Have you ever wanted to reach the very top of the earth and look down at the New York City cityscape from a dizzying height? At the summit of the Western Hemisphere’s tallest structure, the One World Trade Center, you’ll find the One World Observatory, a symbol of innovation and proposal. Ascending the one-centesimal, 101st and 102nd floors of One World Observatory is assured to be a memorable experience, brimming with panoramic views, interactive shows and delectable delicacies. The journey starts off with the Sky Pod Elevator.


The Marvel of One World Observatory

A landmark of innovation and advancement, One World Observatory is three floors and over a 125,000 square feet tall. Taking the Sky Pod Elevator to the top starts off evolving the moment you step on board. Ascending the quickest lifts in the Western Hemisphere is an engineering wonder; pause for a second to appreciate it.

Once in the air, you will be enchanted by the lovely views that may stretch for 45 miles in any direction. Offering a new attitude to the continuously converting metropolis, every well-known New York City landmark—from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building—is depicted in lovely detail.

Ticket Options

To meet the needs of all of its visitors, One World Observatory offers numerous different ticket programs, including:

Standard General Admission (Starting at $44)

With this entry-level price ticket, you can experience the breathtaking perspectives of the cityscape from the Observatory.

Combination Experience (Starting at $54)

If you want to pass the line at safety and take the elevator proper to your vacation spot, priority admission is the way to go. And while you’re there, use the One World Explorer, a virtual skyline guide that will help you better apprehend the sights you can see from the Observatory.

All-Inclusive Package (Starting at $64)

The capacity to select your own arrival time is an exquisite way to personalize your experience and make the most of your vacation. With the $15 credit covered on this package deal, you may revel in the points of interest of New York City while eating or purchasing at the Observatory’s cafe, bar, restaurant, or present shop.

VIP Tour (Starting at $74)

With escorted admission, you can enjoy a top-rated experience and get particular access to the Observatory. During this 60-minute guided tour, you will learn more about the history and well-known sites of the city from a professional guide. Plus, take advantage of the $15 dining/shopping credit and priority entrance that come with the All-Inclusive Package.

Day and Night Experiences

Even when the sun is going down, One World Observatory keeps enchanting traffic. Visitors to New York City may additionally see the skyline exchange from day to night on the Day and Night Experience. If you buy your admission price ticket before 1 p.m., you may get a “sunset” voucher that helps you come back after 5 p.m. on the same day. See the city lighting fixtures glisten and shine in opposition to the starry sky for a once-in-a-lifetime show.

Gastronomic Pleasures and Immersive Experiences

Be positive to stop at ONE Dine and ONE Mix, two eateries on the 101st floor of the Observatory, to fulfill your hunger while you explore the building. As you dine al fresco, even while taking in perspectives of the city skyline, bask in cuisines inspired by New York and beverages made with care. At the See Forever® Theater, you could experience the adrenaline pumping as you watch an AV presentation that follows the beat of the metropolis and ends with your first examination of the skyline.

Plan Your Visit

Visit One World Observatory any day between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. at the One World Trade Center; that’s without problems on hand from Lower Manhattan on the intersection of West and Vesey Streets. Everyone is welcome, and there’s no age limit, so it is an amazing ride that everybody can enjoy.

Upgrade Your Experience Now!

You ought to not bypass the opportunity to enjoy heightened sensations at One World Observatory. This adventure is sure to amaze and delight, with tickets to suit any flavor and views that pass on for all time. Make your reservation now and get equipped to view things in an entire new light!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is One World Observatory?

At One World Observatory, guests may additionally enjoy three stories of innovation and notion while taking in breathtaking perspectives from the highest point within the Western Hemisphere.

Can I bring my kids to One World Observatory?

Yes, One World Observatory is suitable for guests of all ages, with family-friendly exhibits and stunning city views.

Are strollers allowed?

The Observatory does permit strollers; however, visitors may be requested to fold them if they want to use the elevators and escalators without problems.

What is the appropriate age range for guests visiting One World Observatory?

Visitors of every age are welcome at One World Observatory, making it a great vacation spot for families and those looking for an unforgettable adventure.

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