buttons are physical buttons that can be felt and pressed.
  • The icon graphic is compatible with wireless charging and MagSafe.
  • Symbolic representation
  • Constructed with 50% of materials that have been previously recycled

Chrome Doodles Mirror Ring Stand Case MagSafe Compatible

Explore a multitude of versatile applications for the Mirror Ring Stand Case. The device features a durable and sturdy built-in hinge that can be adjusted. It offers a range of motion of 150º, allowing for hands-free viewing. Additionally, the device has a polycarbonate shell that is coated with electroplate, giving it a mirror-like appearance without the fragility of glass. This allows you to conveniently check your appearance no matter where you are.

The integrated stand seamlessly complements any aesthetic, allowing you to express your individuality with elegance.
Customize your case with a word that enhances your Outfit of the Day (OOTD) or browse through a selection of designs specifically created to complement the reflecting quality of the case. This case is equipped with a shockproof TPU bumper that is constructed using their environmentally friendly Re/CASETiFY pellets. It offers 360º protection against common impacts and falls, ensuring that it is shatterproof.

Caution: Although the Mirror Ring Stand Case is designed to be resistant to drops, it is possible for minor cosmetic scratches to occur with regular use.

  • Camera ring with integrated stand that can be elevated
  • Icon image with a 4.9 feet drop protection.
  • An image representing an icon that meets the MIL-STD-810G standard at 1x resolution.
  • Symbolic representation
  • Variable angles ranging from 0 to 150 degrees
  • Iconic image Video watching without the need to use hands
  • The symbol graphic is suitable with both wireless charging and MagSafe charging.

The Grippy Case – Violet Butterfly

The Grippy Case provides a tactile experience that matches its aesthetic appeal. The 3D texture provides a cushion-like feel that envelops your iPhone, allowing for effortless grip, while the raised corners provide additional protection.

Adorable yet functional, the cushion is not only cute, but it also serves as both a grip and a stand.
Serves as a support or base

  • Icon image
  • Screen protection is provided via a raised bezel.
  • Symbolic representation
  • Constructed with 90% environmentally friendly components
  • Icon image Packaging that is 100% recyclable

The Stick-It Case™ – White

Occasionally, the optimal perspective might be found directly in front of you. The Stick-It Case™ is specifically engineered with 42 suction cups to ensure a firm and dependable grip on any sleek surface.

Although it may appear adorable and quite practical, there are more aspects to consider. The Stick-It Case™ offers the renowned CASETiFY protection that you like, featuring raised bezels for your screen and camera lens, 4.9 ft. drop protection, and military-grade standard protection of 1x.

The Stick-It Case™ is crafted using Re/CASETiFY™ pellets, a cutting-edge, high-performance material derived from discarded phone cases. Their objective is to establish a higher benchmark in providing sturdy, long-lasting, and environmentally-friendly protection.

  • Icon image with a 4.9 ft. drop protection.
  • Symbolic representation
  • Elevated edges to safeguard the screen
  • Icon picture
  • Convenient side sockets for effortless charm attaching
  • The icon image is created using Re/CASETiFY™ pellets.


Selecting the appropriate cover for a specific occasion is similar to choosing the ideal attire for an event. It provides a chance to express oneself while aligning with the context and ambiance of the occasion. The selection of a cover, whether for a formal event, a casual outing, or a particular celebration, can effectively communicate your individuality, fashion sense, and meticulousness. For formal occasions such as business meetings or professional gatherings, choose sleek and understated covers that convey professionalism and class.

On the other hand, informal occasions require covers that are lively and expressive, with bright colors, daring patterns, or imaginative designs to highlight your unique personality and artistic flair. Significant events, such as weddings or important celebrations, require covers that inspire sophistication and attractiveness, sometimes adorned with elaborate embellishments or luxury materials to enhance the overall appearance. In the end, a suitable cover not only improves the look of your gadget but also demonstrates your refined taste and awareness of the current trends.

Choose CASETiFY and Elevate Your Device Game and Master the Art of Selecting the Ideal Phone Cover for any Occasion!

Discover the transformative power of choosing the perfect cover for your device and unlock a world of style, versatility, and self-expression. Whether you’re attending a formal event, embarking on a casual outing, or celebrating a special occasion, your choice of cover speaks volumes about your personality and attention to detail.

Take charge of your device’s aesthetic and elevate every moment with a cover that resonates with the essence of the occasion. Explore their curated selection of covers and embrace the opportunity to showcase your individuality while seamlessly blending style with functionality. Empower your device today and make every moment memorable



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